Wider, Brighter Eyes With The Best Eyelash Curlers
Wider, Brighter Eyes With The Best Eyelash Curlers

Wider, Brighter Eyes With The Best Eyelash Curlers

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Want to know how to find the best eyelash curler? Say hello to your new go-to guide. There are plenty of options out there, and when used correctly can instantly up the glam of even the most subtle make-up look (and make eyes look bigger too). All you’ll need to do is find an eyelash curler that works for you – it’s time to flutter your way through party season – and here’s how. 

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The Best Eyelash Curlers

Catrice Cosmetics Lash Curler, £3.95  

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If you’re looking for eyelash curlers that help to provide a bouncy curl, look no further. The sleek metal and integrated, removable comb fans allow you to create more volume and density, getting right to the root to provide you with maximum oomph.  

Tweezerman Pro Curl Lash Curler, £22 


This curler has the perfect 38-degree angle for capturing smaller lashes – which is especially useful if you have deeper-set eyes.  

Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler, £21


A curling device with a super wide opening, which allows you to grab every single lash. 

Surratt Relevée Lash Curler, £32 

surratt curler

Beautifully crafted, these allow you to capture all lashes gently without too much pressure. They’re ideal for anyone with straight lashes, giving them a natural-looking curl. 

Lash Star Heated Lash Curler, £32 

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Shaped like a mascara wand, this electric curler with four different heat settings is great for anyone that wants lashes with top-staying power. Lightweight and easy to use, these are a must for your make-up bag. 

Grande Lash Lift Heated Lash Curler, £33  


Achieve your best curl yet, thanks to these heated lash curlers. Guaranteed to bring out the sparkle in your eye, they allow you to style your flutter whilst also ensuring minimising breakage.  

How To Use An Eyelash Curler  

So, how do you use an eyelash curler to gain the most dramatic lash look possible? 

Get your head position right 

You must ensure that you are providing yourself access to the whole of your eye to get the most from your lash curlers. Tilt your head upwards, allowing the best possible workspace. Use a mirror, too – as it will enable you to see the entire eye and place the curler accurately without catching your eyelid. 

Make sure you are at the root of your lashes 

Like hair, getting to those all-important roots is the key to success. First, you must ensure that you are capturing the whole set of lashes with the clasp of the curler but not tugging on the delicate eyelid. You can see where you place the curler by looking down into a mirror.  

Apply pressure 

Once you’re holding your curlers at the root, it’s time to apply the pressure by lightly squeezing the curler and holding it for five seconds. Do not pull on the curler, and make sure that once you have finished, the jaws of the curler are fully open. Finish with a slick of mascara, and you’re good to go!  

How To Curl Eyelashes Without a Curler 

Can you still get a lash lift effect without having a curler to hand? Fortunately, yes! Try heating a clean spoolie in warm water and dry it on a clean towel before brushing it up and outwards from the roots of your lashes. If all else fails – you can use an unused toothbrush to create the same effect. 


Are Electric Eyelash Curlers Safe? 

Most electric eyelash curlers will have different heat settings that do not allow the temperature to rise beyond a safe level. However, if this heat control setting is not working quite like it used to, it might be time to reinvest. Ensuring that the method of curling you are using is clean and hygienic is paramount, and if you’re using a ‘traditional’ eyelash curler, be sure to keep an eye on the silicone inserts. If they look worn out, it’s time to replace them. 

When to Use an Eyelash Curler 

Using an eyelash curler doesn’t have to be for creating a dramatic look – they can work wonders as a quick pick-me-up too. They are the French-girl beauty staple for creating that groomed, minimalist face.  

Are Eyelash Curler Refills Universal? 

It’s best to check with the brand you have purchased your curler from to ensure that you have the right silicone insert for your tool. 

Are Eyelash Curlers Bad? 

Be sure to follow the steps above for the correct technique and keep your tools clean and free of bacteria. A rinse every few weeks is ideal. You can also give them an antibacterial treatment – swap or spray the rubber insert with a 70% alcohol sanitising solution to ensure you don’t spread any germs.  

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