7 Facial Exercises to Tighten the Skin
7 Facial Exercises to Tighten the Skin

7 Facial Exercises to Tighten the Skin

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Facial exercises or ‘face fitness’ to tighten and lift skin have slowly entered our routines. Why? Because they have been proven to work. In a small study by Jama Network, participants after a 20-week trial showed around a three-year reduction in age perception.   

Plus, a home facial massage will also help you avoid any water retention and puffiness — so cheekbones look more chiselled and jawlines can be refined.  

So, without expecting any miracles, let us try facial exercises to tighten up skin and lift the face. 


How to tighten your skin: what exercises tighten skin on the face? 

How can I tighten and lift my face naturally? There are a few simple rules on how to achieve some great results.  

  • First, you need to take time to do facial exercises regularly, at least several times a week. 
  • Second, you need to massage your skin gently, do not rub or stretch it too much. Primarily, be aware of stretching your skin down and following the ascending lines. 
  • Finally, use skincare products while trying facial exercises. Their active ingredients will sink into the skin more efficiently and smooth without dragging the skin around.   

For example, try the Super Restorative Remodelling Serum. This anti-ageing treatment with narrow-leaf plantain extract will help lift the contours of your face and give radiance. 

Super Restorative Remodelling Serum.

Face oils also ‘add slip’ for a decent spa-like facial massage. Blue Orchid Treatment Oil is recommended for dehydrated skin. Made from pure plant extracts, this oil can be used as aromatherapy and care for skin, thus smoothing, revitalising and moisturising, and some de-stressing side effects.  

Blue Orchid Treatment Oil

1. Yoga facial exercises to tighten the skin around the eyes 

This exercise came from yoga and was adopted by the founder of Face Yoga by Fumiko Takatsu. You can do it while applying your eye skincare product. Maybe the Double Serum Eye with pro-ageing formula for firming, lifting, and brightening skin around the eyes. 

  • Put your middle fingers at the inner corner of your eyebrows and connect them. Then gently add pressure to the outer corners of your eyebrows with index fingers.  
  • Look up, lift the skin under the eyes, make a squint, and then relax. 
  • Repeat this seven times, and then close your eyes tightly for 10 seconds. 


2. How to tighten face muscles: an alternative to fillers and lower facelift from Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga method 

  • To lift your cheeks, hide your teeth with lips while making an “O” shape with your mouth. 
  • Keep your teeth hidden and smile as wide as you can. Repeat six more times. 
  • Place an index finger on a chin and hold the smile. Next, move your head back and move your jaw up and down simultaneously. Repeat two times more. 


3. Face exercise to tighten and lift the face: an alternative to botox for forehead from Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga method 

  • Put your hands on your forehead, and spread your fingers between your hairline and eyebrows. 
  • Sweep your fingers outwards across the forehead with light pressure. Repeat five times more. 
  • Put your middle and index fingers at the inner corner of your eyebrows. Apply with pressure, then slightly spread fingers and repeat five more times. 


4. Tighten up face muscles with Gua Sha tool 

  • For this, take a Gua Sha face tool made of quartz or jade and use the flat side to massage your neck downwards and drain lymph. 
  • Move the flat side of a Gua Sha face tool across the forehead. 
  • Work with Gua Sha through your cheeks and lift them.  
  • Then go a little bit down to cheekbones. Come across the cheekbones using the double side of the tool. Next, move across and down to the neck. 
  • Press underneath the eyes with Gua Sha. Next, close your eyes and gently press the eyelids. 

Short black hair woman allpy cream on face and do guasha face massage


5. Exercises to tighten facial muscles with a stone roller 

  • First, freeze your crystal roller in the fridge. This will help to remove puffiness. Start rolling up on the neck with light pressure. Repeat these five to 10 times. 
  • Press the large end of the jade roller on your chin, apply medium pressure and roll towards your ear; repeat five-six times on both sides. 
  • Take the large roller end and move up to your forehead, starting in the middle and roll towards your ear. Repeat on both sides five to six times. 
  • Roll from the inner to the outer eye corner. Repeat 10 to 15 times on both sides. 
  • Place the roller between your eyebrows and roll out over each eyebrow. Repeat five to 10 times on both sides. 
  • Roll over the jawline bone, move back and forward. 


6. How can I tighten and lift my face naturally with Foreo: how to get rid of nasolabial folds 

  • Close your mouth and puff out your cheeks. 
  • Move the air from cheek to cheek and repeat this for 30 seconds. 
  • Use a Foreo foam roller after your facial exercises. 


7. What exercises tighten skin on face and lift cheekbones: Foreo recommends 

  • Place fingers over cheekbones and lift the skin gently. 
  • Make your mouth “O”-shaped, hold five seconds, and repeat 10-15 times. 
  • Use anti-ageing side of Foreo LUNA tool on your face. 

P.S. For an extra de-stressing facial technique, try taking a deep breath, holding for four or five seconds, and then slowly exhaling while relaxing your face muscles. It’s perfect if you’ve been frowning at your computer or phone for extended periods.   

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