Black Nail Designs Inspired By Wednesday Addams
Black Nail Designs Inspired By Wednesday Addams

Black Nail Designs Inspired By Wednesday Addams

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Did you fall in love with Wednesday Addams’s soft goth look? Black nail designs, ebony hair and liner with dark berry lips, and not forgetting that edgy TikTok dance too. This Head-to-toe black ensemble, accessorised with attitude, feels liberating and very now. It’s definitely the antithesis of Barbiecore pink.  

If you fall into the soft goth camp or want to introduce some dark side drama, read on to find out how you ‘nail’ the details. From simple short nail tips and ideas to long, overly styled claws, a goth style might be your new go-to.  

Why are black nails trending?  

Black nail polish has gained popularity over the years and is now a staple on both the runway and the streets. A far cry from our usual go-to neutral nails, this shade is a mixture of classy and bold, as usually black isn’t the immediate choice when you go to the salon. Black nails are stylish, blend effortlessly with any aesthetic and outfit, and offer a little rebel chic to any look. So, read on to rock some black nail designs this season.  

The 15 Trendiest Black Nail Designs For Any Style 

1. Matte with Shiny Black Tip Nail Designs 

Matte with Shiny Black Tip Nail Design


Let’s start with a black-on-black nail design. This dark manicure blends matte body with a glossy black tip. This classy choice will have you ready for your next business. And by business, we mean “séance”. 

2. Black Flowers For You 

Black Flower nail design 

If you‘re looking for simple black nail designs to wear daily at work and out with the girls, this floral nail art is for you. Glossy black nails alternated with black petals take flowery nails to the next level.  

3. Black & Gold 

Black & Gold nail art design

We love dancing to Black & Gold, and we love this classic colour combination. You can experiment with these two shades and recreate different shapes with gold foil. From simple marble texture to golden stars on a black sky, your nails are the canvas.  

4. Butterfly Nails 

black butterfly nail art design


This is one for edgy black nail design lovers. This two-fingers nail art recreates beautiful wings decorated with silver and gold gems. Ask for this if your heart is less goth. 

5. Coffin Nails 

black coffin nails


This type of nail is ‘stiletto’, but with a square tip, favoured by Rihanna and Dua Lipa – they can make the fingers look longer and more elegant. So whether you choose full black or more sparkly art with glitter – Wednesday Addams would approve. 

6. Leopard Short Black Nails Designs 

Leopard Short Black Nail design


Short nails are everyone’s best friends: always in vogue, low maintenance and versatile. You can rock short black nails and add a bit of spice with trendy patterns like a leopard one. Low maintenance, short nail manicure tips will keep hands looking younger and neater.    

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7. Little Hearts 

Black nail polish with white hearts nail art


Make your black nails softer with a colourful or white accent. You can choose any design, but these little hearts are too cute to pass on. 

8. I Spy With My Little Eye 

eye nail art


This black nail design is simple yet charming. The eye detail on each nail takes this black French manicure to another level.  

9. Trippy 

RGB effect checkered black and white nail design


A checkered pattern is cool, but this RGB effect makes it next level. It might take a bit longer to achieve, but it’s worth the effort. 

10. Yin & Yang 

Yin & Yang black and white nail polish nail design


Harmony and love are guaranteed with this black nail design featuring white accents to recreate the yin and yang symbol. For zen hands. 

11. Red and Black  

red ombre nail design


Red and black nail designs are all the rage, as these two colours go hand in hand literally. You can go for a classic ombre nail or a ghoulish look with red dripping into black. 

12. Comics Nails 

comic nail design

@ veronikaanails_ 

If you’re looking for cute black nail designs, this comics-inspired look is for you. Combining nude and black nail polish, it’s classic and fun at the same time.  

13. Black Smoke 

black smoke nail art design 

We are obsessed with this black smoke nail art. So simple yet so aesthetic; you will mesmerise with a touch.  

14. Neon  

spooky neon nail art design


Don’t scroll past this black and neon nail design. A bit spooky, a bit Berlin club scene, it’s the perfect combo for your festival season nails. 

15. Glitter Black Nail Designs 

Glitter Black Nail Design


This round-up of the most stylish black nail designs can’t end but with glitter. Sparkles go with any outfit and colours, so if you’re feeling bubbly, add a bit of glitter to your nail art to make it immediately party-time. 

Make sure you take care of your nails 

Your manicure needs healthy hands and nails to shine. So ensure you take care of them using a moisturising treatment like Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Balm. Its Baobab and Shea Butter formula keeps your skin hydrated and soft while strengthening your nails to be nail art-proof. 

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Do dark nails make you look older?  

It’s about finding the right ‘black’ or ‘dark hue’ for your skin tone. Depending on the design or shape, you can rock black at any age and look fierce or sophisticated. If a hard black doesn’t flatter – then opt for a deep, dark red, brown or inky blue.  

Do black nails look classy? 

Yes, black is a neutral tone and works with any other colour. It’s a safe and versatile manicure option to go for. 

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