Home Spa: How To Have The Ultimate Spa Day At Home
Home Spa: How To Have The Ultimate Spa Day At Home

Home Spa: How To Have The Ultimate Spa Day At Home

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Can a home spa routine bring about the same calming effects of a real spa? To a great extent, it can. Of course, you won’t have an experienced therapist helping you with targeted treatments. But if you can’t make the time for an actual spa day and some relaxing me-time sounds good to you, a home spa could be the ultimate indulgence.

Whether you want to slip some relaxation time into a busy workday or spend hours on a pamper session in your bathroom over the weekend, we’ve got a home spa routine for you.

The weekday home spa routine (20 minutes)

Find a face mask that delivers instant results

When you haven’t got too much time, you want products that provide instant results. And a hydration boost for your skin is always a good idea. Try the SOS Comfort Face Mask that soothes and leaves skin supple and radiant in under ten minutes – thanks to the wild mango butter it’s enriched with.

Upgrade your shower routine

When there isn’t enough time to soak in the bath, you can have the most relaxing shower, even if it’s a quick one. Just switch up your regular shower gel for something a little more luxe. We reach for the Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate – when it comes in contact with warm water, it releases soothing scents of basil, chamomile and petitgrain.

Finish with loads of moisture

Indulging in a body massage may be far fetched for a workday, but you can cocoon yourself in the comfort of a rich moisturiser instead. The soothing scent of the Eau Ressourçante Silky-Smooth Body Cream will instantly put you in a relaxed state of mind.

Clarins Eau Ressourçante Silky-Smooth Body Cream

The weekend home spa routine (45 minutes)

Set the scene with a candle or two

A candlelit room is so much more serene than one with harsh lighting. Plus, scent is a key factor to consider when creating a calming atmosphere. So, light a scented candle that fits your spa mood –  notes of bergamot, eucalyptus and lavender are particularly relaxing.

Give yourself a quick facial

First, use a gentle cleanser to remove any make-up and impurities from the skin. The One-Step Facial Cleanser with orange extract is perfect – the bi-phase formula provides a deep cleanse and smells heavenly. Next, polish dead skin cells away with an exfoliator.

Lastly, apply a rich face mask. We like to create a nourishing cocktail with the Extra Firming Mask and two drops of Double Serum. Warm it between your palms and press it into the skin using light pressure. Wash it off in 10 minutes.

Reach for a body scrub

Treat the skin on your body to some gentle exfoliation. This will help remove dead cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it looking and feeling super smooth. Try the Tonic Sugar Polisher with rosemary, rosewood, mint sugar and salt crystals.

The long, indulgent home spa routine (1 hour and over)

Try dry brushing

Dry brushing your body is great on so many levels: it exfoliates dead cells, improves circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage, among its other many benefits. We like the ESPA Skin Brush with sturdy bristles made of natural fibres.

Do this before you shower. Ensure your skin is completely dry before you start. Brush in long, sweeping motions, starting from your ankles and moving upwards. Make sure all the strokes are directed towards your heart.

dry body brushing

Use a face steamer

Steaming your face can help draw out impurities from the skin, boost circulation and help any products that absorb better into the skin. We like the Panasonic Portable Facial Steamer; it comes with three programme options: a three-minute deep cleanse, six-minute hydration and a 12-minute treatment, and the nano-sized steam particles, which are 18,000 times finer, penetrate into the epidermis and increase moisture by 130% inside the skin.

Treat your scalp

Ever give yourself a scalp massage? Try this: Begin by applying a nourishing oil along your roots to add some slip. Use gentle circular motions to massage from the top of your head, the temples and down to the base of the neck.

You could also use a scalp massaging tool – we like this one by Tropic. It helps boost circulation, stimulates the hair follicles and also just feels really good. Then, wash off the oil with your shampoo. Complete the scalp treatment with a hair mask.

Try: The Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask can be applied to the scalp, lengths and ends. It’s got shea butter and argan oil that will leave your scalp and hair deeply moisturised.

Do a DIY lymphatic face massage

Apply a face oil on cleansed, damp skin, and then use your hands to smooth the skin from the centre of your face, outwards – from top to bottom. Then, gently massage behind the jaw and along the temples using circular motions.

For a more detailed look at how to conduct a lymphatic drainage massage at home, read: Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Actually Work? Experts Weigh In

Indulge in a foot soak

Use a foot file to get rid of any dead skin that may be clinging to the base of your feet. Then, let your feet soak in soothing salts to soften the skin. Use an exfoliating scrub next – the Exfoliating Body Scrub with bamboo powder does an excellent job at banishing flaky skin. Finish with an application of moisturiser, and if you’re up for it, even a DIY foot massage.

Read: A routine for soft, smooth feet

Relieve tension with a body massage

There are so many tools in the market that are great for self massages. We like the Theragun Elite by Therabody that helps relieve deep muscle tension (it reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than than the average electronic massager). You can switch up the attachments to adapt your massage for general muscle relief or more targeted treatments.

Take the most relaxing bath

Nothing’s more relaxing than a warm bath after a tiring day. Plus, immersing yourself in warm water has many benefits for your physical health and wellbeing.

To enhance the experience, add a product like the Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate to your bathwater. The plant extracts it contains will help soothe tired muscles. Also, you will be enveloped in the calming scents of basil, chamomile and petitgrain.

Try aromatherapy

End your spa day by treating yourself to some aromatherapy. You could do this while also moisturising your body with a body oil like the Relax Treatment Oil. It’s got extracts of geranium, petitgrain, chamomile and basil that help relieve stress and fatigue.

Alternatively, you could customise an aromatherapy blend to suit your specific needs. To learn about how to do this, read: The Best Relaxing Essential Oil Blends For De-Stressing Your Day.

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