Make-up Tips For Menopausal Skin
Make-up Tips For Menopausal Skin

Make-up Tips For Menopausal Skin

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We already know that menopause can be a rollercoaster ride – but when it comes to make-up for menopause? Well, that should be the easy and fun bit. We’re not here to tell you how you should look or to act your age – far from it. Instead, we’d like to inspire and help you to find the best make-up for menopause, whether that’s pre, peri, or post. 

Whatever the guise – a super bold lip, edgy eyeliner, or a sprinkling of stardust – there are no boundaries when it comes to making up at Beauty Daily

Sure, products might need a little refinement, application tips tweaked and learning which formulations benefit mature skin, but you’ll be armed with the right tricks, so resetting the clock is as simple as diving into your make-up bag. Enjoy! 

Why does our skin change during menopause?

There are many changes to your mind and body during menopause, from brain fog to night sweats and heart palpitations to low mood. Skin and hair issues can be the first symptoms of menopause to manifest themselves, and you can pretty much blame the declining levels of the hormone oestrogen for that. 

Oestrogen helps retain water levels and plumpness in the skin; while collagen depletion is rife, you can lose a whopping 30% in the first five years. 

So, to bolster your skin, you will need an age-targeted product range to help keep the bounce for longer. 

Menopausal skin must-haves

Needless to say, following a dedicated skin-care routine should be at the top of your strategy and will make any make-up look instantly better. So, we would recommend an efficient regimen of cleansing, moisturising and SPF – every day. Along with exfoliating a couple of times per week. 

As a good make-up base, try the Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream. On application, it refines skin texture and contains little fillers to plump fine lines, while the pearl extract injects instant radiance. 

Our make-up tips for menopausal skin

As your skin starts to change with the onset of menopause, you’ll find that you need to adapt your make-up routine and application. Here are 4 of our expert tips for mastering your next look:

Flush-proof make-up

Firstly, a decent primer will offer a smooth application, prevent your base from falling into the cracks, and help keep your foundation intact, especially if you get hot and sweaty flushes. The SOS Primer Icy has the subtle smell of mint and offers a cooling sensation when getting ready. 

When it comes to choosing a shade, Beauty Daily says, “Instead of playing matchy-matchy with your skin tone, it might be worth taking it one shade darker to take into account any melanin loss [which is another side effect of menopause]. Also, if you’re permanently flushed-face, go for a more yellow-toned base to counteract the red or pink tones.” 

As for formulation? That comes down to personal preference. But make-up artists tend to agree; less is more. A decent tinted moisturiser, teamed with concealer to cover age spots and blemishes, can be enough coverage. If the sweaty skin peeks through by lunchtime, rather than overload the skin with powder, carry a compact foundation for touch-ups throughout the day. 

Make-up for mature skin that ensures eyes pop

Turning back the clock can be as simple as employing some clever make-up techniques. Beauty Daily explains, “Unearth those eyelash curlers! As you age, your lashes flatten out, so by curling them, they will instantly make your eyes look bigger and brighter.” In a rush? Then we recommend the Supra Curling Mascara. In clinical trials, 94% of women felt their eyes appeared more open. If you’re suffering from more make-up meltdowns, then the best bet is to dust a little powder over the lashes and then apply a smudge and waterproof mascara

Curling mascara

Lastly, supercharge your brows. When you find the right eyebrow products, it can give you a mini-eye lift. Ask a make-up artist on how to create the perfect arch for your evolving face shape and check in with regards to colour too. The general rule is to go a shade lighter than your natural colour­ing (if you’re blonde, go one shade darker).

Warm, tone and hone your complexion

When it comes to best make-up for post menopausal skin we need to think of gravity at play here. Where you used to apply colour on the apples of your cheeks, you need to rethink that strategy as there’s less plumpness; thus, it can drag the face down. 

Sarah Joan Ross, Beauty Daily Editor suggests to “Sweep bronzer in a number ‘three’ shape – from the forehead, along the cheekbone and then finishing along the jawline. Then, add a pop of colour – peach, apricot and terracotta tones are great, placed high on the cheekbone This will give your face a more dimensional, youthful, and lifted visage.” 

Finding the best lip products as you age

Lips do thin as you age, but there’s no reason to ditch the bold colours, especially as this alone can brighten you up if you’re feeling jaded. Sometimes there is a loss of volume, and your lips become a little more asymmetrical, so begin with a lip liner shade darker than your natural lip. Apply, blot, then powder it down and follow with your chosen lipstick. Add a little dab of gloss or sheen on the cupid’s bow and the centre of the lip to amplify.    

Quick Tip: Keep a moisturising facial mist in your handbag to help relieve uncomfortable flushes when on the go.

Feeling empowered to try a new look? Then check out the best foundations for mature skin to find your perfect match and gain a few insider tips from our editors.

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