The Power Of Humble Hazelnut Oil Explained
The Power Of Humble Hazelnut Oil Explained

The Power Of Humble Hazelnut Oil Explained

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While we all know that a good quality oil is a versatile ingredient in your product line-up, the humble hazelnut oil has stayed out of the spotlight until now. But, of course, we put the oil to work in our kitchens daily as we prepare our dinner and aren’t shy about slathering our complexions in sumptuous oils at night. But you’re not alone if hazelnut oil has, so far, been at the back of the queue, despite being a thoroughly effective skincare ingredient. So, if you thought the humble hazelnut peaked with Nutella, read on.

Is hazelnut oil good for the skin?

Hazelnut oil is most commonly used for cooking and has a similar composition to olive oil. It’s brilliant for cooking meat, fish, and pasta, but it also deserves a place in your skincare routine. Hazelnut oil benefits from its high fatty acid and vitamin E content, which deeply moisturises and is non-greasy, so perfect fodder for those with oilier complexions.

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The benefits of hazelnut oil

Highly moisturising

Hazelnut oil is intensely hydrating and jam-packed with vitamin E and fatty acids, which not only improve and maintain skin elasticity but help moisturise too. It contains a similar fatty acid content to olive oil, which also pops up in skincare. Plus, it contains squalene, known for its moisturising properties.

Skin barrier

Fatty acids help create a barrier between your skin’s surface and harsh external elements, allowing your skin to cling to water more effectively, keeping it juicy and moisturised. These occlusive properties also mean that potential external nasties are kept away from your skin.

Collagen production

Vitamin E also reduces an enzyme that hampers collagen production in your skin. As we all know, our collagen levels lessen as we age, but this protein is vital to keeping our skin nice and bouncy.

Antioxidant powerhouse

As it’s an antioxidant, superhero Vitamin E will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and sun damage and protect against future harm that the sun could cause to your skin cells. Plus, it’s super absorbent, so you don’t need to worry about leaving a greasy residue in its wake, which is perfect if your complexion errs on the oilier side.

Astringent properties

Because of the tannins hazelnut oil contains, it’s an astringent. It will help clear clogged pores and remove naughty spot-causing bacteria, making it perfect for those with acne-prone complexions. However, unlike the alcohol-based astringents you might be used to, hazelnut oil won’t strip or dry out your skin, leaving it irritated. This means that, for the most part, it’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use hazelnut oil on your face

Hazelnut oil for skin can be used alone or combined with other oils. Massage half a teaspoon of pure hazelnut oil into a clean, warm, wet face. Let it rest for 30 seconds before removing it with a damp flannel. It is a great cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, sweat and dirt. Just ensure you keep it away from direct sunlight, and if stored properly and resealed after each use, a bottle should last nine months to a year.

Many brilliant products utilise hazelnut oil for skin, and it’s sitting in lots of products you might already be familiar with, including the brilliant Clarins Lip Comfort Oil to soothe and moisturise lips and Lotus Treatment Oil to balance oilier complexions.

But always perform a patch test before committing to a new product. Dot onto the inside of your forearm and cover for 24 hours. If any irritation is felt, it’s best to steer clear. If you’re allergic to tree nuts, avoid tree nut oil, such as hazelnut, and products containing them.

How to use hazelnut oil on hair

Fatty acids and Vitamin E also benefit the skin atop our heads. When applied to the scalp, hazelnut oil will moisturise and help protect from free radicals while conditioning the strands beneath it. It’s suitable for all hair types and textures and will be especially effective on dry and frizzy hair that’s been colour treated. It’s also considered gentle enough to be used every day if required. As a pre-shampoo treatment, run the oil generously through your hair for at least an hour before washing. As a scalp treatment, massage in pure hazelnut oil and leave overnight. And to keep hair nice and hydrated on the go, try decanting hazelnut oil into a mister and popping it into your handbag.

Check out the Clarins website to see what products contain this wonder oil.

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