Winter Hair Care Routine To Get Your Gloss Back
Winter Hair Care Routine To Get Your Gloss Back

Winter Hair Care Routine To Get Your Gloss Back

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Winter can do all sorts of hair damage, so when the colder months hit, it’s time to reassess your hair care regime. From causing dryness and brittleness to making your locks feel flat and static, cold weather can often be the culprit if you live in a cooler climate. “Cold weather does not change the hair structure per se; however, the combination of central heating (very drying) and outdoor humidity plays havoc on your hair, causing very dry strands, split ends and affecting the scalp and hair health,” says Rahua Co-Founder & Celebrity Hairstylist, Fabian Lliguin. The good news? You can do several things to keep your hair in top form this winter. Here, the experts break it down. 

Wash Your Hair Less 

“Washing your hair is essential for hair health, but washing it too frequently can strip it of the natural oil it needs for health and hydration, and during the cold winter, you need all the hydration you can get,” says Errol Douglas, Living Proof Ambassador. “A good place to start is only to wash your hair when it needs it, and you’ll soon notice the benefits of not washing it every day. Try using a Dry Shampoo with hydrating ingredients between washes to keep your hair feeling and looking fresh. It’ll help your hair stay healthier, and your style lasts longer,” he adds. It’s also important to remember to wait until your hair is completely dry before leaving the house, as wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair. Experts say it’s better to heat style your hair with a good heat protector and hydrating serum than to leave the house with wet hair and expose it to the elements. But when you wash your hair, remember to use the most hydrating formulas you can get your hands on.  

Try: Amika Hydro Rush Intense Moisture Shampoo, £22, with JVN Hair Nurture Hydrating Conditioner, £18 and Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo, £26.75, in between washes.  

JVN Hair Nurture Hydrating Conditioner

Use a Deep Conditioning Treatment Regularly 

“For healthy, happy hair in winter, incorporate a deep conditioning mask into your hair routine and use it weekly overnight. This will hydrate strands affected by the change in temperature,” says Lliguin. “I recommend applying the product generously throughout the hair, using a wide tooth comb to distribute well, before wrapping hair in a microfiber towel and rinsing it well the next morning,” he adds. Also, try using a hydrating leave-in or bond-building treatment before styling your hair, which will give your hair an extra boost of moisture. 

Try: Living Proof Intense Moisture Mask, £33 with OUAI Leave In Conditioner, £24 or MONAT Damage Repair Bond-Building Hair Treatment, £40 if your hair feels extra parched. We also love Clarins Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask, £31, as the perfect all-rounder.

Living Proof Intense Moisture Mask

Use a Hair Oil 

Nothing packs moisture back into hair quite like a super-hydrating and nourishing hair oil, so an oil-based hair serum is your new best friend for winter. Apply to damp hair from mid-lengths through to ends, and top-up with pea-sized amounts on dry ends between washes.  

Try: Clarins Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil, £23, and Rahua Elixir, £162. 

Clarins Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil

Try Reverse Washing 

“Reverse washing means using a conditioner on your strands before shampooing your scalp (which can be done before you shower),” says Lliguin. “Regular shampooing of the hair can unintentionally dry it further by stripping it of its natural oils and nutrients, and in some cases, even creating split ends. Applying conditioner first will prevent the shampoo from making your hair even dryer and instead nourish it and increase its strength and elasticity. Then, you can get to work on cleaning your scalp with shampoo,” he adds. 

Try: Clarins Invigorating Shine Shampoo with Ginseng, £22, with Hair Syrup The Original Pre-Wash Treatment, £13.99. As a pre-wash treatment, Michael Van Clarke LifeSaver Pre-Wash Treatment, £10, along with Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, £28.

Hair Syrup The Original Pre-Wash Treatment

Up Your Nutrient Intake 

Your diet can significantly affect how your hair looks and feels. “Ensuring you are getting enough mineral-packed foods in your diet – for example, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, and sweet potato – will help your hair to get the moisture it needs in the winter,” says Hannah Gaboardi, trichologist and Viviscal Brand Ambassador. “Also, regular hair supplements to support and maintain hair health is key to keeping hair cuticles healthy and nourished from the inside out,” she continues. 

Try: Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Supplements, £29.99, or Vida Glow Hairology Capsules, £45. 

Vida Glow Hairology Capsules

Try a Scalp Treatment 

Chilly weather can take its toll on the scalp, which is why dry, flaky scalp is common during the colder months. Try massaging your scalp once a week with a scalp scrub, which will help banish dead skin cells and any dry skin causing tightness. If your scalp feels extra dry, try using a flake-fighting shampoo and scalp treatment to keep it moisturised and nourished. 

Try: Percy & Reed I’m No Flake Shampoo, £21, with Sachajuan Scalp Scrub, £39, and Gisou Honey Infused Scalp Treatment, £37. 

Percy & Reed I'm No Flake Shampoo


Can cold weather interfere with hair colour? 

Yes, cold weather and temperature fluctuations can squeeze out applied colour pigments from hair ends, especially when cold and dry heat are combined. This can result in colour fade and oxidation.  

Is there a way to retain hair colour during winter?  

“If you want to maintain and retain your colour during winter, it’s important to keep hair healthy and moisturised,” says Lliguin. “Therefore, I recommend using a plant-based colour protection shampoo and conditioner and a bi-weekly colour protection mask,” he continues. To avoid static and excessive breakage, brush your hair daily with a natural bristle brush, and use a detangler to keep the hair cuticle flat and smooth. These two steps will protect hair colour in the short and long term, and adding a colour-safe oil will provide an instant gloss effect to enhance and brighten your hair colour and provide a protective barrier for strands throughout the day. 

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