Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Perfect Lipstick
Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Perfect Lipstick

Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Perfect Lipstick

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With so many different types of lipsticks available, it can be hard to figure out which texture or shade is best for you. From glosses to mattes, balms to stains, nudes to reds and just about everything in between, the world of lipstick is more confusing than ever. Luckily, Beauty Daily spoke to global make-up artist, Ruby Hammer, for her top tips on how to choose a lipstick, how to apply it and how to keep it lasting all day long.  

Types of Lipstick  

“There are endless choices when it comes to lip colour, and before making your selection you need to think about what you are wearing it for. Is it for a special occasion or a day in the office? Do you have dry lips? Do you need it to last? This will dictate which type of lip product you should be using,” says Hammer. Read on for a breakdown of the most popular types of lipsticks and what they are best for. 

Matte liquid lipstick 

A matte effect lipstick has no shine, is usually rich in pigment and they provide even coverage. They should feel velvety when applied, and typically last longer than gloss formulas. “It’s important to remember to use a lip balm and then blot prior to application and apply the colour using the doe foot applicator or a lip brush for precise shape and definition,” says Ruby. 

Lip balm 

Often regarded as the most comfortable texture to wear, lip balm should hydrate and smooth the lips, as well as offer a subtle colour pay off. Tinted lip balms are a great pick for anyone looking for subtle colour and loads of hydration. You could also layer a lip balm under your lipstick as a primer if you have naturally dry lips or want to smooth any fine lines above the lip.

Lip balms tend to wear off within 2-4 hours, so you’ll need to carry them with you if you’d like to reapply throughout the day. 

Liquid / Long-lasting lipstick 

Liquid lipsticks are usually long-lasting. On application, they feel wet but will then dry to a matte finish. “Make sure your lips are hydrated before using liquid lipsticks,” says Hammer. “Also ensure that lips are blotted before applying, as if they feel greasy it could make the application patchy and uneven.” 

Glossy lipstick 

If you like high shine, gloss is the right texture for you. Generally, a good lip gloss formulation should be non-tacky or sticky, but it will need to be reapplied after a few hours of wear.  

Lip stain 

Perfect for long wear, a stain is a low maintenance option, ideal for busy days. Lip stains can be creamy or matte to apply and leave a sheer stain on the lips. They are easy to wear and give a subtle colour to the lips but like matte lipsticks they can be drying, so always apply after a balm. 

Glitter lipstick 

Want to amp up the glam for a festival or fancy dress event (or maybe just to be extra day-to-day)? Look no further than glitter lipstick – a lip colour infused with tiny glitter particles. 

Vegan lipstick 

If you’re vegan, you’ll want to make sure that your makeup is vegan, too. Luckily, many brands offer vegan formulas now – so there are lots to choose from.  

Waterproof lipstick 

A non-budge option for the days when you’re going to be exposed to rain/tears/water, this is a fail-safe, long-lasting formula.  

Lipstick shades and colours  

There’s a lipstick shade (or two… or three) for everyone out there to experiment with. Here are some of the most popular shades and which brands do them best. 

1. Nude lipstick – MAC Matte Lipstick (Various Shades), £18

Mac Matte Lipstick

A MAC bestseller known as one of the most long-lasting lippies of all time, this perfect matte comes in a range of nude shades to compliment any skin tone.

2. Red lipstick – Vieve Modern Matte Lipstick, Lara, £21

Vieve Modern Matte Lipstick

With five-star reviews from pretty much every customer on the Vieve website, this much-loved lipstick is enriched with vitamin E to nourish lips, and also offers an unrivalled colour pay-off.

3. Brown lipstick – ILIA Beauty Colour Block Lipstick, Marsala, £27

Ilia Beauty Colour Block Lipstick

If you’re prone to dry lips, look no further. This offering from clean, skin-centric beauty brand ILIA contains mango seed butter as well as vitamins C and A to keep parched lips at bay.

