The Modern Guide To Men’s Grooming
The Modern Guide To Men’s Grooming

The Modern Guide To Men’s Grooming

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Maybe your routine needs a minor tweak, or you stumbled on this page because you require more of a new year, new guy overhaul when it comes to the men’s grooming department. 

Whatever your goal, let us tell you this: men’s grooming is not just about vanity – it’s about looking and feeling your best right now, whatever life stage and also about protecting what you’ve already got.  

1. Invest in a solid skincare routine

A decent skincare routine is the cornerstone of good grooming. Skincare is not just for women; it’s something everyone should be doing from an early age. 

After all, men are not exempt from the harmful environmental aggressors – you might be a superhero to your mum, children, pets, or friends – but the sun’s rays can still get you. Along with increased stress and not enough sleep, all the above can dull, age and weaken your skin. 

And even though you do have thicker skin, according to Clarins’ Training Manager Charlotte McHale, “Men not only have a dense epidermis, but they also can excrete more sebum. Sebum can clog pores, leading to breakouts and blemishes.” 

Men produce more testosterone than women, resulting in thicker and oilier skin. It’s also widely known that men have larger pore sizes due to DNA and the lack of appropriate skincare regimens. Men’s skin is also prone to under eye bags and puffiness. “Even though the eye area is the thinnest part of the face, the skin around a man’s eye is still slightly thicker. And as a result, the ingredients to help reduce under eye bags in men need to be slightly different,” adds McHale.

When looking for products, make sure to opt for a men’s skincare range like ClarinsMen, as these products are tested and tailored to men’s specific needs and concerns. 

Beauty Daily Pro Tip: There are two essential things to keep in mind when figuring out the proper skincare routine for you: skin type and skin concern. Check this comprehensive skincare guide for men to look dapper, polished and groomed with minimum effort.

2. Take SPF seriously

Don’t get us wrong; skincare is not all superficial. It can also prevent severe skin-related issues including sun damage. Don’t let sunburn fool you as it can lead to something serious. 

Health authorities say all types of sunburn, mild or serious, can cause irreversible skin damage such as turning pink or red, freckles and skin pigmentation. But even without a burn, sun exposure increases skin cancer risk.  

Did you know skin cancer is more prevalent in men than women? Statistics show men are twice as like­ly to be diag­nosed with melanoma (a serious form of skin can­cer) than women. The UK National Cancer Research Institute says the male skin cancer mortality rate has grown by 70% in 30 years.

The reason? Men seem to have less knowledge about the harmful effects of sun exposure and the importance of wearing sunscreen. Experts say men are often reluctant to ask other men for skincare advice or recommendations. 

Therefore, it’s natural that men are less likely to protect their skin from the sun, limit sun exposure or seek shade. But times are changing and the pandemic has paved the way for greater interest in skincare amongst men, with the male beauty industry set to rise by 2.2% in 2022, according to data from Euromonitor International. 

Before long days of sun exposure, coat your face and body with the right sunscreen as the last step of your men’s grooming routine. 

McHale advises finding a sunscreen with recommended SPF, “The higher the SPF, the better.” Opt for a water-resistant, invisible and non-oily formula – like the UV PLUS Anti-pollution, £34.

This offers complete daily protection regardless of how adventurous you are. Whether that be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, skiing in the French Alps, or shopping for weekend supplies. This is your best buddy and even if you sweat, it won’t sting your eyes.

3. Practice better beard care

We’ve just covered how men’s skin is more susceptible to shiny skin than women and here we are contradicting how men’s skin tends to dry out easily. So blame the shaving, not us!

According to skin experts, the act of shaving stresses the skin. It damages the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin’s surface and scrapes away its upper layers. As a result, it deprives the skin of its natural protection and ability to retain moisture. In addition, the skin resists the passage of the razor slightly, creating micro-injuries. 

This stress, repeated every day, ends up damaging the epidermis. As a result, top dermatologists suggest a four- or five-blade razor, which can help reduce irritation.After Shave Cream

Clarins beauty experts recommend applying an emollient facial cream post-shaving to combat ‘razor-stressed’ skin issues. Opt for a product that contains purslane, centella and blue alpine. These ingredients soothe any irritations or redness and protect against dehydration. Roberts adds that all the products in the ClarinsMen’s line have both “woody and citrus” scents.  

