The Complete Guide On How To Fake Tan Your Back
The Complete Guide On How To Fake Tan Your Back

The Complete Guide On How To Fake Tan Your Back

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Here’s a complete guide on how to fake tan your back, from clever hacks and best self-tanning formulas to DIY tools;  make sure you get an even ‘back glow’ straight from the pros.

How To Self-Tan Your Back 

This pre-and-post-tanning guide follows the same principles for your entire body. So, if you are looking for how to fake tan your body at home, check this guide.

In this guide, the focus is on making sure the products you use will reach your back. You’ll find clever hacks and tools you need to make your self-tanning journey pleasant and more manageable. Let’s begin.

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How to Self Tan Your Back Alone

This ‘How to Fake Tan Your Back’ guide assumes you are doing the tanning procedure alone. If a family member, partner, or friend is present, ask for help. 

Invest in some rubber or tanning gloves to shield their palms, so they don’t turn into the shade of Tango. 

How to Tan Your Back with Self Tanner 

1. Exfoliate:

The secret to a streak-free and even faux tan is to exfoliate and scrub away dead and dry skin. It is beneficial for your tan and can prevent rough skin and backne. 

Make sure you only exfoliate a post-cleansed body. Beauty Daily loves shower concentrates infused with aromatic essential oils. Think of it as your pre-tan procedure but with self-care.   

Pick between the invigorating ginger-infused Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate (perfect in the mornings) or the calming chamomile Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate (best at night). 

Now you’re ready to exfoliate. 

Experts say regular sloughing can increase skin product absorption up to 70%, so it makes sense to scrub from top-to-toe every week anyway. 

Use an exfoliating towel like this body polisher or a long-handled loofah to successfully exfoliate and reach your back. Pour a small amount of Exfoliating Body Scrub and gently rub your back. 

A thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated body would make a bump-free, clean and smooth canvas for your tan as it will blend and absorb more evenly. 

2. Moisturise:

(But not too much.) Here’s why:

If you skip this method and apply fake tan directly, the result might be patchy. However, do choose a non-greasy light lotion rather than an oil or rich cream, as this can go the other way and make the tan smear and not take hold of the skin.  

3. Self-Tan:

Or, if you want, a self-tanning hack you can do to simplify the moisturising and tanning step into one is to mix four to six Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body Tanning Drops. Combine with your preferred body care product. 

You can tailor it to your desired level of tan by increasing or lessening the number of drops. 

If you prefer a creamy or milky texture, go for the Self Tanning Milky Lotion. It glides like butter and melts instantly when applied. Thanks to the organic fig extract, it will leave your skin ultra-hydrated for the next 24 hours. 

Self Tanning Lotion

If you don’t like the iky feel of rich-cream textures, Self Tanning Instant Gel is your best option. This instant self-tanner has a fresh, light gel texture and doesn’t leave an oily feel. 

Top Tip: For the self-tanning milky lotion and self-tanning instant gel, the moisturising method will slightly change as both are easy to apply, unlike the tanning drops, which can’t be used alone. So make sure to moisturise after applying the tan. 

Here’s how to apply: 

  1. Start small: Use a small amount of product and gradually add more. This way, you can slowly build up your tan and easier to fix if you make a mistake.
  2. Tanning tools: To reach those difficult spots, use a back tanning applicator. If you want to DIY your way into it, get your tanning mitt and a long sturdy tool like a wooden spatula or body brush and attach them to give you an extra few centimetres of reaching power.
  3. It’s all about the strokes: Start at the centre of your back and slowly move outwards using long vertical strokes. This will ensure a smooth, golden glow from top to bottom. Finish off by blending the tan all over, so it’s flawless front to back. Allow the tan to dry before dressing.

Bookmark how to remove your fake tan when the time has come to get all the fake tan off. 

Beauty Daily recommends using a shea butter infused body cream like Moisture-Rich Body Lotion for prolonging your tan and making skin glow with good health – all sans the sun. 

Expecting but worrying if you can fake tan? Read Your Complete Pregnancy Safe Self-Tan Guide 

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