Everyday Natural Make-up: How to Get It Right
Everyday Natural Make-up: How to Get It Right

Everyday Natural Make-up: How to Get It Right

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Most people want the make-up they wear everyday to look natural and feel comfortable. And although creating a natural make-up look may not be quite as technical as, say, graphic eyeliner, it can still be hard.

Professional make-up artists will agree that creating a make-up look that’s effortless and looks natural is more demanding than going full glam. However, it’s a lot easier once you know the products you need and the techniques to employ.

Whether you want your everyday make-up to look natural or completely invisible (also known as the ‘no-make-up’ make-up look), here’s everything you need to know.

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What is a ‘no-make-up’ make-up look?

Simply put, it’s a method of wearing make-up that defines your features but is also imperceptible. You could approach it in two ways. Clarins Training Manager Charlotte McHale believes a ‘no–make-up’ make-up should rely on the bare minimum. She recommends “a concealer, if you need it, a blusher and a brow pencil.”

Another alternative approach: use as many products as you like, but ensure they’re all undetectable. This would mean sticking to natural-looking colours and textures and using the right techniques to guarantee they enhance your features without looking like you’re wearing much (or any) make-up at all.

Everyday natural make-up: a tutorial

Step one: skin

  • Always begin with a solid skincare routine. Tailor it to what your skin needs. Use a serum that nourishes your skin (or targets specific concerns) and go over it with a moisturiser. The Multi-Active Day Cream is a great option for all skin types — it supplies moisture, shields skin from everyday stressors and prevents early signs of ageing. Apply SPF in the daytime. These products will protect your skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day and as a bonus, they’ll make your skin look naturally dewy.
  • Try the iconic Beauty Flash Balm to act as a primer and help eliminate signs of fatigue.
  • A tinted moisturiser massaged into the skin offers light, even coverage that isn’t too obvious. You could also mix a pump of your foundation with your face cream to concoct your tinted moisturiser.
  • Avoid swiping concealer over large areas on your face. Instead, apply little dots where you need it, and buff it into the skin with a brush until it’s seamless.
  • If you prefer matte skin, dust a light layer of powder all over. Or, apply it using a small brush along the T-zone and on any areas where your make-up tends to crease.

Step two: eyes

  • Blend a matte nude eyeshadow (or even just a tiny dot of concealer) on the eyelids. You want it to even out the skin tone without looking like make-up.
  • Line the eyes close to the roots of your lashes with a waterproof eyeliner pencil — this will add a subtle definition. Try the 3-Dot Liner to colour the gaps between your lashes and make them appear fuller.
  • Curl the lashes and apply a defining mascara close to the roots of your lashes. Don’t apply too much towards the ends. Comb through with a clean spoolie to ensure the lashes look natural.
  • Fill gaps and sparse areas in the brows with an eyebrow pencil, using light-handed, feathery strokes.

Step three: cheeks

  • Choose a shade of blush that resembles the natural colour of your cheeks when they’re flushed. Apply it on the apples of the cheeks and blend away the edges with your foundation brush.
  • Skip anything that contains glitter. Often a good skincare routine will provide ample glow to the skin. If you need any more, choose a highlighter that doesn’t contain any chunky sparkly, particles.
  • For a natural-looking contour, sweep a small amount of matte bronzer along the periphery of your face and under your cheekbones. Make sure it blends nicely into the skin — you don’t want any noticeable stripes of colour.

Step four: lips

  • A lightly tinted lip balm like the My Clarins SWEETY BALM will keep your lips nourished and smooth throughout the day.


  • However, if you have unevenly pigmented lips that you want to even out, reach for lipstick. Any shade of pink or peach that resembles the natural colour of your lips will work. Choose one with a creamy finish for comfortable wear.
  • Alternatively, if you want to create an undetectable stain on your lips, choose a matte lipstick in a natural berry-pink hue and press a light layer of the colour on the lips using your finger. Use a small brush to blend away the edges.

Tips for natural daily make-up

Your fingers are your best tools

They can be used to blend your foundation, concealer, cream bronzer or blusher, or even a light layer of lipstick. The warmth of your fingers melts products into the skin with ease.

Apply make-up only where required

“I don’t think that most people need a full face of foundation — that’s a bit of a myth,” says McHale. “If you’ve got a concealer that’s a good match for you, it might be enough to blend it just into your skincare.” Apply it where you need it: a bit around the nose to cover redness, under the eyes to lift darkness and on any spots you may want to cover.

Work in thin layers

It may seem tedious, but it’s worth the effort. A thick layer of make-up is bound to crease, crack and make itself known sooner rather than later. Thin layers sandwiched on top of each other last longer and look more natural.

Avoid any obvious sparkle

If you enjoy a little sparkle during the day, then go for it. But for a true ‘no-make-up’ make-up, shimmer particles are best used sparingly. Instead, choose products with natural creamy finishes, super subtle shimmer drops or highlighters that melt into skin.

glowy skin

Editor’s tip: Pat a little Lip Oil on the lips and then the lids and top of the cheekbones for a dewy finish.

Don’t skip blush

The power of a good blusher is often underestimated. McHale considers it her desert island product and an un-skippable step in a ‘no-make-up’ make-up routine. “It’s the thing that makes you look awake because it indicates good health like the blood is pumping through your veins,” she explains.

Diffuse all harsh edges

A seamless application is key to a natural make-up look. First, make sure the edges of blush, concealer or foundation are all blended away to perfection. Once you’re finished with your make-up, go over everything with a clean foundation brush to buff away any creases and smooth over areas that look cakey.

Next read: learn all about how to make foundation look natural when you have acne.

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