The Biggest Summer Make-up Trends to Try in 2022
The Biggest Summer Make-up Trends to Try in 2022

The Biggest Summer Make-up Trends to Try in 2022

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From embellished eyes to otherworldly pouts, here’s how to stand out with the biggest summer’s make-up looks to try now.

The first sight of the summer sun, and here you are ditching the opaques and searching for the latest summer make-up looks. The spring/summer 2022 beauty mood conjures pure joy – from hedonistic styles taken from music festivals to the 70s nod to Studio 54 – along with pastel shadows and some pretty blusher trends to behold.  

After the pandemic, where make-up wearing plummeted – here’s the 12 summer make-up as it appears it’s back with a bang! Are you ready? 

Summer eye make-up:

1. Bright neon eyeshadow:

Bright Neon Eyeshadow
What make-up is in for 2022? Neon beauty is having a moment and the pop star in you is about to have her moment. Don’t mess this up and go overboard.

The key to this look, according to the pros, is to pick the most shocking, fluorescent shade of them all; think hot pink, lime green, tangerine or electric blue and the rest of the face has to be kept to a bare minimum. No blush needed.

Keep the colour concentrated on the inner and outer corners of the eye. Apply eyeshadow using a wet brush to make colours more intense and increase longevity.

2. Double-winged eyes:

Double Winged Eyes

A summer eye make-up trend that’s also having its moment is the ultra-futuristic, perfectly spaced-out flicks. Make sure to use graphic ink eyeliner for ultra-precise lines.

3. Graphic liner:

Pastel Graphic Liner Instagram: @charlieriddle

If you want to spruce up your everyday look, switch your black eyeliner with vibrant neon, pretty pastel or metallic eyeliners. Experiment with a more complex and creative look, draw some funky lines – you can use a lighter shade of liner and inject some dazzle with a highly-pigmented eye shadow colour with shimmer for a 3-D effect.

4. Tonal face:

Tonal Face Instagram: @madelyncline

Fancy some romantic sunset eyes, lips and cheeks? This look is both fresh and glamorous. Experts suggest dipping your brush in bronze, pink and coral shades and apply to your lids and up towards the brow bone and a sweep over the cheeks. Apply the same shade of lip colour to keep the make-up all the same hue.

5. Embellished eyes:

Embellished eyes Instagram: @etro

If you want to literally bedazzle every single soul you make eye contact with, this one’s for you. You just need to dot crystals or pearls around, under, or corners of the eyes (whichever you fancy) using eyelash glue and tweezers. Too much for you? Then go for a halo effect with some stardust-hued glitter at the inner corners of the eyes.

6. Glossy lids:

Glossy lids

This is easier to wear than the wet-face trend of last season. Take a soft shimmery shadow and apply to lids and in the banane – then dab a little oil or gloss in the centre of the lid to give an eye-opening effect.

Sunny blush:

7.  Statement blush:

Statement blush

Apply the blush not only on the apples of your cheeks but on the temples and over the lids as well.

Hot lips:

8. Classic red lips:

Classic Red Lips

It’s called a classic red lip for a reason; it just never goes out of fashion. Find your perfect shade of red something like Clarins Joli Rouge in Rouge shade. It’s a universally flattering shade of red that works best with any skin tone. Pair with a bare, fresh face.

9. Diffused lips:

Diffused Lips

Petal-like, dainty diffused lips are on-trend and a great option if you’re wearing a mask and are afraid of big bold colour. To achieve the effect, experts suggest tracing the inside of the lips with a lip pencil and blending the colour outward, smudging for a just-bitten look.

10. Glossy lips:

Glossy Lips

The revival of the lip gloss screams 90s nostalgia. Notably, it’s nude shades that are packing the coolest punch. Try outlined lips filled in with  soft shiny neutral gloss – you’ll be on-trend as there was a whopping 600% increase in searches for the combo, so stock up now.

11. Glam grunge:

Glam Grunge

We all have our modes. If one day you don’t feel all whimsical, ditch the neons and pastels with a glam grunge look.

This make-up trend is quite heavy on the lips. The darker the pigment, the better. Go for deep stains and nudes, dark berries, disco purple or straight-up gothic black. Something like Joli Rouge Velvet in Plum would give you this look instantly. If you want a bit of shine, layer with Lip Comfort Oil in Blackberry.

12. Brown lips:

Brown Lips

More 90s make-up trends coming your way with the fully filled-in chocolate brown lip. Try Lip Comfort Oil Intense in Nude Brick would be a great choice for that supermodel-esq sheen.

How to keep make-up fresh in summer?

Just spritz Fix’ Make-Up spray all over your face for a gorgeous glow that lasts. This light and refreshing mist is enriched with all the moisturising ingredients you love: aloe vera and allantoin. It also has the Clarins’ anti-pollution complex protecting your skin from environmental aggressors.

Beauty Daily Pro Tip: The secret to fresh make-up is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated skin. Make sure to prep the skin first with your normal skincare routine and don’t forget to put sunscreen with the right SPF during the day.

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