Beauty is in the eyes. Enhance your gaze with our editors' tips on how to care for your eye area and choose the right eye make-up. From advice on how to choose the correct eye cream to eyeshadow tips and how to make thin eyebrows appear fuller – we've got you covered.

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How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags – Dermatologists Advise

How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags – Dermatologists Advise

Always find yourself boggled by how to get rid of bags under eyes? You’re not alone. Beauty experts frequently encounter the common client concern of how to eliminate bags under eyes and the desire for a quick solution. But is it possible to get rid of them for good? And if so, where do you […]

When it comes to mascaras, we’ve been around the beauty block and we know all there is to know when it comes to adding volume, creating a killer curl and ensuring our eyes stay smudge-free. From staring at a laptop for eight hours straight, to sweating it out on the treadmill, our writers have picked the best mascaras that stay put and perform to the max, for a fabulous flutter in a matter of minutes.

And what was life like before brow gel? We dread to think – but instead we recommend the best brow products to tidy and tame those arches, with full-proof formulas and easy-to-use brush applicators to take your brow game to the next level. (Some formulas can even help boost brow growth too.) And when it comes to plucking, shaping and colouring, our experts talk you through the best treatments to try – whether in-salon or DIY. Unwanted monobrows can soon be a thing of the past, without going to the opposite extreme and having them look over-plucked and sparse.

Love eyeliner? Our handy guides can help you master a kohl pencil with aplomb, so your eyes look striking and statement-worthy. Whether you want to make smaller eyes look bigger, or accentuate your eyes’ natural almond shape, a sultry stare is within reach.


Want that cat-eye look everyone’s trying? Or perhaps looking to remaster the wing tip? Follow our tutorials and beauty tips to achieve the most captivating eyes of all.

And few things set our hearts fluttering like a stunning eye palette, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks to show you how to use them. Flip open a palette lid and instantly you’re back to being a teenager, just beginning to discover the wonderful world of make-up, gazing in wonder at the infinite possibilities this jewel box of colours presents. Mixing and matching shades, you can go from a tired working parent to a magnificent magpie with eyes all colours of the rainbow. The brilliant thing about palettes is that they’re often designed to help you create a better or easier way to achieve a new look, offering complementary shades of eyeshadow to blend with your favourites. 

Call us addicted, but there really is no easier, or more fun way to revamp your beauty look. Take it from us. (And did we mention how pretty eyeshadows are…?) Read our articles on how to finesse your eye makeup to learn more.

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