Get Your Spook On With These Haunting Halloween Nail Designs
Get Your Spook On With These Haunting Halloween Nail Designs

Get Your Spook On With These Haunting Halloween Nail Designs

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Stuck on what design to go for when it comes to your Halloween nails this year? We’ve got you! Whether you usually prefer a subtle look or regularly sport a magnificent manicure, Halloween is a great time to think outside of the box and channel your creativity with a set of terrifying tips. We’ve rounded up all our favourite Halloween nail designs below – it’s time to go to the dark side. 

Going Bat-Crazy

Halloween bat nails

Nothing quite screams Halloween like a manicure full of bat silhouettes. However, you can take this design as subtle or full-on as you like because there are no rules for Halloween dress-up.  

Get Ghosted

Ghost nail design

These ghost nails are simple but impactful and only require three colours (black, white and nude). As they do not take too much time to master, they’re also perfect for anyone that finds getting their nails done a chore. 

Scream Time

Scream nails

‘Scream’ is back on the big screen, and our nails. Our all-time favourite spooky movie just got its very own manicure! If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll recognise the design on the middle finger of this set straight away. A slightly more intricate design may take your nail tech a while, but the spine-chilling results will be well worth the wait!

Scarily Skeletal

Skeleton Halloween nails

Be a real-life Halloween decoration by painting your nails with this skeleton design. The white-on-black look is super striking, too. 

Dracula Claws

Dracula nails

If you love a bit of blood and gore, why not go for this fang-tastic detailing? The perfect Halloween switch-up if a red mani is your usual go-to. 

Ghoulish Glitter

Pumpkin nails

Who said Halloween should be all doom and gloom? Make a glamorous statement with the mixture of gold glitter and black in this design.  

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Halloween nails

This set is an excellent option for an autumnal feel that doesn’t scream Halloween nails (but is still spookily appropriate). With accents of gold, a feature nail and the use of a beautiful sage-coloured leafy green, it’s a must for anyone that wants their nail look to last throughout the Halloween period and beyond. 

Gore Galore

Blood dripping nails

Drops of blood running down your fingertips aren’t necessarily a look you’d sport every day, but for a Halloween nail design, they are just perfect 

The Devil Wears Glitter

Devil glitter nails

Dare to jazz up your regular French mani tips, and go for glittery devil horns instead. 

Easy Halloween Nails 

If you prefer to keep things simple when it comes to your nails, there’s no reason why you still can’t include a hint of Halloween. These designs aren’t too out-of-the-ordinary – with neutral colours and relatively basic designs – but still feature barely-there accents that nod to Halloween. 

Spider Webs

Spider web nails

For something more basic, stick with this black, white and nude spider web nail design. Use a nude base colour before using a fine-point nail art brush to replicate the shape of a spider web before sealing your design in with a top coat. The great thing about this style is that it doesn’t require much finesse to look effective! 

Mystic Nails 

Mystic nails

Channel your inner mystic with this intricate-looking black and gold design. They may look hard to recreate, but the gold accents on these nails are stickers. If you’re sporting a DIY mani, nail decals are your safest bet for achieving a professional look.    

Back To Black 

Black nails

Bold, black nails are always a fail-safe option for Halloween. A slick of base coat, black nail polish and top coat and et voila! A fright night-ready set that can be worn way beyond 31 October.  

Pumpkin Orange Nails 

Orange nails

This pumpkin orange hue isn’t just for Halloween – but if you’re just not one for jazzy nail designs, it’s the perfect shade to channel it without being too blatant.  

Halloween Manicure Top Tips 

Not a nail pro? Not a problem. You can still master a spooky mani yourself. Clarins Training Manager, Charlotte McHale, gave us her top tips on achieving a pro-looking manicure at home. 

Use a base coat 

“It’s important to use a base coat to protect the nail against any damage or discolouration from your nail polish colour. Always apply one coat of base coat before you apply any colour to your nails.” 

Always double-coat the top edge of your nail 

“To prevent the polish from chipping at the end of your nail, make sure to double coat the tip of your nail with the colour you are using. Then, delicately swipe the nail polish brush from side to side at the tip to ensure it is well-coated in colour.” 

Always use a cuticle remover 

“Not all cuticles are visible, so using a cuticle-removing product on your nails is advisable before any colour is applied. This will make sure that any nail colour goes onto the nail smoothly and remains long-lasting.” 

Make sure to use a nourishing hand and nail cream 

“It’s not just your hands that need moisturising, but your nails, too! Using a nourishing hand and nail product daily, like Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, £25.50, will keep hands and nails in top condition.” 




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