Sun, sea, and sensational food, these are all highlights of travelling to new places. From the latest must-see destinations to how to plan for a stress-free trip, we have all the travel tips and tricks for you.

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The Ultimate Beauty Essential Checklist For Long-Haul Flights
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The Ultimate Beauty Essential Checklist For Long-Haul Flights

While heading to far–flung destinations will always feel glamorous, the reality of long–haul flights (parched skin and compression socks) can often tell a different story. But fret not, Beauty Daily has compiled all the long-haul flight essentials you need to practically power through the airport and arrive at your destination looking and feeling fresh.  Airport essentials […]

Looking for a spa escape? We don’t blame you – especially with the current news cycle and the stress of modern living. Few things say “time out” more than a relaxing spa trip, whether in the beautiful English countryside or further afield. From breathtaking surroundings to tranquil and spacious decor, it’s much easier to switch off at a luxury retreat or blissful manor house than at home. Some spas even offer health plans and detoxes to really allow your body and mind to reset and recuperate. Read our handy guide on the top destination spas in the world to find out more.

And have you ever tried wild swimming? Exposing your body to sub-zero temperatures can have a myriad of beauty and health benefits, if the rising popularity of ‘cold therapies’ are anything to go by. And science is starting to back up these claims – in 2019, a study indicated a significant decrease in inflammation in 13 people suffering spinal arthritis over eight weeks of training in the popular ‘Wim Hof’ method (combining hypoxic breathing with ice baths and cold showers). Learn more about wild swimming and its benefits in our article below.


Travelling is all about experiencing something new and creating memories that last for a lifetime. But it can also be a stressful time when planning. So take it easy and read through our guides on how to make your trips fun packed and stress-free.

Worried a long-haul flight will wreak havoc with your skin? We pick our favourite on-board beauty buys to keep your complexion hydrated and happy. Ensuring your skin is calm and moisturised should be your main priority beauty-wise. Look for ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and glycerin which work to lock in moisture, while anti-inflammatory heroes such as aloe vera, green tea and chamomile can keep any stress-induced flare ups at bay. Pick products such as sheet masks, soothing balms and rich face creams and keep makeup to a minimum to allow your skin to breathe (you can always reapply a fresh face just before you touch down).

Want to up your SPF game before you hit the beach? We don’t blame you. And suncare formulas are getting more sophisticated to catch up with new research on the effects those UVs can have on our skin. Despite the commonly held belief that our exposure to blue light comes from phone and computer screens, interesting new studies have shown that 99% of our blue light exposure comes from the sun. What’s more, our exposure to HEVL is thought to be more than double that of UVA, the former having the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB and UVA combined. Its known effects are said to include loss of collagen and elastin, as well as pigmentation – while others believe it worsens the effects of UVA exposure. Hence packing sunscreen is more important than ever before jetting off on holiday. We pick the best sunscreens to slather on so you can safely enjoy that tropical getaway.

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