How Manifestation Can Help You Achieve Your Best Life  
How Manifestation Can Help You Achieve Your Best Life  

How Manifestation Can Help You Achieve Your Best Life  

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When the pandemic hit, a universal ‘uncertainty’ and ‘fear’ swept across the world. Most of us turned into powers far greater than ourselves: some relied on the strength of meditation, and some started mastering how to manifest 

While spirituality and manifestation are not new, they exist throughout major religions. The concept of ‘law of attraction’ itself was the core principle of the 19th century New Thought Movement. Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 bestseller The Secret made it mainstream, claiming that you can have, be, or do anything you want. All you must do is: “ask, believe, and receive.” 

Today, it has got a new name, ‘manifestation’, which has become a buzzword among millennials and Gen-Z, particularly across social media dwellers. The age-old practice is now being revived thanks to short-video platform giant TikTok. As we speak, the “manifestation” hashtag has 16 billion and counting views on the platform. 

Google Trends reported a peak in searches for “manifestation” and within the past 22 months, the website Life Coach Directory has seen a 450% rise in potential clients searching for manifestation techniques.  

So, what is manifestation, and does it work?  

Beauty Daily sat down with Spiritual Guide and Manifestation Expert Giselle La Pompe-Moore, author of Take It In: Do The Inner Work. Create Your Best Damn life to walk us through how to manifest anything you desire or dream– money, love, and perhaps even a healthier skin and body 


What is manifestation?

“Manifesting is based on the belief that our thoughts and intentions can materialise into physical form and that we have the ability to create our reality,” La Pompe-Moore explains. 

Some people dismiss manifestation as wishful thinking, others as complete nonsense. However, research backs the idea that ‘positive thinking’ can lead to a happier life. For example, a 2005 research review found that people who practise optimism were more likely to enjoy increased levels of success in health, work, and relationships. 

Experts say one must remember that there are three things to consider when manifesting.   

Things we influence (people around us, the planet, career, friendships, eating well, exercise). 

Things over which we have no control (the families we were born into, earthquakes, illness, and pandemics). 

Things we control (how you feel or think about yourself).  

No one can choose your thoughts or actions; those are yours alone.  

Cue: manifestation! 

“Manifestation needs to be less ‘one size fits all’ and take our real experiences and life circumstances into consideration, including trauma, race, poverty, self-criticism, and fear.  

Manifesting is a side effect of doing the inner work, where we change how we see and respond to the outer world. We can then be more intentional about manifesting the tangible experiences and things that will add pleasure, purpose, and ease to our lives. It shouldn’t only be about getting the dream house and long lists of things you can buy, but how you want to see yourself and the world around you.”  

How Do I Start Manifesting?

We already know the concept of “ask, believe, and receive.” However, when it comes to manifesting, it is important to evaluate what you’re asking for and to eliminate things that might hinder you from receiving it. 

1. Evaluate your dreams and desires. Is it short or long term?   

“When you have a goal in mind, focus on how you want it to make you feel first. Then, check in to see if it’s an authentic desire or based on other people’s expectations.”  

2. Work on your pre-existing beliefs 

New research has found that pre-existing self-beliefs may stop people from following their true passions.  

“Figuring out your fears, doubts, beliefs, and experiences that you carry might make you believe that the goal you’re after isn’t possible for you.  

If your goal is to get a promotion at work, it might be that. What you need to work on is making peace with the jobs that have let you down in the past or a belief that you are not good enough,” La Pompe-Moore says.  

3. Go into self-introspection  

“You can ask in your journal: where did these thoughts come from? And, if the doubts or worries you have are true. Then, you’ll quickly see that there is no actual evidence that you are not good enough; you are more than good enough.”   

Experts say that what you think directly influences how you feel and how you behave, so if you have a negative assumption about yourself, it leads to feeling discouraged and making less effort. That lack of action prevents you from getting what you aspire for, such as a promotion. So, if the goal is to be the best version of yourself, it requires editing existing beliefs.    

4. Plan of action

Even though manifestation is turning thoughts into things, you must take proactive steps toward whatever you desire, so do not expect change overnight.  

When you’re sure what your hopes, dreams, and goals are, you need to ask the universe for what you want.  

This can be done in numerous ways: prayer, meditation, visualisation, speaking your intentions out loud, or a vision board, but you need to say what you want.    

Some people manifest with crystals, while others use the 369 manifestation method. You write down what you want or affirmations in the following order: three times in the morning, six times during the day and nine times in the evening.    

“Use different practices to help you work through your plans to help get what you want. This will look different for everyone; it might be writing a list of all the reasons you deserve the promotion, letting go of things from the past, connecting to your intuition or challenging yourself to speak to new people to boost your confidence.” 

Some manifestation tools you can use

Manifestation journals  

Manifestation Journal

There are a bunch of wellness journals in the market that can get you started with your manifestation journey. We love this 192 Pages of Wellness £26 by Papier or this Manifestation Journal £16.50 by The Sun & My Soul Self-Care Club. 

Essential oils 

Eau Extraordinaire

Did you know essential oils work wonderfully when paired with the practice of manifestation? Yes. Experts say fragrances often link to powerful emotions, memories, and experiences. Grounding essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender or cedarwood are said to encourage to promote inner strength for the mind and body.   

Beauty Daily recommends a spritz of Eau Extraordinaire to set your ‘manifesting’ mood. This treatment fragrance has grounding essential oils, like cedarwood and uplifting, mood-boosting notes like Jasmine, Patchouli, Red Ginger, and a sparkling twist of citrus which is an excellent choice for those feeling disconnected and unmotivated and leaves you inspired and confident. 


Frankincense Candle

Another powerful aroma that can dispel negative feelings and balance your mood is Frankincense. This essential oil is proven to enhance spirituality and help achieve a quiet, open and uplifted state of mind.   

Lighting up a candle is also a nice touch to set up your mood while you manifest.  

We love this vegan and cruelty-free Nooraa  Roam – Frankincense Candle. It has strong woody notes from the cedar, aromatic notes from the Frankincense and a touch of spice from the lemon.    

Can you manifest clear skin?    

The power of the positive mind can undoubtedly help you overcome some of life’s hurdles and it’s good to remember that the ‘mind-skin connection’ exists, where the brain processes feelings and the body is the physical manifestation of them   

La Pompe-Moore says: “When you are spending more time getting to know your skin, being grateful for the incredible role it plays as the largest organ in our body and working on stress-reduction in all areas of your life, then how you feel in your entire life changes, which goes beyond just the physical.”  

However, there are limitations. It’s doubtful you can only manifest your way to good skin – there are many factors like DNA, diet, lifestyle, and skincare regimen at play.   

“Focusing on being at peace and acceptance with the skin you’re in, in manifesting practise will change how you appear in general and when we do this inner work, we can see external results, but the physical change shouldn’t be your only focus, it can, however, be the side effect.”  

When is the best time to manifest?

Experts say manifesting right before you fall asleep is a wonderful time to visualise your dream life, but La Pompe-Moore says manifesting should be a perspective shift and way of living.  

“You can take some time each day to check-in and connect to yourself and inquire about what you’re feeling, what you’re working on and what you’re craving,” she says.  

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Take It In

Check Giselle La Pompe-Moore’s book Take It In: Do The Inner Work. Create Your Best Damn Life here 

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