Beauty Hacks Beauty Daily Editors Swear By
Beauty Hacks Beauty Daily Editors Swear By

Beauty Hacks Beauty Daily Editors Swear By

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At Beauty Daily, we’re pretty fortunate to interview, quiz or have on speed dial the world’s leading experts in the field of beauty and skincare. They willingly share their expert recommendations and go-to products or gain access to product research before it goes public. So it’s fair to say we’ve picked up a few of our favourite tips and tricks for ourselves along the way.   

If you’re looking for beauty hacks or multi-use product pieces of advice, you’ll get a bit of wisdom from us.    

We asked eight Beauty Daily staffers for their quick last-minute beauty fixes and multi-use products you can use when the situation calls for it. You’re welcome.  

Quick Fixes

8 Beauty Daily Staffers Share Their Quick Last-Minute Beauty Fixes And The Multi-Use Products They Swear By  

Sarah Joan Ross, Beauty Daily Editor   

Sarah Joan Ross

“Some brilliant beauty hacks exist (check out our Beauty Snacking article or Prep For Make-up Looks for Online Meetings). 

But, the things you can do pre-school run or last-minute Teams in a matter of seconds make the most impact. For example, a facial spritz can give you juicier-looking skin in seconds – especially good when foundation is starting to look a bit fatigued. Try Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist, £18. 

Or, I’ll apply rosy pink or coral lipstick on the lips, and I use my finger to apply it to the apple of my cheeks – I find that warming it up blends much more effortlessly. And on occasion, use mascara as a quick brow tint. After applying mascara to the lashes, I do one last swipe upwards on the arches – to define them without spending time filling them. My brows are an ashy blonde, and a very light stroke of the black seems to work wonders and offer that boy-brow fluffy look. 

For radiance, I take a little of the Clarins Lip Oil in Honey, £21.50 and dab it onto the top of my cheekbones for instant glass-like skin. 

During the afternoon slump – I’ll grab an orange, some herbal tea like Kusmi Happy Mind £14.99,  and a spritz of something to perk myself up; my current go-to is the zesty, but warm Eau Extraordinaire, £39, which I find is much more uplifting and better than the caffeine crash of a grande latte.” 

Jason Roberts, Clarins Retail Trainer

Jason Roberts

I swear by the SOS Primer in Universal Light, £28.50, whenever I need an express glow. I apply it with my fingertips, and in just seconds, it never fails to give me a boost of instant radiance, definition and hydration on the go. Apart from being a primer, it doubles as a highlighter which you can use to accentuate your features. Use it under the brow, cheeks, cupid’s bow and décolleté.   

Whether it’s a no make-up day or I want to look instantly more awake, this is a ‘do it all’ make-up essential I always have on hand.”  

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Jane Fulcher, Beauty Daily Contributor

Jane Fulcher  

“My last-minute beauty fix would be to have a hydrating mist on hand – especially when the weather is dry, and my skin needs a moisture injection. It helps melt make-up together and look freshly applied; plus, it leaves my skin dewy and fresh.   

My must-have multi-use item has to be a great highlighter that can be mixed with moisturiser, used on its own, under or mixed with foundation or used as a final flourish on make-up to add glow and radiance to my complexion. I also use mine as an eye shimmer or mix with lip gloss for a quick pop of shine.”    

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Anne Lora Scagliusi, Beauty and Wellness Writer

Anne Lora Scagliusi  

“People would say that you glow when pregnant. However, while I feel at my most beautiful during this time, there are days I feel the opposite of what can be associated with the word “glowing” when hormones are at play. Cue morning sickness, insomnia and no caffeine! To cheat with my pregnancy glow, I add a few drops of Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil, £38, to my go-to coral cream blush. It gives me an instant dewy, peachy glow. It makes it more blendable when applied. In addition, it uplifts my spirits and well-being. Don’t just take my word for it; a whopping 84% of surveyed women who used the product say the fragrance lifts their mood. 

