Simple and Easy Make-up Looks: Tips for Online Meetings
Simple and Easy Make-up Looks: Tips for Online Meetings

Simple and Easy Make-up Looks: Tips for Online Meetings

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It’s always a good idea to master a few simple make-up looks that look great on you and that you can execute in a matter of minutes. Plus, with the rise of working from home – you won’t ever be caught out in a state of semi-undress, pillow face, or bedhead again.

In the last couple of years, we’ve completely changed how we approach makeup at the workplace. This is because, firstly, hardly any of it translates on pixelated video cameras. And secondly, because very often, there isn’t enough time to put a whole look together.

Most of us are familiar with the dread of having to jump on a video call on very short notice – sometimes with no more than five minutes to get dressed for it. In these situations, what are the products to reach for? We asked team members about their go-to products to get them camera-ready for last-minute meetings and found that everyone takes a different approach.

Team picks: the best quick-fixes for a Zoom

Name: Sarah Joan Ross
Title: Editor

Image of Sarah Joan Ross andClarins Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating Multi-Protection Mist

“I have dry shampoo and a Mason Pearson hairbrush within reach for a last-minute hair fix, along with Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating Multi-Protection Mist. It immediately perks up a tired-looking face, adds glow and that hit of instant refreshment makes you feel fresh, lively and ready to click ‘Join’.”

Name: Charlotte McHale
Title: Clarins Training Manager

Image of Charlotte McHale and Clarins Double Serum

“If I had to get on a last-minute work call, I’d reach for my Double Serum. I would rather go make-up-free than not have it on. It instantly makes your skin look better and gives you a nice natural glow. Whereas if I put make-up on without skincare, I feel like a shrivelled raisin.”

Name: Anne Lora Scagliusi
Title: Beauty & Wellness Writer

Image of Anne Lora Scagliusi and Clarins Crayon Khol

“I love to accentuate my eyes, so if I’ve only got 30 seconds left before joining a video call, I’ll grab my eyeliner. I use the Clarins Crayon Khôl. It has a creamy consistency which makes it blendable. I sweep in along my natural eye shape, building thickness on the outer part of the eye and smudging a line on the outer third of my lower lash line. This makes my eyes look bigger and brighter.”

Name: Nishita Fiji
Title: Beauty Writer

Image of Nishita Fiji and My Clarins LITTLE BLUSH

“I only need about five minutes to do a satisfactory Zoom-meeting make-up. This would typically include a touch of concealer, brow pencil and a hint of blush. But for last-minute meetings, I’ll go with just a little cream blush like the My Clarins LITTLE BLUSH in the peach shade. I just swipe the colour on my cheeks and use fingers to blend it in. Within seconds, my face looks alive.”

Name: Deborah Holloway
Title: Clarins Digital Media Manager

Image of Deborah Holloway and Clarins Natural Lip Perfector

“I can’t live without the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector. It’s my little go-to tube and my favourite shade right now is 19, Intense Smoky Rose. This beautiful balm hydrates, plumps and gives my lips a sheer veil of colour with a natural finish. Before my next video meeting, I add a bit more on, and it instantly makes me feel more confident in how I look.”

Easy make-up ideas and tips for online meetings

Don’t skip your skincare

It may seem like make-up is what you should reach for when you have to get dressed in a rush, but not at the cost of skipping your skincare. Although it may not seem obvious on camera, well moisturised skin always looks great — with or without make-up on.

Find a good concealer

Your video camera quality will never be good enough to catch every imperfection on your face. Our advice? After your skin is moisturised, skip foundation and use a concealer instead on any areas you prefer to conceal.

Choose a bright shade of blush

Video cameras tend to wash out any colour on your face. A bit of blush on your cheeks will resolve that. Pick a bright shade that stands out against your skin tone and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, blending the colour up towards your temples.

Curl your lashes

Curled lashes instantly open up the eyes and make them look more awake (even on tired, sleepy days). After curling, add a coat or two of mascara to define your lashes too.

Accentuate your best feature

Choose your favourite feature and highlight it. For example, if some colour on your lips makes the most significant difference to your face, a lipstick could be all you need. For thinning eyebrows, a brow pencil can make all the difference. Alternatively, if eyeliner is a staple in your make-up bag, some definition along the lash line will make you look, and more importantly, feel like yourself on long Zoom calls.

Use a ring light

If your home office bathes you in unflattering light or is a bit dark, it’s a good idea to invest in a ring light. Its circular shape distributes light evenly. We like this one that has a sturdy body, and lets you adjust the brightness and temperature of the light.

No time to spare? Then Zoom offers a retouch button for a touch of VR computer enhancement.

For more tips on how to efficiently get dressed in the morning when you have no time to spare, read our story on creating a streamlined AM routine with multitasking products.

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