The skin on the rest of your body is just as important as the skin on your face when it comes to how you look and feel. With advice on everything from how to prevent stretch marks and sun damage to the secret to getting smooth feet, we have you covered.

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Facialist-Recommended: Your Ultimate Guide To Effective At-Home Skin Exfoliation

Facialist-Recommended: Your Ultimate Guide To Effective At-Home Skin Exfoliation

​​Do you come out of every professional facial wondering how to exfoliate your skin to achieve the same glow? You’re not alone. With over 658,000 hashtags on Instagram, the buzz around ‘exfoliation’ is real. Projections indicate that the global exfoliator market is poised to exceed £1.9 million by the end of 2027. In our conversation […]

Sloughing away dead skin is so important – it not only boosts circulation, leaving your skin glowing and smooth, but also prevents in-grown hairs caused by shaving and allows any tanning products to go on smoothly. In this section, you can read all about our favourite hero products and techniques to keep skin scrubbed and fresh, such as using a body brush on dry skin before your nightly bath or shower, and the importance of body moisturiser and oils to keep skin glowing and soft.

Most of us look and feel better with a tan. But rather than exposing your skin to dangerous UV exposure, applying self-tanning products is actually a healthier way to get a bronzed glow. Thankfully, faking a tan no longer involves drying bronzing lotions that smell strange and leave unsightly orange marks. Tanning products have evolved over the years with skin-friendly, non-drying formulas that are flattering, streak-free and don’t transfer onto clothing. Just make sure you shave any stubble and skip body moisturiser to ensure the tanning product is thoroughly absorbed. Take a look through our articles to discover more in-depth knowledge, tips and tricks to getting the perfect glow.

Once you’ve got your skin looking sun-kissed all year round, adding some bronzer and highlighter can get it looking its shimmering best and really show off your colour. Using a bronzing brush, apply bronzer to areas like your shoulders and décolleté, as well as down the centre of your shins. Our writers have picked the best bronzing products to for a truly flattering finish, perfect for special occasions. 


Dry hands from overwashing? Or perhaps you’re stuggling to get rid of your bacne? These are conditions we can all become victims of, but we’re here to help get you on the right tracks with our expert guide and advice.

Body acne occurs when the skin produces too much sebum, causing it to become greasy and congested and ‘feeds’ the kind of bacteria that lead to angry red spots and painful cysts. Contrary to common myth, acne isn’t brought about by not washing enough. Fluctuating hormones, sugary foods, increased stress and lack of sleep are all common culprits. We show you the best ways to tackle it and help your skin stay calm, clear and balanced.

Sensitive skin on areas like arms or legs is often itchy, or prone to rashes, redness, rosacea or eczema. It’s often caused by over-exfoliating, using very hot water when you shower, over-use of harsh skincare products, as well as stress (your skin’s worst enemy) and even the type of laundry detergent you use. This disrupts the skin’s protective barrier, making it more vulnerable and prone to irritation. Our expert team have compiled a host of useful articles to help reduce the likelihood of flare ups.

Most of us will have a problem with the skin on our body at certain times in our lives. This can be due to the onset of puberty, too much sun exposure, a change in lifestyle or just the increased stress of daily living. Thankfully many common skin issues are easy to treat – and many of our articles on Beauty Daily have been written with this in mind. Being able to understand the different products you can use, and ensuring you’re applying the right ingredients that will work with your skin and not make the condition worse is vital for keeping the skin on your body happy and healthy. So to help you solve your particular skincare concern, we’ve got plenty of tips and advice to help you find the solution.

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