I also swear by Clarins Double Serum Eye, £42. It’s a quick beauty fix in a way that I don’t feel the need to use concealer just by religiously applying it day and night.  

I swear by Clarins Lip Oil in Honey, £21.50 for my go-to multi-use product. I top off my Clarins Red Water Lip Stain for an extra gloss. It makes my lips look plump.    

It’s also an ultimate saviour as it soothes my cracked and chapped winter-sore lips. I use it as an overnight lip mask at night, and I wake up with soft, healthy, extra-hydrated lips.”  

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Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager

  Charlotte McHale

“I really like Fix’ Make-Up, £24 to quickly refresh my skin and make-up during the day. Not to mention, you can use it for many different things: from updating your make-up from day to night to simply keeping your make-up and skin hydrated and looking like, you’ve just freshly applied it.  

It’s great for applying eyeshadow because if you spritz your brush, the eyeshadow pigment will stay on the brush and be less messy to apply. Plus, the dampness will intensify the colour and makes it easier to create bold looks. It’s also great for spraying immediately after make-up application, so your make-up will last longer. It’s very hydrating because it has rose water extract, aloe vera and glycerin. It keeps your skin refreshed, at the same time reviving your make-up’s radiance after having it on for, let’s say, five hours. You can use it for a quick touch-up before you head on for another meeting or go for after-work drinks.  

“For my go-to multi-use product, it’s the Beauty Flash Balm£34; It’s skincare and make-up in one! You put it on after a moisturiser, and it instantly brightens and tightens your skin. If you’re having a make-up-free day and want your skin to be bare, but at the same time, you want to look more awake and put together, then Beauty Flash Balm on top of your moisturiser helps polish you. You can also put it on as a primer before applying your make-up; you will get an amazing glow and help your make-up last for longer. Finally, putting a thick amount on cleansed skin can act as a firming mask.”    

Nishita Fiji, Beauty Daily Beauty Writer    

Nishita Fiji

“When I’m having a ‘no-make-up make-up’ day, I like to go a little overboard with my moisturiser. After massaging it into my skin, I add an extra coat on the high points of my cheeks, just under the brows and a tiny bit down the bridge of my nose. It leaves the skin looking radiant without relying on foundation or highlighter. And to tackle any excess shine, I pat some setting powder on targeted areas.” 

Using lipstick as a blush may sound like the most obvious trick, but I swear by it. If you use the lipstick directly on the cheeks, you end up with a patchy application. To avoid that, I warm up some lipstick (I love using the Joli Rouge Lipstick in Raspberry, £24) on the back of my hand and then mix it with a moisturiser or illuminating cream – something like the SOS Primer in Universal Light, £28.50 or MAC Strobe Cream, £28. This instantly softens the lipstick’s colour and gives it a cream blush consistency that applies beautifully.”   

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Megan Smart, Beauty Daily Writer

Megan Smart

“I get dry lips quite regularly and find lip balms often aren’t enough on their own, especially if I wake up with them and have somewhere to be. That’s why I keep a homemade lip scrub made with olive oil and sugar handy to exfoliate them using a warm washcloth.  

I love Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, £38, especially during the winter. It smells incredible and leaves my face feeling super soft. It’s also excellent when mixed with hand cream for soothing dry patches on my hands.”  

Lucy Mcclure, Clarins Treatment Training Development Manager

Lucy Mcclure

“Conceal, conceal conceal! Concealer is a make-up essential and shouldn’t be skipped especially if you wake up with tired eyes. Instant Concealer, £23 immediately brightens the under-eyes and treats the dark circles at the same time.  

My go-to-multi-use product is the SOS Primer. For the ultimate dewy skin, I like to mix my SOS Primer in Universal Light, £28.50 in with my moisturiser, this can also be used as a highlighter on the face, collar bones and I even mix some in with my body moisturiser for an added glow. When applied to the shin bone it gives the illusion of longer looking legs, who doesn’t want that?” 

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