Being plastic-free may seem like an impossible feat. Given the bulging recycling bags we put out every week, trying to swerve common culprits like plastic straws and shopping bags can be easier said than done. However, there are ways you can get closer to a plastic-free lifestyle (progress is better than perfection after all!). Our writers show you how arming yourself with reusable products is a good start and the small changes can make a difference.

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Sustainable Skincare To Buy Now
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Sustainable Skincare To Buy Now

Sustainable skincare is more than just a buzzword; it’s a movement towards a greener, more eco-friendly beauty industry. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their choices and environmental impact, the demand for sustainable skincare products continues to rise. Beauty Daily explores what sustainable skincare means, how to make your skincare routine more sustainable, and the […]

Waterless products are another way to help preserve our beautiful planet. Unlike heavy liquids, they are lighter to transport and hence have a lower carbon footprint. They also don’t leak – which is probably the biggest advantage, as they don’t require the heavy plastic packaging that liquids do, and can be housed in cardboard instead. Given the beauty industry produces upwards of 120 billion plastic units per year, this is definitely a huge advantage. Take a look through our article on how you can reduce your H2O Footprint for more tips and advice on going water-free.

With an estimated 14000 tonnes of sunscreen washed up into coral reefs each year, many of us are taking care not to use SPF products containing ingredients which are thought to harm aquatic life. While in 2020, it was reported that certain chemical sunscreen actives including oxybenzone and octinoxate can enter the bloodstream even after a single application and can remain in the body for extended periods of time. So while it’s important we apply SPF to protect our skin from the sun’s damaging (not to mention, deadly) UV rays, how can we do it in a reef-friendly way for marine life and the environment? Read our article to find out how.


From concerns about the ingredients used, the way ingredients are sourced, product packaging, transportation, company building and energy consumption to the smaller things such as the company use of paper, recycling facilities in offices and so on. Sustainability is all of our responsibility and something we constantly strive to achieve within our daily and professional lives.

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