Beauty Snacking: Feel-Good Fixes To Beat Midday Blues
Beauty Snacking: Feel-Good Fixes To Beat Midday Blues

Beauty Snacking: Feel-Good Fixes To Beat Midday Blues

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Picture this: it’s 3pm on a Monday, lunchtime has passed and there’s still much to do before the day ends. But you have the urge to break the monotony of your workday with a quick snack break. What do you reach for? Rather than opting for a coffee or a bar of chocolate, here’s something else you can try instead.

Meet the newest trend in self-care – beauty snacking. WGSN described it as: “micro beauty moments throughout the day to break up the homeworking lifestyle or create moments of pleasure.”

The primary purpose of a beauty snack is to introduce a few seconds of self-care into an otherwise busy workday. Your beauty snack could have real benefits for your skin and body, or it could just offer a moment of relaxation and a mood boost.

It could also work if you are going back to working in an office now. Just carry your snack of choice in your handbag. By 2024, WGSN believes that beauty snacking will evolve, designed for travel needs, too.

So, what are the products that fit to serve this purpose? We list some of our favourites below.

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The products to kick the 3pm slump

A refreshing facial mist

If you like to beat mid-day drowsiness by splashing water in your face, a facial mist could be the luxe upgrade you didn’t know you needed. We recommend the RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist that contains organic coconut water and robina flower water. Along with waking up your senses, it also supplies your skin with loads of moisture.

Tip: Leave your bottle in the fridge to make it doubly refreshing.

A cooling eye mask

All that screen time isn’t doing your under-eye area any favours. To banish under-eye dryness and dullness, you could reach for an eye mask.

Try: The Total Eye Hydrate is packed with moisture-boosting ingredients. It also creates a refreshing cooling sensation. When you apply it, take a minute to give yourself a quick under-eye lymphatic massage.

First, warm the product between your fingers. Next, apply the mask by gently dabbing it along the eye contour, from the inner to the outer corners above and below the eye. Repeat the motion for six seconds. Finish by applying gentle pressure between the brows.

eye mask

A change of lipstick

Sometimes, a change of lip colour could be just what you need to perk you up – irrespective of whether you’re going to be on a Zoom meeting or not. Pick your favourite shade: it could be a bold red, a bright pink or even just a nude that makes you happy every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror.

A light spritz of fragrance

Scent can have a relaxing effect on the mind. So, if your day is particularly stressful, take a minute to mist a soothing fragrance and let its scent calm you down.

Try: The Eau Ressourçante fragrance contains a blend of basil, iris, cedarwood and sarsaparilla essential oils that promote a feeling of total relaxation.

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A nourishing hand cream

A layer of hydration and a quick massage could work wonders to revive overworked hands. The Hand and Nail Treatment Cream that is loaded with shea butter is perfect for this. Apply a small amount along the backs of the hands and then the palms and smooth the remaining product on the fingers and cuticles.

Using your thumb, apply light pressure to massage along the periphery of your palms using small, circular motions. The cream absorbs into the skin within seconds, so your hands will be ready to get back to work in no time.

hand cream

A face oil

Your skincare doesn’t have to be saved just for the mornings and evenings. If you’re having a no-make-up day, treat yourself to some afternoon skincare. We recommend massaging a nourishing face oil into the skin. Choose a formula that caters to your needs. The Lotus Treatment Oil is perfect for oily and combination skin, and the Santal Treatment Oil is ideal for dry skin types.

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