Our Must-Have Lip Products To Buy Now 
Our Must-Have Lip Products To Buy Now 

Our Must-Have Lip Products To Buy Now 

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When it comes to achieving a picture-perfect pout, your lip care wardrobe should consist of lip products that ward off dry lips, suit your lifestyle needs, and look gorgeous against your skin tone. 

Whether you’re a lip gloss enthusiast or a lip balm aficionado, finding the perfect lip product can elevate your look and up your confidence with a simple slick. Want to know which products you should be getting your mitts on? Here’s how Clarins best lip products can help you elevate your lip game. 


Lip liners 

Let’s start with the foundation of any flawless lip look – lip liners that shape, plump and define. Clarins offers a range of lip liners that suit all ages and skin tones, making it easy to achieve a polished, long-lasting pout. 

Clarins Lip Definers  

The Clarins Lip Definer collection stands out for its lip care benefits – think nourishing jojoba oil for soft and supply skin – as well its staying power.  These easy to apply lip liners glide effortlessly onto your lips, providing a smooth and precise application, with the creamy texture allowing for easy blending – making it an ideal choice for creating both defined and soft lip looks. From neutral hues to bold pops of colour, there’s a variety of must-have shades to choose from.  

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Expert tip: “Find a lip pencil that has a good glide and works with your lip colour of choice. Outline the lips, then colour in the whole lip area – this creates an amazing base for lipsticks, and when it does wear away, there will still be a layer of colour underneath,” says award-winning make-up artist, Amba Logan. 


At Clarins you’ll find the lipsticks are not only able to deliver long-lasting colour, and intense moisture. But that they also come in matte, sheer, and satin finishes for every occasion.  

Joli Rouge 

Among Clarins’ standout collections is Joli Rouge. These classic lipsticks come in a plethora of formulas, from creamy matte, and hydrating high shine finishes to sheer satin varieties – ensuring there’s a perfect match for everyone. What they all have in common however, is their intense colour pay off that never compromises on its ability to care for the health of your lips. To explore the full Joli Rouge range, click here. 

Expert tip: “To ensure maximum longevity, apply lipstick in a few light swipes, blotting with tissue after drawing on each layer,” Logan advises. “For a less defined, more lived-in lipstick look, apply straight from the bullet – keeping mainly in the inner edge – then use your finger to smudge your lipstick out, leaving a softer, more feathered finish. Finish by using a clean dry lip brush to blend around the edges,” she adds. 

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Lip Gloss 

For those who crave a lustrous shine and a touch of glamour, lip gloss should be an essential in your beauty arsenal. Clarins’ range of lip glosses offer different finishes, from matte to satin and sheer and provide a non-sticky, comfortable wear, while beautifully enhancing your lips. 

Lip Perfector 

Among Clarins’ standout offerings is the Lip Perfector collection. Available in a soft velvety finish or sparkling shine, these lip glosses nourish and plump, and their unique formula ensures long-lasting wear without any tackiness.  

Expert tip: “To extend the wear of your lip gloss, make sure your lips are in good condition before you apply,” shares Logan. It’s an area we often forget about, but it makes or breaks the final look. “Regularly exfoliating your lips with a gentle sugar scrub, followed by lashings of hydrating lip balm to keep lips plump and moisturised is crucial,” she adds.  

Lip Oils 

If you’re looking for a lip product that combines nourishment and colour, lip oils are the way to go. Clarins’ versions are designed to provide intense conditioning as well as a hint of tint.   

Lip Comfort Oil 

Enriched with nourishing ingredients that keep your lips soft and supple throughout the day, the Lip Comfort Oil collection offers a wide range of shades and finishes, allowing you to find your perfect match. To explore the full range of Lip Comfort Oils, click here. 

Lip Comfort Oil 01 Honey

Expert tip: “To sheer out a lipstick for a casual daytime look, apply a small amount of lip colour and finish with a clear oil or balm, to water down your colour for more of a natural hydrated lip,” recommends Logan. 

Lip Balms 

Last but certainly not least, cue lip balms – the unsung heroes of lip care, providing essential moisture and nourishment when we need it most. 

Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm 

Clarins Hydre-Essenial Moisture replenishing lip balm With blue lotus wax

This lip balm nourishes, hydrates, and soothes dry, damaged lips, leaving them feeling soft, plump and supple. While its lightweight, suits all rosy tint and non-greasy formula make it perfect for everyone to use all day long.  

Expert tip: “A thin sweep of lip balm under your lip gloss gives the gloss something to stick to. Apply the balm with fingers – really pressing it into the lips, and pushing into any fine lines – before applying your lip gloss of choice,” shares Logan.  

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