4. Coral lipstick – Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick Refill, Papaya, £19

joli rouge refill papaya

A mega moisturising formula, this universal coral shade will suit most skin tones and add a hit of nourishment to your pout.

5. Peach lipstick – Too Faced Lady Bold Lipstick, Comeback Queen, £24

Too Faced Lady Bold Lipstick

It might sound like peach is hard to rock on your lips, but this subtle shade just works – whether you want to add a quick slick for a hint of colour, or layer it up for maximum impact.

6. Purple lipstick – NARS Must-Have Mattes Lipstick, Soul Train, £12.42

NARS Must Have Mattes Lipstick

Enter… the purple pout. This shade of mauve is not for the light-hearted, but if you like making a statement, make this a staple in your make-up bag.

7. Black lipstick – e.l.f. O Face Satin Lipstick, All Night, £9

ELF O Face Satin Lipstick

Black lipstick lovers, rejoice! This satin finish lipstick is super long-wearing, so it only requires minimal top-ups.

5 of the best lipstick sets  

Can’t decide on just one? Maybe you want a gloss and lippie combo? Here are 5 of the best lipstick sets to try: 

1. Mii Cosmetics, Matte Lip Lover Lipstick Trio 2, £31

Mii Matte Lip Lover Lipstick Trio

A set containing a nude, a red and a bold purple, so you can switch up your shade depending on your mood.

2. Huda Beauty, The Ultimate Icon Lip Trio Set, £26

HUDA Beauty The Ultimate Bombshell Lip

Layer up with a liner, lipstick and gloss for a super long-wearing lip colour that will last as long as you want it to.

3. Kylie Cosmetics, Friday Matte Lip Kit, £28

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit

The original kit that turned Kylie Jenner into a billionaire powerhouse, this liner and lippie combo is crucial for any matte lip lover.

4. Morphe Out & A Pout Lip Duo, £17Morphe Out And A Pout Lipstick Kit

A bullet and liquid lipstick in one set, layer these two products up for ultimate staying power. 

5. Ruby Hammer, Lip Serum Balm Duo, £29

Ruby Hammer Nude Lip Duo

For lips that are in need of some extra nourishment, this duo contains a colourless balm to prime the lips, along with a serum-infused colour to finish the look.

“What colour lipstick suits me?”  

“Makeup should make you feel like the best version of yourself, so when picking shades, it is easy to discount shades and textures as ‘not for you’ before you’ve even tried them,” says Hammer. “I fully advocate experimenting with finding the right shade for you. Start by working out your undertone (cool, warm or neutral). If you look at the veins in your wrist, cool undertones show them to be bluer, whereas warm undertones show as green. Neutral shows as a mix of the two,” she adds. 

Cool undertones suit shades with a tint of blue in them; deep reds, raspberry rose, taupe-y nudes or lavender shades will look great. If you are warm toned, peaches, corals and oranges and terracotta / brick reds work well. “However, it’s all about the look you are trying to achieve. Find the pigment that is rich and vibrant enough for you and wear it with confidence and you will immediately look great!” 

How to apply lipstick  

“Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, you can apply lipstick with a brush, with your fingers, or straight from the bullet,” Hammer recommends. “Apply a lip balm as part of your skincare routine and blot away when you get to working on your lips.” 

“If using a brush, opt for a square-shaped tip to be able to clearly define the lip line and work into the corners of the mouth. Load the brush up generously and start by applying to the centre of the lip to see the colour pay off, then fill in. If your lipstick has a tendency to bleed or feather use a clear lip liner,” she continues.   

How to stop lipstick bleeding  

If your lipstick is prone to feathering or bleeding, clear lip pencils are a must. They will create an invisible border to your lip, which will prevent your lipstick from crossing over onto your skin. 

How to remove lipstick  

If you have chosen a long-lasting lipstick, it can be tricky to remove. Apply Vaseline or lip oil and wait a couple of minutes before swiping with a damp flannel. This should leave your lips feeling clean and fresh.  

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