Find The Best Mascara For Older, Thinning Lashes Here
Find The Best Mascara For Older, Thinning Lashes Here

Find The Best Mascara For Older, Thinning Lashes Here

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It goes without saying, the best mascara for older, thinning lashes should work hard for its money – adding both volume and length, while also containing ingredients that strengthen and condition to take lashes to the next level. But if you’re experiencing lash thinning, we recommend taking a more holistic, 360 approach.

Start with applying the correct lash care before make-up. Follow that up with the aforementioned hardworking mascara. And lastly, employ a few lash-boosting make-up tricks (which we’ll come to in a minute!). Together, they will serve up some serious smoulder and deliver the full, thick lash effect you’re after.

Read on to discover everything you need to know for achieving a full-fat flutter.

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What happens to your lashes as you get older?

As we age, it’s normal to experience some lash thinning. This is because of hormone changes, especially during the menopause. These changes influence our hair growth cycle, which tends to become less frequent than it was previously. 

Additionally, heredity and certain medical conditions and treatments can also cause eyelashes to become thinner over time. 

How to care for thinning eyelashes

“If you’re using the right eye make-up remover with the right eye care and mascara, you’re going to get the best possible results,” says Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager.

Here are two key steps you can take to protect your eyelashes from damage.  

1. Cleanse gently

It’s important to remove every last scrap of mascara from your eyelashes before you go to bed. But you also want to do this without having to vigorously scrub your eyes. So the best option is to use an efficient (but gentle) eye make-up remover. 

We like the Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, £22 because it’s potent, without being harsh. All you need to do is soak a cotton pad with the liquid and hold it against each closed eye for 10 seconds. It dissolves all of your make-up, and your mascara will come off as you sweep the pad in an outward direction, from the root of the lash to its tip. 

Additionally, the product contains ingredients like panthenol, cornflower and rose waters which condition the lashes and soothe the eye area. 

2. Use a lash serum

A lash serum is like skincare for your eyelashes. It will help thicken and lengthen your natural lashes with continued use. The SOS Lash Serum Mascara, £25, has a light caramel tint and can be worn on its own for natural, light definition or under mascara. You can also apply it as an overnight mask.

“The key ingredient in it is organic castor oil which reinforces and strengthens the lashes,” says McHale. “So, if your lashes are weakened, that’s going to be really beneficial. And organic oat sugars in the formula help to define lashes. Plus, it contains our Lash Boosting Complex, with ingredients like sphinganine and panthenol that moisturise the lashes. Together, they’re going to condition and strengthen. The stronger your lashes are, the less frequently they will fall out.” 

You can expect to see significant differences in the lash density, length, strength and condition after six to eight weeks of consistent use.

Tip: “You could also use it in the brows if you need some thickening,” says McHale. “It’s essentially a hair growth serum that suitable around the eye area.”

The best mascara for older, thinning lashes

1. Clarins Supra Lift & Curl Mascara

Clarins mascara

The Supra Lift & Curl Mascara, £23 offers the perfect balance of length, volume and curl. The formula contains bitter orange blossom wax that coats and conditions the lashes, and also helps hold a curl for longer. Plus, the innovative curved brush grips the lashes, so you can get an even coat of mascara from root to tip. 

2. DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara

DHC mascara

If you love tubing mascaras (mascaras that only budge on contact with warm water), you will love DHC’s Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara, £16. It offers a defined, but natural lash effect. The slim brush catches and coats every single lash, and is especially great for bottom lashes. 

3. LashFood Ultra Rich Volumizing Mascara

LashFood mascara

The two key ingredients in LashFood’s Ultra Rich Volumizing Mascara, £20 are rice bran and a special Phyto-Medic Complex. The former helps add loads of length and volume on application, while the latter helps improve the health of the lash hairs by keeping them moisturising.  

4. La Bouche Rouge Mascara Le Serum Noir

La Bouche Rouge mascara

La Bouche Rouge’s Mascara Le Serum Noir, £36 is loaded with jojoba oil to nourish lashes and stimulate lash growth. The plant-fibre brush adds just enough definition with zero clumps. As a bonus, the glass bottle it comes in is 100% recyclable.  

How to create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes

  1. If your eyelashes are short, use a lash primer like the Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer, £19 before applying your mascara. 
  2. Use a soft, dark (preferably waterproof) eyeliner pencil to tightline the eyes. Tightlining is a technique where you line the upper waterline (the slim line of skin that appears just below your eyelashes). This creates the illusion a fuller looking lash line. 
  3. You could also use the eyeliner to scribble between the roots of your lashes. This can help fill gaps where you may be missing a few lashes. 
  4. After applying mascara, you could also reach for false eyelashes. Want a natural effect? Use short, individual lashes like the Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes Short, £4.99. Glue them on close to the roots of your lashes in areas where lashes are sparse.  

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