Best Lengthening Mascara For Fluttery Lashes
Best Lengthening Mascara For Fluttery Lashes

Best Lengthening Mascara For Fluttery Lashes

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Forever in search of the best lengthening mascara? Nothing quite finishes off a make-up look like bold, long lashes — and if you’re not a dab hand at applying the fluttery glue-on type, a lengthening mascara is a must-have in your beauty repertoire

Whether you like long and thick lashes or just some subtle flutter, we’ve picked some of the best lash extending mascaras on the market that are worth eyeing up… 

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What is a lengthening mascara? 

Lengthening mascaras elongate lashes by building them up with clump-free pigment. This type of mascara usually gives lashes a glossy finish, and sometimes contains ‘lash fibres’ (tiny fibres that cling onto the natural lash when the mascara is applied). The aim of the lash fibres is to build on length and volume, creating a thicker, longer and more exaggerated look. 

Most lengthening mascaras have an anti-clump formula, as clumps tend to make lashes appear bulky and can weigh them down. It’s important for a lengthening mascara to coat lashes lightly in order to extend length and add a touch of volume. If the roots of the lashes are too thick, the lashes become too heavy to reach their full-length potential. Lengthening mascaras are best for people who have naturally short lashes, and usually have a comb-like brush that helps to cling on to every lash from root to tip. Others have wands with pointed tips, that can be used to add more length to the ends of lashes. 

Volumising mascaras, however, focus on adding thickness to the lashes perfect if you’re wanting to create a dramatic, ‘false lash’ effect. If you have sparser, thinner lashes, you might want to consider this option to get your lashes looking more exaggerated. Volumizing mascaras tend to come with large, rectangle or dome shape brushes that have dense bristles which help to pack product in between the lashes and make them look bolder. 

If you want the perfect combination of length, lift and volume, a curling mascara might be the best option for you. Curling mascaras tend to add extra curl to the lashes for a lifted effect and are best for anyone with straighter lashes who wants to create a more wide-awake look. This type of mascara tends to have a curved plastic brush which helps to coat and lift lashes efficiently so that they stay in place all day.  

For lashes that are finer or lighter in colour, you may want to consider a defining mascara. Instead of focussing on length and volume, defining mascaras work to coat each individual lash from the root to add extra definition to the eye. This type of mascara tends to have a skinny bristled brush, which help to grasp on to lashes from their roots. 

You can get waterproof versions of most lengthening mascaras, which ensure a smudge-free finish (perfect if your eyes water easily or if you’re in for an emotional day!). But whichever mascara you choose, it should always have a formula that helps to keep lashes healthy and well-hydrated. Opting for a mascara with ingredients like vitamin E will ensure that your lashes stay strong and luscious.  


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Best lengthening mascara 

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D, £23 

An impeccable all-rounder, this wonder does it all lengthens, volumizes, curls and adds rich pigment. The best lash lengthening mascara, it has a gel-based formula so it’s not too thick and is buildable without the risk of clumping. 


Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D

Eyeko Limitless Lengthening Mascara, £19  

Prefer products with natural ingredients? The totally vegan formula of this lengthening mascara is packed full of 80% natural origin ingredients such as acai oil for deep nourishment and oat-derived fibres for added length. 

Eyeko Limitless Lengthening Mascara

By Terry Terrybly Lash Growth Mascara, £35 

Possibly the closest thing you will get to haircare for your lashes and a good lengthening mascara this product contains hyaluronic acid, plant proteins and collagen that keep lashes healthy whilst adding length and dimension to the eye. 

By Terry Terrybly Lash Growth Mascara 

Perricone MD No Makeup Mascara with Biotin, £26 

For the most natural-looking length, this offering from Perricone MD is the best long lash mascara. It contains vitamin E for nourishment and has a brush that effectively covers lashes from root to tip, creating the illusion of longer lashes.  

Perricone MD No Makeup Mascara with Biotin  

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara & Lash Primer, £19 

A mascara and primer hybrid, this mascara was formulated by cosmetic chemists so you can rest assured it will provide care and nourishment to your lashes. Applying a layer of the primer before the mascara will help it to work harder to lengthen.   

