From speaking a thousand words to teasing with a smile, our lips help us communicate with the world. Whether you go big and bold in your style or just want everyday care, we have all the beauty advice for lips that you can find!

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Makeup Artist’s Guide To Different Types Of Lipsticks

Makeup Artist’s Guide To Different Types Of Lipsticks

Ever found yourself standing in front of a makeup aisle, surrounded by a sea of lipsticks in every imaginable texture and lipstick shade, wondering which one is the perfect fit for you? You’re not alone. The world of lipsticks has become a labyrinth, offering everything from glossy to matte, balms to stains, nudes to reds, […]

Nothing says “party make-up” like a statement killer rouge, but to ensure it looks flawless, your lips have to be in tip-top condition to begin with. The weather can ravage the delicate skin on the lips, so it’s important to take care of them so when it comes to applying lipstick, it looks flawless. We recommend the perfect products to care for your lips, including some gorgeous balms that smell great and are packed with nourishing ingredients that your lips will just love and help shield them from the elements. (A tip: mix any of these balms with a pinch of brown sugar and gently rub over the lips to buff away any flaky dead skin to create a perfectly soft canvas.)

We should all have at least one ‘statement red’ in our handbags for when we need cheering up, whether it’s to banish winter blues, or for key moments in our lives, such as first dates, job interviews and weddings – and probably even a few divorces. Many would go so far as to argue that nothing makes a more powerful beauty statement (or is more effective at hiding the evidence of a hangover).

Early morning starts might leave us not wanting to crawl out from under the duvet, which means we’re left with only 5 minutes to get ready and out of the door. But sporting a brightly coloured mouth on an otherwise bare face, we can successfully pass off our slap-dash efforts as ‘laid-back chic.’ Such is lipstick’s uncanny ability to completely transform the wearer. And our writers have picked their favourite statement lip shades that can really make an impact.


Lip stick or lip gloss? Sensual red or sweet pink? Find your new lip look with our style guides and expert make-up tips.

When it comes to lipstick, we’re all searching for The One to deliver the final finishing touch to our makeup, whether it’s a statement red or subtle nude. However it’s not just about finding our signature shade. Being able to navigate the different textures of lipstick is vital, to ensure the colour works with your lip shape and fits with the rest of your makeup look. To help you find your perfect lipstick, here is a quick guide to the main textures you may come across …

If you’re fond of a natural ‘less is more’ lip for daytime, a sheer lipstick is the perfect choice. It’s also particularly good for dry or mature skin, as it tends to be more nourishing and moisturising than most other lipsticks. However its staying power isn’t as good as a lot of other textures, so you might have to reapply it throughout the day. 

Similar to sheer lipstick, a cream texture is easy to apply and delivers a buttery, slightly glossy finish. It lasts longer than sheer lipstick, given the higher amount of waxy colour pigment and is usually brimming with lip-nourishing ingredients such as Shea butter and vitamin E.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a stain works with your own lip colour, tinting the lips for a ‘just bitten’ effect that is more laid-back and less precise than a traditional lipstick. Because it looks more natural, it’s a lot more wearable so it’s perfect for applying on the go in a hurry!

A great go-to evening lip look, gloss delivers a high-shine finish that is designed to attract attention. You can wear a tinted lip gloss on its own or layered over a base colour for an even more dramatic effect.

Creating a statement foil finish, metallic lipsticks are best suited to a full-on evening makeup look, complete with smoky eye makeup. The pigment is usually liquid and richly pigmented, so apply it with care!

Have a browse through our expert articles to learn how to pick your perfect lipstick shade and texture, to really take your lips to the next level.

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