How To Boost Eyelash Growth & Improve Condition
How To Boost Eyelash Growth & Improve Condition

How To Boost Eyelash Growth & Improve Condition

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If you’re looking to boost your eyelash growth and improve their condition, discover scientifically proven eyelash growth serums, along with tips from experts for bigger, bouncier, false-lash effect lashes.

Luscious lashes have been an indicator of health and fertility since day one, akin to symmetrical faces and shiny hair. Although their main job is to protect our eyes from dirt, eyelashes also accentuate our sclera (the whites of our eyes), and the whiter they appear, the healthier, younger (and sexier!) we look to others.

In addition, lashes also help accentuate the ‘limbal ring’ aka—the dark ring around the iris. A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that prominent limbal rings made people appear more attractive to the opposite sex. Women rated men with limbal rings as more desirable short-term mates.

So, there you have it: science suggests that everyone should be taking care of their lashes for an enhanced appearance. But how do you go about it? Investing in an eyelash growth serum is a logical first step, but what exactly do eyelash growth serums do, and are they genuinely effective?

Let’s delve into everything you need to know about accelerating eyelash growth, along with our top recommendations for the best eyelash growth serums.

Close-up image of a woman with long lashes after using lash growth serum.

Can a product boost eyelash growth?

Similar to how you condition your hair and moisturise your face, using an eyelash growth serum is another way to give yourself some TLC. Consider the strain your eyelashes can undergo at times, especially during periods when you’ve been:

  • Wearing false lashes
  • Getting regular eyelash extensions
  • Sleeping in your makeup
  • Tinting and perming your lashes
  • Using lash curlers inappropriately, such as keeping heated versions on for too long
  • Wearing tight sleep masks
  • Using harsh, long-wear formula mascaras

This is where conditioning eyelash growth serums can step in to help mitigate these lash-health faux pas and leave your lashes strong and silky. You can also find eyelash growth serums designed to lengthen and thicken your lashes.

Have you ever wondered why women, in particular, desire long, thick lashes of their own? It’s down to science. A study by Dr Farid Pazhoohi found that slightly longer eyelashes on female faces were ranked most attractive in a series of images with varying lash lengths.

Individuals who have had or are in recovery for Trichotillomania, aka. Trich, a condition that causes you to pull out your eyelashes, may also find eyelash growth serums useful, as they promote faster re-growth.

Even if you already have gorgeous lashes, eyelash growth serums can help maintain their beauty for longer. Swapping harsh, long-wear formulas for nourishing, plant-powered mascara like our Supra Volume Mascara, £25 can also contribute to keeping your lashes full and healthy.

Do eyelash growth serums work? How do you get longer lashes?

Some people can be a little sceptical when it comes to eyelash growth serums – mainly because some formulations can take a while to kick in. Typically, these eyelash growth serums or eyelash growth oil require a few weeks to kick in, and it may be a few months before significant changes are noticeable. Consistent use and perseverance are key, but the best eyelash growth serum containing lash-friendly ingredients should eventually enhance the length, thickness, and overall health of your lashes.

Now, let’s delve into the ingredients. Most eyelash growth serums operate by strengthening and lengthening the lashes through hydration, making them less prone to breakage. Several ingredients contribute to this, including peptides, panthenol, and biotin to promote strength, along with amino acids, oils, and ceramides that work together to retain moisture and stimulate healthier and luscious eyelash growth.

How to use eyelash growth serums

Using an eyelash growth serum is easy, but you need to give it the right conditions to work in. Following the below steps will ensure that your product is as effective as possible:

Remove all make-up

Avoid sleeping in your makeup, ensuring that any eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara are removed well before you hit the pillow. If you’re wearing waterproof mascara, remove it (in the gentlest way possible) using a soothing, oil-based eye makeup remover like our Instant Eye Make Up Remover, £25. It contains ultra-fine oils to instantly lift away every last bit of eye makeup and cleanse the skin, along with cornflower and rose waters to moisturise and soothe it. Using gentle products is essential if you want to avoid damaging your lashes, so steer clear of makeup wipes and harsh makeup removers.

Ensure that your eyelashes are completely dry

Ensuring that your eyelashes are thoroughly clean and dry is crucial because any moisture or oil residue can act as a barrier, preventing the serum from being as effective.

Slick the eyelash growth serum along your lash line

Use the eyelash growth serum applicator to glide the product across your upper lash line, targeting the roots where your lashes meet your eyelid. Apply a second coat, sweeping the brush up and slightly outward to cover the base of your lashes. There’s no need to use an eyelash growth serum on your lower lashes as the product will naturally disperse onto your lower lash line when you blink.

Remember – if you wear contact lenses, remove them before applying an eyelash growth serum to avoid irritation. Wait for 10 minutes after application before replacing them.

Eradicate irritation

To prevent the eyelash growth serum from coming into contact with your eyes or causing skin irritation, use a cotton pad to gently remove any excess product after application.

How to grow long eyelashes

The most reliable and best eyelash growth serums are those backed by scientific evidence, such as the one listed below. While many believe in the efficacy of natural formulas like castor oil for boosting eyelash growth, the verdict is still inconclusive. While it may improve the condition, promoting longer and less brittle lashes, for now, we recommend opting for lab-proven products as the most reliable choice.

The best eyelash growth serum to invest in now

Clarins SOS Lashes Serum Mascara, £26

Clarins eyelash growth serum mascara.

For a lash treatment that pampers and enhances in one, look no further than our SOS Lashes Serum Mascara, £26. This multitasking eyelash growth serum not only serves as a nourishing sleeping mask for your lashes but also acts as an eyelash growth serum mascara.

It conditions and primes your lashes, ensuring flawless application while bringing out the beauty of your natural lash colour. The sensorial, lightweight gel texture glides effortlessly, offering a buildable, non-sticky, and natural effect. The natural caramel pigment stands beautifully alone and elevates the allure of any mascara colour.

Clarins’ ultra-soft LASH CARE Brush is meticulously designed with cotton and Castor Seed Oil fibres. With a single pass, it gently grips and coats each lash, promoting visible length, curve, and definition. Transform your lash routine with this indulgent eyelash growth serum mascara that seamlessly combines nourishment with enhancement.


What makes eyelashes grow faster naturally?

Eyelashes grow at a rate of about every 6-10 weeks. Some medications can inhibit the natural growth cycle, along with stress or lash damage. So, maintaining a healthy diet, plenty of protein, and a regime of conditioning will all help lashes prosper. A biotin nutritional supplement might be helpful, as they can promote hair and nail growth over time.

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Can I use an eyelash growth serum on my eyebrows?

Many eyelash serums can be applied to eyebrows, as the ingredients will also help to stimulate brow growth. Some lash serums are also marketed as two-in-one products that can be used on lashes and brows simultaneously.

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Can I use an eyelash growth serum when pregnant?

It’s essential to check with the brand and a health professional regarding the safety of using a lash serum product during pregnancy. Generally, you will want to steer clear of a common lash serum ingredient called prostaglandin, a growth hormone that can make its way into breast milk – so always check the ingredients list on the product before you buy it.

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