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara & Lash Primer

Pacifica Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara, £20 

Containing vegan collagen and plant-based fibres, this product not only adds extreme length, but gorgeous fluffiness, too. 

Pacifica Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara 

Wander Beauty Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara, £25 

Without a doubt the best lengthening and volumizing mascara, this peach leaf extract and castor oil infused formula provides lasting length and bold volume in one hit. 

Wander Beauty Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara 

Best volumising mascara 

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara, £23 

Care for your lashes and volumize at the same time with the help of this cassia flower wax infused formula. Hailed as the best lash thickening mascara, clinical studies show that it can increase a natural lash’s voluminosity by 17.6% in just four weeks.   

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara Rich Pitch Black, £22 

The best lash thickening mascara that ensures clump-free layering, this formula is totally smudge proof but can easily be removed with just a cloth and warm water (no need for scrubbing away at your delicate eye area!). 

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara Rich Pitch Black 

Inika Organic Bold Lash Vegan Mascara, £29 

A volumizing mascara with a super-glossy finish, this lash-loving formula is brimming with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and fatty acids all encouraging healthy lash growth. Magnolia bark extract a natural anti-inflammatory also makes the formula suitable for sensitive eyes. 

Inika Organic Bold Lash Vegan Mascara 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, £25 

A mascara that contains film-forming polymers to instantly voluminise and add drama minus the flakiness! A great all-rounder and often considered the best thickening and lengthening mascara. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara, £26 

Although this mascara makes lashes look voluminous with just one coat, this formula is perfectly buildable and adds serious boldness to your eye. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara

Kosas The Big Clean Volumizing and Lash Care Mascara, £24 

An all-in-one mascara and treatment containing vitamin B5, beeswax and castor oil all of which care for lashes while adding showstopping drama. 

Kosas The Big Clean Volumizing and Lash Care Mascara

ILIA Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara, £27 

Containing a unique violin-shaped brush that coats every individual lash, this smudge-proof, flake-proof and easily removable formula will agree with sensitive eyes while making them more enhanced and defined. 

ILIA Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara


PATRICK TA Major Volume Mascara, £26 

Super-pigmented and buildable volume that catches even the sparsest of lashes, this mascara also contains glycerine and peptides for deep conditioning. 

PATRICK TA Major Volume Mascara

BYREDO Astronomical Mascara, £37 

100% vegan and super long-lasting, this formula is totally resistant to humidity and has a slightly curved brush for coating every single lash.  

BYREDO Astronomical Mascara


Which mascara is best for short lashes? 

A lengthening mascara is often considered best for short lashes. A lengthening mascara works from the root to the tip of the lash to help it reach its full-length potential, instantly creating a longer look. 

Another type of mascara that works well for short lashes is a curling mascara. Curling mascaras add instant lift and curl to the lashes, which can create the illusion of longer, more luscious lashes. 

If you have shorter lashes, you may want to consider using a defining mascara as part of your make-up routine, too. Applying a defining mascara at the root of your lashes can make your lash line look thicker and bolder. 

What’s the difference between lengthening and volumizing mascara? 

Although lengthening and thickening mascaras often go hand-in-hand, there is usually quite a substantial difference in their formulas and brushes. Volumising mascaras tend to be thicker as they aim to coat the lashes more for a fuller effect. 

Lengthening mascaras focus less on building volume and more on making lashes look extended and fluttery. They are often found with a gel formula that helps with reducing clumping, as clumps can make lashes look thicker instead of longer.  

What is ‘lash lift’? 

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that can lift and curl lashes without the use of mascara. Often considered as a perm for your lashes, the effects of a lash lift can last up to 6 weeks depending on the rate of your natural lash growth and how much eye make-up you wear.  

Unlike false lashes, you can still wear mascara on top of a lash lift. Mascara will accentuate your lash lift more, and you may need to use less of it which could drastically shorten your make-up routine. 

The process of a lash lift treatment entails placing a silicone rod onto the eyelids, before lashes are curled up over it and a treatment is applied to set them. The treatment can last for up to an hour, and you will need to carry out a patch test before it to ensure that you will not react to the strong lash lift solution.  


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