The Invaluable Beauty Advice We Learned From Our Mothers
The Invaluable Beauty Advice We Learned From Our Mothers

The Invaluable Beauty Advice We Learned From Our Mothers

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How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Whether you’re spending it with your nearest and dearest or doing something to commemorate the life of a loved one, it’s fair to say that the day looks different for all of us. But as Mother’s Day is fast approaching, we, along with six inspirational women, share all of the pearls of beauty wisdom we’ve inherited from our mums and mother figures.

From celebrity make-up artists to huge beauty brand founders and editors, here’s our roundup of what some of the most well-known women in beauty learnt from theirs – and the invaluable beauty advice they’ll be passing down to the next generation. 

Ruby Hammer MBE, Global Make-up Artist and Beauty Entrepreneur

ruby hammer

My Mum taught me to be true to myself, have a strong sense of self and appreciate my uniqueness. She would transform from day to evening effortlessly and was beautiful throughout. True beauty is a reflection of your inner qualities, and they radiated out of my Mum.  

I don’t offer advice to my daughter, Reena, as we both have our own styles. Though she will have learned from me, in the same way, I learned from my parents, routine is important, especially with skincare. It is better to look after your skin daily (little and often) than panic before a big event and throw everything at it.” 

Karen Betts, Professional Beauty Pioneer and founder of HD Brows, Nouveau Lashes and Karen Betts Clinics

karen betts


“I always watched my Mum getting ready with her products on her dressing table – she would look so beautiful after just 10 minutes, and that’s how I knew I wanted to work in beauty from an early age! She taught me to always embrace natural beauty and be confident, inspiring me throughout my career. I love to make people feel confident! The beauty advice I would pass down to the next generation would be to keep things natural, enhance what you already have and invest in beauty – whether that’s a good skincare regime, regular facials or long-lasting treatments like semi-permanent make-up. This way, you can always feel confident, look your best, and be on the go without worrying about a lengthy beauty routine daily! Also, always research and seek a professional for your treatments. It is worth the time and investment!” 

Jennifer Grey, Digital PR Lead at GPC 

  jennifer grey

“My Mam’s views on beauty aren’t super intense, but she did have one mantra; ‘get your skin and hair right, and anything else is extra’. She also believes that everyone looks beautiful when happy and that ‘less is always more’. (I don’t think she imagined that last one would lead me to have a 12-step ‘no make-up make-up’ routine in later life, but hey ho!).” 

Tera Peterson, Beauty Entrepreneur and NuFACE CEO

tera peterson


“The greatest advice I learned from my mum was to ‘always listen to your inner voice’. From a young age, she always told us to listen to our gut. Even today, in business, when I have hard decisions to make, if I go on a run or the silence in a shower and listen to what comes to me. I have made significant decisions by just pausing.  

One thing that my mom taught me that I would instil in my daughters is that you can accomplish anything. In conversations with my mom, especially driving to LA during my childhood, she reiterated this mantra often, giving me the confidence to embrace that mindset that there wasn’t a fear factor. As a result, there was no question in my mind when we started NuFACE; I wouldn’t be able to build it to what it is today and bigger. I hope that also grows with my daughters when they get older.” 

Deepika Patel, founder of Ilody Skincare



“My best beauty advice as a mother of 3 is to find a moment to yourself for some self-care. A nightly routine helps me relax and calm and gives me confidence in my skin. I double-cleanse with cleansing oil and then massage and sculpt the skin with a beauty tool. Then a good night’s sleep!” 

Sophie Bronstein, Beauty Daily Writer  

sophie bronstein


“My Mum isn’t huge on beauty rituals but has always instilled in me that you should moisturise your skin twice a day – both in the morning and the evening. My Mum is in her fifties and has amazing skin, so it’s great advice! I can also remember when my make-up obsession started at about 12 – I was totally in love with eyeliner. But we all know how hard a feline flick is to achieve, particularly when you’re 12 with an extremely unsteady hand! My grandmother told me, “If you’re going to do your make-up – you need to learn to do it properly.” So she took me to my local chemist to buy a liquid eyeliner that I could practice with, and I honestly think that having a liquid liner from such a young age is why I can get the perfect wings in a matter of minutes. Thanks, nan!” 

The advice I will pass down to my daughter is that beauty truly comes from within. You can wear make-up and have as many aesthetic procedures as you want, but nothing will replace the naturally beautiful essence of someone that is self-confident and happy. Oh – and NEVER skimp on wearing facial SPF EVERY day – even when it’s cloudy or raining!” 

Rochae Peddie, Clarins Beauty Daily Project Manager


“My mum always told me that the eyebrows are the main focus of the face, so no matter what, I was never allowed to have them messy!” 

Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager

charlotte mchale

“My Mum always looked very glam as I was growing up, and she did love a good amount of blusher. I’ve inherited my Mum’s cheekbones, so I’ve followed her on the blusher front and tend to fall into the “more the merrier” camp! Keep it pink and high is my motto!  

In terms of passing on advice, the best beauty advice I can give is to enhance your skin – don’t hide it! I see many young people with great skin and a really heavy base to disguise a little patch of blemishes which probably accounts for about 1% of their face. It’s really sad to see! Your skin is gorgeous and amazing; show it off! Use products that enhance your natural skin; if you need extra coverage, add it where needed. Keep the rest fresh and glowing, and that’s the bit people will notice!   

Sarah Joan Ross, Beauty Daily Editor

mothers day

“It started with my grandmother, who always looked after her skin, and never left the house without a swipe of coral-red lipstick, and she passed this aesthetic and regimen down to my mother. As a result, Mum has always shielded her face from the sun (she would use hats, glasses, scarves and an ultra-thick zinc-y white cream), avoided overuse of hot water and would cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. I can see that paying off, as she’s now in her seventies and still sports the most beautiful, glowy skin.  

She also strongly respects herself and only leaves the house after looking (and feeling) ready. It’s a good mantra as sometimes a mood can be lifted with a touch of lip colour, a flush of blush, or a spritz of something nice, and it does give me the confidence boost to face the world. Oh, and as for the sun cream? Thankfully, formulas have moved on since the ‘70s, and instead of us looking like a horror movie extra – we both use the Clarins Suncare Stick SPF50, £21, to protect and add moisture and glow.” 

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