Sweat-Proof, Long-Lasting Make-up For The Hot Days Ahead
Sweat-Proof, Long-Lasting Make-up For The Hot Days Ahead

Sweat-Proof, Long-Lasting Make-up For The Hot Days Ahead

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Ah, Summer is arguably the most delightful time of the year, but throwing in heat, humidity, a full face of cosmetics, and the desperate scrabble to sweat-proof your make-up can seem impossible.

We’re all familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of foundation caking on a sweaty top lip or trying to discreetly sweep away the tell-tale black marks of melted mascara. It happens to the best of us, whether on holiday, at a wedding, or just emerging from the hot box that is public transport. But don’t panic, there is a better way! We have all the tips and tricks to heatproof your make-up and keep you looking flawless, no matter the weather.


Start with skincare

Before you even consider raising a droplet of make-up to your face, heat-proofing your handiwork starts with skincare. Elaborate routines are lovely, but it’s better to stay simple on a hot day. Likewise, weighty products should be avoided; opt for light water-based or gel moisturisers instead; they will leave a soft and clean base for your make-up to cling onto.

While for some, it may be tempting to skip moisturiser in summer, hydration plays an essential role in keeping your make-up in place. Without a moisturiser, your skin will fear it’s getting too dry and ramp up its oil production to compensate. So wait until your moisturiser is completely absorbed before adding your SPF.

Try: Clarins Hydra-Essential Cooling Gel

heatwave makeup

Remain cool

It might seem obvious, but trying to apply make-up to a hot face will do you no favours. Splash your face with clean cold water before getting started, and throw those windows open. You can keep toner in the fridge for an extra refreshing blast if needed. And when on the go, sling a mini fan and a facial mist into your handbag – it’s a saviour when hot-footing it around town.

Prime time

Often dismissed as an unnecessary extra step, a primer with good grip is worth its weight in gold in the summertime. A waterproof or matte primer will keep everything in its place, helping to keep the surface of your skin smooth, supple, and sweat-free.

Make your base last all-day

Begone extra thick full coverage foundation; you have no place here. Lightweight products are the name of the game, simply because less make-up means less product that can potentially melt off. A tinted moisturiser doubles brilliantly as a sweat-proof foundation. And only apply concealer where it is needed: under the eyes, around the nose and on any spots or blemishes you would rather cover up. You’re looking for formulas that are densely pigmented but light.

Consider opting for silicone-based products, as the silicone will act as a film between your skin and the elements, so humidity can’t wreak havoc. Another neat trick is to apply your base make-up in thin layers, letting each layer dry before continuing with the next. Make-up brushes or a beauty blender also come in handy when fingers might be a touch hot and sweaty for the task.

Also, opt for double-duty products. SOS Primer UV SPF30 helps make-up cling on and offers decent sun protection too.

summer makeup primer

Try: SOS Primer UV SPF30


Employ powder

A love-or-hate product for many make-up enthusiasts, powder has earned its rightful place in your summer beauty arsenal. A light dusting of translucent loose powder with a fluffy brush over anywhere that may become sweaty or greasy (the nose, forehead, upper lip, and chin) will stop your make-up budging. Plus, a gentle tap of powder under the lower lash line will help prevent mascara from melting and running.

For those who cannot pledge allegiance to powder, why not pack blotting papers instead? A quick and gentle pat will absorb any sweat or oil from your face without moving or removing your make-up.

DHC blotting Powder

Try: DHC Facial Oil Blotting Paper


Set the scene

Once the handbag staple of 24-hour party people, a setting spray can lend a helpful hand in daylight hours too. They work by providing a protective layer over your make-up, blending and softening areas where you may have been a little heavy-handed with your product. Give yourself a good spritz post-make-up, and let it dry completely before leaving the house. Another neat trick is to spritz in-between each layer of your foundation and concealer for a seriously hardwearing heatproof base.

Fix' Make-Up mist

Try: Fix’ Make-Up Mist 

Adapt your formulas 

Summer means it’s time to re-evaluate your formulas. Lip tints and stains won’t melt and merge, unlike traditional lipsticks. Likewise, when reaching for your eyeshadow palette, remember that sweat-plus-powder will create something akin to a paste, so stay safe and stick to creams instead and think liquid liner over a soft smudgy pencil.

When it comes to blush – choose a stain or a highly pigmented product, which will have much more vigorous staying power. Again, a very light dusting of loose powder will set it in place.

Make-up artists that have to prep the A-list for red carpet events tend to take a layering approach. So, the first coat of colour, then a touch of powder, and then repeat. A very light hand is needed – but this buildable technique means longevity.

long-lasting blusher

Try: Joli Blush

If you can’t be parted from your beloved lipstick no matter the time of year, opt for a matte formulation, apply, blot well and gently pat some powder atop your pout. Or a more comfortable option is a non-sticky gloss that melts away natural instead of some sticks that will leave a tell-tale ‘ring’ of lipstick around your mouth with nothing left in the middle. 

Try: Clarins Lip Comfort Oil


Waterproof mascara hack 

Waterproof mascaras aren’t for everybody, and the rigamarole of trying to remove them at the end of the day can be irritating (and annoying). So if you’re firmly in that camp, consider simply adding a waterproof top coat to your favourite formulas, so you don’t have to compromise on curl and finish (or spend precious minutes at the end of the day scrubbing it off.)


While an Aperol Spritz may be the more tempting option in summer, drink plenty of water when out and about in the hot sun. Not only is it vitally important for your skin’s health, but keeping your body hydrated and cool also means less sweating, so it’s a win-win.

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