The Easy Graphic Eyeliner Looks To Try Now
The Easy Graphic Eyeliner Looks To Try Now

The Easy Graphic Eyeliner Looks To Try Now

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Want to spice up your liner looks? Then you could try ‘graphic eyeliner‘. Whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to creating dramatic eye looks or still require practice, social media is now brimming with inspirational graphic eye looks that anyone can try. Here, we round up the most effortless graphic eyeliner looks you can try at home – no make-up artist required.

The Double Cat Wing Graphic Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes 

Make the double cat wing your new go-to if you want to give your hooded lids a lifted look. This look consists of the feline flick you know and love, with an additional, more subtle wing flicking up from the end of your lower lash line towards your brow. If you use a liquid liner for your top lid, try a softer shade or finish on the bottom to create the illusion of a shadow rather than a bold, exaggerated look. 

graphic liner

TRY: Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil in Chestnut, £19.50 

The Extended Feline Flick 

To add some drama to your cat eye, try bringing your liner flick back into your eye socket, either on the ends or on the inner corners. This look adds more definition to your eye and shows off your intricate graphic eyeliner skills. 

extended flick

TRY: KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black, £19  

Eyeliner Gems 

Who said you have to use eyeliner to create a graphic eyeliner look? Instead, invest in some small skin-friendly gems that you can place along any part of your eye where you can create the illusion of a line. This method is great for anyone that needs a steady hand for applying liquid or pencil liner.  

diamond liner

TRY: In Your Dreams Face and Body Jewels, £6

Graphic Colour 

Are you bored with black liner? Try spicing things up with a bit of colour. Be as daring or subtle as you like, freestyling on your lids to create an angular effect.  

graphic liner

TRY: Stila Stay All Day Dual-Ended Liquid Eye Liner in Tequila Sunrise, £23   

The Triple Whammy 

Because sometimes, one wing isn’t enough! Use a liquid liner to repeat your feline flick twice or three times, gravitating upwards towards your eyebrows for maximum impact.  

tripe liner

Glitter Liner 

Add a slick of glitter to your upper or lower lash lines for an easy, glam look that’s perfect for party season.  

glitter liner

TRY: Illamasqua Precision Ink, £21 


How to do Graphic Eyeliner?  

There are no rules when it comes to graphic eyeliner! You can be as creative or basic as you want – keep a cotton bud, micellar water, or eye make-up remover on hand to sharpen up any smudged areas.  

How to do Graphic Eyeliner with Eyeshadow  

Did you know that you can transform your eyeshadow into eyeliner? Use a mixing medium, such as Trish Mcevoy Finish Line, to take your eyeshadow from a powder to a liquid before using an eyeliner brush to create any liner design you fancy. 

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