Lip Oil: The Multitasker That Delivers Hydration And Shine
Lip Oil: The Multitasker That Delivers Hydration And Shine

Lip Oil: The Multitasker That Delivers Hydration And Shine

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Lip oils are trending, and we know why. They embody what we’re all looking for in our make-up right now. The clean, glossy aesthetic is taking over – our social feeds are bursting with imagery of dewy skin and shiny, hydrated lips. But now, we also want our make-up to deliver care along with colour. Which is why lip oils are the perfect package.

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What makes lip oil special?

Have you ever investigated the ingredients label on a lip gloss tube? Most of us haven’t, because for years, we didn’t really care about the ingredients in our make-up products.  

“People don’t tend to think too much about the ingredients in a make-up product because make-up gives an instant result,” says Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager. “You’ve got to like the way it looks before you care about what’s in it. But lip oils have shown that it’s possible for brands to do both. And especially for high-end brands, this should be non-negotiable.” 

With a lip oil, you’re still getting the colour and the shine. But, instead of being sticky and gloopy, it feels comfortable and moisturising. 

Tip: Lip oils are great for anyone who has fine lines above the lip as they deliver loads of hydration and also give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips.

“As a brand, creating a product just for its aesthetic quality isn’t good enough,” says McHale. “We want our customers to have high quality in terms of aesthetics but without having to compromise on the ingredients and benefits to the skin.”

5 best lip oil products to buy

1. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins tinted lip oil

65 years of expertise in plant oils led Clarins to create the OG Lip Comfort Oils, £20 that paved the way for so many others.  

McHale explains: “We started working with plant oils in the 1950s, so we really know what works. We use hazelnut oil that’s rich in vitamin E and sweet briar oil that’s really hydrating for the lips, and not often used in cosmetics.” 

She elaborates: “These are not necessarily the cheapest ingredients. It would be super easy to throw mineral oil in the formula and get the same sheen. But as a brand we know that there’s a lot of competition when it comes to make-up. You can get a lip gloss for pence nowadays. But what you’re putting on your lips should be good quality. And we don’t think our customers should compromise on the quality of a product, just because it’s make-up.”

2. Ilia Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil

Ilia pink lip oil

The Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil, £24 by Ilia is more pigmented than most lip oils. It comes in six flattering neutral shades – from pinky nudes to soft mauves. The non-sticky formula also contains plumping hyaluronic acid to keep the lips soft and moisturised. 

3. Versed Silk Slip Conditioning Tinted Lip Oil

Versed lip oil tube

These little tubes by Versed remind of us old-school lip gloss. But instead of a gloopy gel, the nostalgic tubes carry nourishing, vitamin-E-enriched lip oils. The Silk Slip Conditioning Tinted Lip Oils, £7.99 come in just three shades, but they’re sheer so you’ll definitely find one to suit your skin tone.

4. Gisou Lip Oil

Gisou lip oil

What makes the Gisou Lip Oil, £24 special? First, the adorable packaging. Second, the lip oil formula contains two hydration heroes: hyaluronic acid and honey. Together, along with other nourishing ingredients, this oil keeps the lips moisturised for long hours.

5. Coola Classic Liplux Oil

Coola lip oil with SPF

If you’re spending the day outdoors and can’t bear to ditch your lip oil, try this one. Not only does Coola’s Classic Liplux Oil  £18 give you a beautiful sheen, but it also offers broad spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection. The formula also contains camellia oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

4 ways to wear a lip oil

1. On bare lips

Apply a clear or tinted lip oil on bare lips for an effortless sheen that feels comfortable. They’re easy to reapply and will easily fit into back pockets or tiny purses.

2. As a lip mask

If your lip oil is packed with nourishing ingredients, why not let it work its magic overnight? Before bed, gently exfoliate your lips with a scrub or a damp towel (McHale recommends the Comfort Scrub, £26 for lips too) and then apply a lip oil.

To preserve your sheets, choose a colourless formula.

3. Over lipstick

Create a bold, glossy lip by layering your lip oil over a lipstick. For a long-wearing finish, choose a matte lipstick or lip liner as your first layer before adding two coats of lip oil.

4. On the cheeks

“I think it’s quite cute to put a little bit on the cheek,” says McHale. “It can really give you a very editorial, glossy cheek look. And if you choose a tinted one you get some colour too.”

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