How To Conceal Dark Circles According To Experts
How To Conceal Dark Circles According To Experts

How To Conceal Dark Circles According To Experts

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Are you Googling make-up tips to hide dark circles under your eyes after a big night? We explore what causes dark circles, keep them at bay and how to hide them the correct way. 

If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter, you know that looking bright-eyed the next day is not easy. Fortunately, when used the right way, concealers can fake a decent night’s sleep in a few easy steps.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles can be caused by multiple factors such as sleep deprivation, extreme fatigue, skin ageing, chronic eye rubbing, allergies and even sleeping in the wrong position. For example, sleeping on your side or facing down contributes to dark circles. 

Experts say dark circles under the eyes are caused by blood pooling in the capillaries. So, try to sleep on your back with an extra pillow under your head. 

However, did you know the leading cause is not lack of sleep but hyperpigmentation? It is caused by environmental (sun exposure, smoking, poor sleep and diet) and genetic factors. 

How can I hide my dark circles naturally?

Unfortunately, even if you spent your entire life diligently taking care of your skin, skin ageing is inevitable and that includes dark circles.

But don’t worry; several home remedies provide short-term ease, such as applying steeped and cooled tea bags, cold cucumber slices, and raw potatoes as eye compressors. 

Eye creams, such as the Double Eye Serum, which has turmeric (antioxidant known for minimising dark circles), are a game-changer to naturally fixing those raccoon eyes. In addition, certain lifestyle habits such as a regular sleep routine, staying hydrated (by flushing toxins), limiting screen time, and controlling alcohol intake really will help.

But if you need a quick fix, the best way to cover them up is with concealer. 

How to hide dark circles under eyes with make-up?

A lot of women find choosing the perfect concealer a struggle. This is common with many choices from different textures, formulas, undertones, promising nothing but bright under-eyes ahead. 

According to Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager,  the first step to narrow down the right concealer for you is understanding your under-eye skin type, tone and needs. 

Choosing the right shade: “When selecting the right concealer shade, one of the most common mistakes is choosing a concealer that is much lighter than the overall complexion. People think it’s going to give them that bright kind of luminosity under the eye. But actually, the idea of concealing the under-eye is to lift any darkness to the same level as the rest of the complexion,” McHale explains.

Adding, “If you bring it out beyond that level and make it lighter than the rest of your complexion, you’re essentially just turning dark circles into light circles, which is just as obvious.”

McHale recommends matching it to a brighter area in your face, such as your jaw area.

The other common mistake is over-concealing. “They conceal the dark area, and then they carry on and conceal the bit next to it, which effectively cancels out what they’ve just done. Concealing is about tricking the eye. It’s an illusion, so you bring the light colour up to meet the rest of the skin. So only conceal exactly where it’s dark.” 

The correct application: Use a concealer brush or lightly dab using your ring finger, “Your ring finger fits nicely into the inner eye area, so it’s quite a useful tool. And, it’s warm, so it helps to blend,” McHale says. 

Concealer for dark circles

Which concealer to use: McHale raves about the Everlasting Concealer. “This concealer won’t crease or melt away. It is perfect for all skin types. It is enriched with organic oat sugars and horse chestnut to help tighten the skin and activate microcirculation while giving you a full coverage finish.” 

Keep these four things in mind before applying concealer

1. If you have dry skin under-eyes

Women who have very dry skin under the eye due to ageing or the weather are advised to use less concealer. “Make sure that you’re using a hydrating eye cream underneath your concealer because that’s going to help work as a buffer and as a bit of a primer.” 

2. If you have dark under-eyes

McHale strongly recommends using an ultra-rich eye cream such as Total Eye Lift or Multi-Active Eye. “Apply the eye cream first, don’t wait and go straight on top of the cream with the concealer.” She says that if you mix the two, it will dilute the pigment of the concealer. 

3. If you have puffy eyes

If you want to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, prepping the eyes with an Eye Contour Gel will work wonders. This cooling, non-oily gel minimises the look of puffiness and dark circles, leaving the delicate skin around your eyes feeling refreshed, hydrated and rested. Thanks to the wild rose, which drains toxins. 

4. If you need to colour correct your under-eyes

Combat redness: If you’re battling redness, go for a green-tinted primer like Green SOS Primer.  Before concealer, make sure to apply it, especially around your eyes where you can see blood vessels beneath the surface. This greenish hue will diffuse the appearance of flushes and veins. 

Combat unwanted pigmentation: To blur dark circles, use the Peach SOS Primer underneath and apply it into the inner corner and under the eyes. The apricot shade will magically counteract any violet tones (think dark circles and purple veins). 

Combat fatigue: Opt for the Rose SOS Primer for an instant awakened look. The pink pigments restore freshness to your look.

For many, dark circles are not a serious skin concern. However, if you suffer from discolouration or swelling for a longer period, it might signal underlying health conditions. Consult with your doctor or dermatologist to ensure you have correctly addressed the issue and received the proper treatment. 

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