If you are keen on removing the peskiest hair that grows in the ears and nose, we suggest you go to a professional hair removal expert. Consult with your dermatologist first. 

You may invest in an ear and nose hair removal device. Some devices can even snip out unruly eyebrows with ease and efficiency. The market is filled with high-tech devices that can solve your problems. Like Braun’s 8-in-1 Styling Kit, £66.99, this no-fuss multi-functional product has loads of five-star ratings that can make the grimiest duty of hair removal seamless. 

Prune your nostrils, neaten your ears, and trim your beard with just one device. Never stick a tweezer or anything sharp into your actual ear canal. 

4. Want to know the key to the perfect shave?

Dermatologists say it’s not much about the gadgets or tools you use but more about your shaving preparation and technique

If you are looking for a great pre-shave cleanser, Jason Roberts, Clarins Training Manager, recommends a two-in-one exfoliating face scrub.

“It makes shaving easier, softens the beard and helps prevent ingrown hairs,” adding, “it also helps banish blackheads. It has exfoliating beads which have salicylic acid in them. It sounds scary, but it is a fantastic skincare ingredient that will give pores a deep-down clean.”

5. Take care of your nails and hands

Hands and nails are often neglected in skincare, not just in men’s grooming. It’s pretty surprising because they are responsible for the daily nitty-gritty and therefore need utmost care and TLC. Especially to the handyman you are- or aspire to be – making sure those hands and nails are in top condition is crucial. 

It is also worth mentioning that our hands are one of the body parts that easily reveal our age away with the sun to blame. Without proper care, age spots, wrinkles and other serious signs of ageing will start to take notice. To prevent this from happening, apply sunscreen to the backs of the hands in the morning, and use hand cream at least once a day ideally before bedtime and leave it overnight. 

ClarinsMen Active Hand Care, £18, is the first-hand care treatment formulated specifically for men. It is enriched with Pro-vitamin B5, which soothes and softens the skin. It also comes in a non-oily cream, ideal for combating skin stress caused by work, workouts and harsh weather. It’s like wearing invisible gloves and does not leave any greasy aftermath. 

6. Prioritise good oral health

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, men are more likely to neglect their oral health – increasing their risk for cavities, tooth loss and gum disease. So, unless you want to be toothless by the age of 50, practicing oral health is paramount. Dental experts suggest changing the toothbrush every three months to avoid bacteria build-up and fungal growth and, if possible, opt for an electric one. 

The Oral Health Foundation says people who use an electric toothbrush have healthier gums, less tooth decay, and keep their teeth for longer than those who use a manual toothbrush. Oral-B iO8 Black Electric Toothbrush, £450, uses artificial intelligence that recognizes your brushing style and guides you so you never miss a spot. 

Philips’ DiamondClean 9000, £219.99, on the other hand has a built-in smart sensor that lets you know when you’re using too much pressure. They also provide a personalised Progress Report via the Sonicare app, that helps you stay on track and see how much you’ve improved over time. 

Also, an excellent oral health routine would not be complete without using an interdental brush or floss once a day.

The NHS recommends brushing for two minutes, twice a day, with fluoride toothpaste. 

7. Pick your signature scent

When it comes to men’s fragrance, there are a plethora of manly scents that capture every mood but make sure you steer clear of toxic ingredients such as petrochemicals and phthalates. Find out about more clean and natural fragrances here. 

Try the energising scent of Eau Dynamisante, £26, Winner of Best Energising Scent at the Zest Smart Beauty Awards 2013, it is a must-have product on every man’s vanity shelf. 

Anne Lora Scagliusi, Beauty Daily Beauty & Wellness Writer says: “I can attest to how my husband found refuge in this fragrance. In between work, he’d liberally spray Eau Dynamisante and massage some to his neck to soothe muscle tensions. It helps get him through the busyness of the day.” 

These treatment fragrances are also skin-friendly – spray straight onto your skin post-shower and reap the essential-oil benefits. 

8. Lastly? Check into a male-friendly spa:

If you’ve pushed hard at the gym or simply looking for a perfect way to relax after a long day mulled by activities, Clarins certified therapists recommend booking a Deep Tissue Massage. 

This 60-minute intense skin treatment for men eases shoulder tension, back knots, and aches. They use aromatic essential oils to help relieve stress. If you want to pack a serious anti-ageing punch, try the 70-minute Youth Expert facial. For more advice on looking after your skin, read our Men’s skincare FAQs.

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