7 Free Beauty Treatments You Might Not Know About
7 Free Beauty Treatments You Might Not Know About

7 Free Beauty Treatments You Might Not Know About

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Finding beauty treatments for free needs no skill. Just a bit of research and always checking the up-to-date Beauty Daily’s insider tips and tricks is key.  

Today, we’re spilling the beans and sharing seven free beauty treatments you might not know about. From free hand and arm treatment massage to complimentary make-up.  

There’s something for all at no cost, so get booking. 


Where can you get free beauty treatments?

Clarins offers seven complementary treatments: Hand and Arm Massage, Eye Ritual, Complexion Perfection, Feel-Good Moment, Play with Colours Eyes and Lips and Steady Ready Glow Facial.   

The good thing about these sessions is that the products that will be used during your session will be tailored according to your skin type based on the beauty advisor’s assessment.  

1. Hand and Arm Massage

The ultimate pampering hand and arm treat

Our hands can become damaged and uncomfortable when exposed to everyday elements. So, this hand and arm massage at no cost is a real treat.  

During the therapeutic 10-minute limbs treatment, you’ll be slathered with Clarins’ top body products. The procedure will start with an arm suction cleanse (making sure the arms are squeaky clean before anything else); next is to remove the cleanser used with a toner to rebalance the skin’s pH balance and maintain moisture levels; then a treatment cocktail massage before capping off your pamper session with a layer of Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 

It’s also worth mentioning that our hands are one of the body parts that easily reveal our age, so make sure to jot down notes. Clarins beauty advisors will also share much-needed top tips on how to keep your nails and hands nourished. 

2. Eye Ritual

A complete eye ritual: from eye cleansing and eye massage to applying eye make-up.  

This is a soothing 10-min eye ritual masterclass where Clarins Beauty Advisors will run you through the right method of eye care.  

For an eye cleansing, using top Clarins eye make-up removers.  

All Clarins eye make-up removers contain “cornflower’, an ingredient that strengthens the eye contours. With or without eye-make-up, it’s a must-have eye care product.  

This is followed by an eye cream application and a soothing eye massage. It doesn’t end there: you also get a dab of concealer and a stroke of mascara as a finishing touch.  

3. Complexion Perfection

For free face treatment and natural make-up, book the Complexion Perfection. This 10-min face treatment session will start with a face cleanse, followed by serum, moisturiser, and primer application to prep the skin before make-up.  

Next is the best bit: Selecting and swatching the right foundation to match your skin tone. The Clarins beauty advisor will then go ahead and give you that flawless second-skin coverage enhancing your natural beauty, followed by a sweep of blush and a spritz to keep your skin hydrated and your make-up lasting longer. 

During this session, make sure to fire away any pre-or post-make-up questions! 

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4. Feel Good Moment

If you feel like having that weekly face mask routine but want an expert to run you through instead, then book the feel-good moment session. This 10-min facial will start with a cleansing method (cleansed face makes for better product penetration), then a 3-min face mask moment.  

Finally, a continuation of a Clarins-approved beauty skincare routine: toning, application of eye product, serum, moisturiser, and primer. After the session, you’ll love that fresh-faced feeling!   

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5. Play with Colours Eyes

Want to learn how to apply eye makeup to suit your everyday life or fancy some extra eye glow-up?  Book the Play with Colours Eye session. The 10min session will start with an eye cleanse making sure it’s ready for some more eye pampering.  

Your Clarins beauty coach will start by enhancing your brows with your preferred eyebrow make-up, lining your natural eye shape with an eye-liner. To add a pop of colour, you will be asked to select which eye shadow shade you fancy, followed by concealing the undereye and finishing off with a volumising eyelash mascara.  

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6. Play with Colours Lips

How about giving your pout some love? We recommend the Play with Colours Lips. The 10-min session starts with a lip cleanse, followed by a lip exfoliation. Next, the beauty advisor will give you some lip product recommendations to suit your colour and texture preferences.  

Finally, the lip make-up application starts with a lip liner and applying your chosen lipstick with a brush and a touch of highlighter to accentuate your cupid’s bow. 

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7. Ready, Steady, Glow Facial

For those who crave an instant glow, opt for the Ready, Steady, Glow Facial session. This 10min face treatment is like the “Feel Good Moment” sesh but sans the face mask step.

Beauty Flash Balm

Instead, you will be treated with the Beauty Flash Balm. This best-selling radiant skin booster helps eliminate signs of fatigue in a flash. We recommend this session to people with tired or sleep-deprived skin.  

Important to note: For people who feel the pressure of buying something first to avail of the free beauty treatment or acquire some samples, Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager, says: “There’s no minimum purchase required when booking your chosen and complimentary 10-min beauty treatment or three samples.”  

Adding: “ We are not pressure salespeople. Everyone that visits will get their free three samples whether they purchase or not and it doesn’t matter if you book any complimentary service or not.”  

There you have it. Swing by at your nearest Clarins Counter today or this weekend for your complimentary beauty treatment, or book here 

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