The Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type
The Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

The Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

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Ever wondered about finding the best face mask for your skin? Naturally, a hydrating face mask is our go-to whenever we contemplate giving our face a bit of pampering. But making sure it suits your unique skin type is pretty important. That’s where Dr. Fazeela Abbasi steps in with some expert advice. Let’s dive into her tips and make incorporating beauty face masks into your skincare routine a breeze. 

“When trying to determine which face mask is best for your skin type, just be guided by your skin,” she says. “Don’t let the beautiful packaging or brand name distract you from checking the back for the ingredients. For example, as appealing as a sheet face mask may look, if you have oily skin, it’s better to go for a clay mask that will absorb excess oil. But if you have dehydrated skin, a sheet mask containing the right ingredients is perfect,” she continues.  

Dr Abbasi also recommends looking out for the best face mask ingredients for your skin type when choosing one. “If you have dehydrated skin, reach for a mask that contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lecithin or propylene glycol, which draw moisture into the outer layer of the skin. For dull skin, however, opt for masks with brightening agents such as vitamin C, azelaic acid and kojic acid.”  

If you have the kind of skin that freaks out and is super sensitive, then Dr Abbasi says, “You should lean towards masks with herbal ingredients such as aloe vera or green tea.”  

Best face mask for glowing skin 

My Clarins RE-BOOST Instant Reviving Mask, £24 

clarins revive mask

If you’re after the best face mask for glowing skin, try My Clarins RE-BOOST Instant Reviving Mask, £24. This hydrating face mask takes the lead, boasting an impressive 88% natural ingredients. With organic coconut water to infuse nutrients into the skin and alpenrose extract to eliminate toxins and pollutants, it’s a true skincare gem. Simply apply the cream-gel formula, leave it on for 10 minutes, and witness the magic unfold!

Best face mask for dry skin  

Hydra-Essentiel [HA²] Mask, £34 

Clarins Hydra-Essential Mask

For thirsty skin in need of a substantial boost of hydration, try the Hydra-Essentiel [HA²] Mask, £34. This creamy formula encompasses all the qualities of the best face mask for dry skin. Why, you ask? Well, it’s enriched with hyaluronic acids and ceramides, delivering intense hydration and fortifying the skin barrier, resulting in a smooth, soft, and refreshed complexion. 

Best face mask for oily skin  

Clarins SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask, £33

mask for oily skin

Got oily and combination skin? Meet your match:  SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask, £33. This face mask for oily skin acts like a superhero, skillfully soaking up gunk, and shrinking pores while keeping your skin shine-free. All thanks to Alpine Willow Herb, White Clay, and Green Clay, which collectively leave your skin feeling smooth, shine-free and radiant. With a creamy-paste texture, it ensures your skin stays fresh and glowing – no dryness in sight. Ready for that grease-free glow? This one’s for you!

Best face mask for all skin types 

Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask, £53

Clarins Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask

Feeling a bit worn out after a day or week of skin stress and eager to revive your youthful glow? Look no further than the rejuvenating power of Cryo, right in the comfort of your home. The ​Cryo-Flash Cream-Mask, £53 is causing quite a buzz among beauty enthusiasts making it one of the best face masks to watch out for. In a recent survey, an impressive 93% of women noticed visibly firmer skin in just 14 days, with 90% experiencing a lifted appearance that defies gravity.  

Sheet face masks  

Not all sheet masks are made equally or as eco-friendly as they could be. For those trying to avoid single-use, a more sustainable option might be a reusable silicone mask. Then, apply your favourite active serum or mask underneath and let the two work their magic.  

Editor’s choice:  

Hydrating face mask for dry skin

I apply a thick layer of the SOS Comfort Face Mask, £33, and place a sheet mask over the top to intensify the effects of the ultra-nourishing cream. This dynamic duo leaves my skin soft, hydrated and bouncier looking. – Sarah Joan Ross, Beauty Daily Editor   

Woman applying a face mask.

Expert-approved face mask application guide:

Now that you’ve identified the best face mask for each skin type, it’s time to apply these masks using the right method to maximize results.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Begin with a clean canvas. Double-cleanse your face to eliminate impurities thoroughly. Start by removing any makeup, dirt, or excess oil with a quality makeup remover, followed by a facial wash. Gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.

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Step 2: Use a face mask applicator 

Choose a face mask applicator for an effortless, mess-free, and even application. Dip the applicator into the face mask product and apply it uniformly across your face and neck. Be cautious around sensitive areas like your eyes and mouth.

You can use a flat foundation brush (such as Foundation Brush, £26) for an even application of any thick, creamy face mask.

Clarins’ pro tip: Elevate your application game with a face mask applicator. Not only does it provide a smoother application, but it also prevents product wastage. Maintain hygiene by cleaning the applicator after each use. 

Step 3: Take time to relax 

With the mask in place, take a moment to unwind. Lie down or sit comfortably, allowing the mask to work its magic. Enhance the experience with soothing music or a captivating book.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly 

After the recommended duration, gently rinse off the face mask with lukewarm water. Ensure every trace of the mask is removed, leaving your skin clean and revitalised. Pat your face dry with a soft, clean towel.

Step 5: Lock in hydration with moisturiser 

Seal in the benefits of the face mask by applying your go-to moisturiser suitable for your skin type. This step ensures your skin remains hydrated and supple, maximising the mask’s effects.


Do face masks work for skin?  

“Beauty face masks give us a perfect pampering luxurious feeling. But whether they work depends on the ingredients in the mask,” says Dr Fazeela. “While it may promise to infuse your skin with loads of mulberry or kiwi, it depends on the particle size of the ingredient whether it can be absorbed in the skin,” she continues. “A wide variety of sheet face masks work well for the skin when actives are in the right concentration and the correct particle size for the ingredient used.” 

The common ingredients used in beauty face masks, in particular, vary from aloe vera and vitamin C to snail extract, pearl, seaweed and more. There are also bubbling masks made of charcoal, detoxifying ingredients, and sparkling water. Sheet masks can be great for our skin if used regularly, as they provide the right balance of skincare and pampering.

However, it is important to understand that masks alone cannot improve your skin. They provide softness and a dewy glow, but the effects are often only temporary. Dr Fazeela warns that your skincare is complete if your mask is combined with a proper regimen and treatments. 

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