The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes To Invest In Now
The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes To Invest In Now

The Best Facial Cleansing Brushes To Invest In Now

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We’ve all heard the hype around facial cleansing brushes, promising to cleanse, buff and exfoliate complexions into perfection, but are they worth it? Of course, a good cleanse is the cornerstone of a great skincare routine, but layer upon layer of SPF, dirt, oil, and make-up can be tough to remove effectively, and that’s where facial brushes for cleansing come into play.

What are facial cleansing brushes?

Facial cleansing brushes are little devices that usually employ a battery-operated motor to move the brush head, typically in circular motions. As the brush works its way around your face, it removes make-up and dirt, covering the ground more quickly than you can manage with your hands alone. Plus, they sweep up dead skin cells and anything else loitering on the surface of your skin, robbing you of glow. Their power lies in the constant pressure they apply, leaving your skin so well exfoliated the skincare you later use will be absorbed more easily. They also help improve circulation, reducing fluid build-up in your face (especially good for post-partying or plane journeys) and leaving you looking more sculpted.

Are there different types?

Are facial cleansing brushes worth it? First, it’s worth considering many different market types, varying to different skincare needs. For example, traditional bristle heads may be too intense for sensitive or delicate skin, whereas a silicone brush is an excellent, gentler alternative. You can also find brush heads made from nylon or charcoal; the technology can vary. One of the most popular varieties of facial cleansing brushes is sonic, meaning they utilise vibration (or oscillation) instead of rotation to cleanse your skin. As a result, they cleanse deeply without exfoliating too harshly, which is a blessing for those with sensitive skin.

Best facial cleansing brushes

No7 Radiant Results Revitalising Sonic Action Cleansing Brush, £29.95

no.7 cleansing brush

This sonic cleansing brush promises to cleanse skin three times more effective than the manual alternative.

Clarisonic Mia Smart, £130


One of the most recognisable brands in the facial cleansing brush game, this nifty gadget will remove dirt, oil and make-up 85% better than a wipe.

Magnitone Barefaced 2 Vibra-Sonic Cleansing and Toning Brush, £90


Brighten and tighten your complexion with this two-headed brush, one for cleansing and one for toning.

Foreo Luna 3 Sonic Facial Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Massager, £189


Utilising sonic technology and a silicone head, this cleansing brush is perfect for sensitive or more mature faces.

PMD Clean Pro RQ, £165


Using heat therapy, this (very pretty) cleansing brush promises to firm and tone, plus reduce tension and inflammation.

Are facial cleansing brushes worth it?

There are both pros and cons to facial cleansing brushes, with dermatologists emphasising the importance of both sides of the coin. The shining star in their toolbox is their ability to easily lift off dead skin cells on your skin’s surface, making it look dry and dull. They also stimulate cell regeneration and boost blood circulation, which is the key to younger and firmer-looking skin. Also, well-exfoliated skin better absorbs the skincare that follows.

They’re also much gentler than manual exfoliators, which can rip or tear your skin. If you’re a heavy make-up wearer, then facial cleansing brushes are one of the best ways to cleanse your face, pulling out every last drop of dirt or make-up loitering in your pores. There’s also some pretty impressive research that shows they are particularly effective for acne sufferers, with 76% of a test group affirming that their mild-to-moderate acne and acne-prone skin had significantly cleared after use. However, another school of thought urges those with acne-prone skin to tread cautiously. The bristles can easily pick up bacteria from breakouts and spread it to new parts of your face, effectively causing your acne to worsen.

Is it good to use a facial cleansing brush every day?

While it’s perfectly possible to use a facial cleansing brush daily, it’s essential to talk about the potential negatives and those who would be better off limiting their use. If you have sensitive skin, it’s better to err on caution as the bristles can exacerbate or irritate delicate skin. Slowly introduce a facial cleansing brush into your routine and retire it at the first sign of redness or irritation.

It’s also possible to overuse your facial cleansing brushes, which can cause microabrasions, leaving your skin sore and inflamed. If your skin is starting to react badly to your facial cleansing brush, rest it for at least a couple of days before slowly reintroducing it. As well as feelings of discomfort, overuse can also disrupt your precious skin barrier, which can result in increased oil production. On the other end of the skincare spectrum, dryness is also a common side effect of overuse. Plus, the more melanin you have in your skin, the higher the chance of discolouration when using physical exfoliation. So, tread carefully and pay close attention to your skin’s reaction.

Are they suitable for older skin?

Many people need clarification on whether facial cleansing brushes suit older skin. Those with more mature skin are more likely to suffer from dryness, which can be exacerbated by a facial cleansing brush. A silicone brush will be gentler and look for a variety with a lower setting. Lastly, be sure not to skip the moisturiser step, opting for something rich and creamy like Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream to keep skin soft and supple.

How to clean a facial cleansing brush

It’s very important to keep your cleansing brush clean to prevent the spreading of dirt and bacteria onto your face. Rinse thoroughly after each use, and every one to two weeks, unscrew and remove the head of the brush, apply a good dollop of soap and give it a good wash before rinsing with warm water.

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