Treatment For Wrinkles Above The Lip & How To Rejuvenate Your Mouth
Treatment For Wrinkles Above The Lip & How To Rejuvenate Your Mouth

Treatment For Wrinkles Above The Lip & How To Rejuvenate Your Mouth

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As the ageing process occurs, many people want to know the best treatment for wrinkles above the lips. And while there is nothing wrong with growing older gracefully and having the ‘lines of experience’ to show for it, upper lip wrinkles can be one of the first signs of ageing — and a common skin ‘issue’ people like to address. 

But what is the best treatment for upper lip lines, and can we prevent them from appearing in the first place?

The best lip treatments at a glance:

    • Moisturisers that contain actives like retinol
    • SPF to prevent further sun damage
    • Injectable fillers like Juvederm and Restylane 
    • Microneedling to stimulate collagen
    • Laser resurfacing to smooth and refine

We spoke to skin expert and award-winning aesthetician Dr Ahmed El Muntasar for some much-needed advice.

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What causes wrinkles above the lips? 

Firstly, it’s important to understand why upper lip wrinkles occur. “Like any other skin around the body, the skin in this area just gets thinner and thinner with time,” says Dr Ahmed. “Simple movements like blowing a kiss or smoking cigarettes can cause wrinkles above lips, and as our mouths are exposed to the elements and UV rays over the years, this can further worsen the condition of this area of skin,” he adds. 

Other factors such as genetics, sun damage, stress, nutrition and dehydration also have a part to play in upper lip wrinkles. So, if you have particularly dehydrated skin or have experienced many adverse effects, you may be even more prone to developing upper lip lines. 


As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, making it more susceptible to the formation of wrinkles. In addition, because the skin around the lips sees so much repeated movement and naturally has less collagen than other areas on your face, this area is already predisposed to age quicker. And as the skin ages, collagen production decreases, meaning your skin loses its ability to plump this area of the skin itself to eliminate lines. 

Repetitive movement

A specific type of wrinkle that commonly appears above the lips as we age is known as ‘smokers lines’. These wrinkles are caused by the repetitive puckering and pursing of the lips when doing things such as smoking or applying lip liner, which can create deep creases in the skin over time. However, even non-smokers can develop these wrinkles as a natural result of ageing. Similarly, repeatedly drinking from straws or bottles can cause lines around the mouth.

Sun exposure

Exposure to the sun’s UV radiation and other environmental factors can accelerate the ageing process, leading to wrinkles forming above the lips. To prevent this, it’s important to protect the skin by wearing a strong high-factor SPF, and to avoid excess sun exposure.

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Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption can contribute to the formation of wrinkles in several ways. Firstly, alcohol can dehydrate the body, including the skin, making wrinkles more noticeable and pronounced. Additionally, alcohol can reduce the body’s production of collagen, a protein that helps to keep the skin firm and elastic. As a result, the skin may become thinner, more fragile, and more prone to developing wrinkles.

What is the best treatment for wrinkles above the lips? 

Desperate to get rid of your upper lip lines? The good news is, there are several different treatments available. One option is to use a topical cream or ointment that contains retinol or alpha hydroxy acid. These ingredients help improve the skin’s appearance by stimulating the production of new collagen. Another option is to use a laser or micro-needling treatment, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. 

Dermal fillers 

This treatment is usually the first go-to for anyone that wants to instantly rid their skin of fine lines and wrinkles, as it is commonly considered the best treatment for lines above the lips. Next, an aesthetician will usually use dermal fillers that are hyaluronic acid-based to combat wrinkles above the mouth. Again, this is the best filler for lines above lips, as it’s a substance our skin naturally produces anyway, although it reduces as we age. 


Microneedling can effectively activate collagen production in the skin and involves pricking the skin with tiny needles. This increases the skin’s ability to re-plump itself and helps anti-ageing skincare products penetrate deeper. 

Laser resurfacing 

This method may not feel as invasive as other aesthetic treatments as it does not involve needles. However, the power of the laser can be highly effective in bettering skin texture and fine lines. They work by emitting light beams onto the skin, which vaporises the skin’s outer layers and promotes collagen production. Although this treatment may not involve needles, it still requires some recovery time to allow the skin to heal. 

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Anti-wrinkle injections 

Anti-wrinkle injections are a cosmetic treatment that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines above the lips. The injections work by relaxing the muscles around the mouth by blocking the nerve signals that cause the muscles around the mouth to contract, which can smooth out the skin and prevent the formation of further lines.

What are the best lip line fillers?

The most common type of anti-wrinkle injection used for this purpose is botulinum toxin – otherwise known as Botox – which is a purified protein that is injected into the muscles around the lips. 

The best skincare to use after your upper lip wrinkle treatment

Looking for the best skincare to treat your skin after your upper lip wrinkle treatment? It’s best to avoid using anything containing harsher ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid and other exfoliants for at least 24 to 48 hours after your treatment. But after this time, you can look to skincare products to help you maintain the results of your treatment. Here are the ones that are safe to use.

Retinol alternatives

Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream SPF15, £80

This day cream works to instantly smooth skin by combining harungana (aka nature’s retinol) and vegetal squalene. It also has ‘line filling pearls’ that act as temporary filling agents for any fine lines with which the cream comes into contact. 


Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream SPF15, £65

This daily moisturiser is packed with ingredients such as kangaroo flower to create a silky smooth texture on the skin.


Clarins Dry Touch Facial Sun Care UVA/UVB 30, £24


A highly protective SPF that melts into the skin to leave it looking natural and glowing. 

What is the best cream for lip lines? 

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer, £28

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

A velvety primer that melts into wrinkles, blurring away any lines, acne scarring or large pores so skin appears smooth and refined – a bit like a real-life filter for your face.

iS Clinical Youth Lip Elixir, £52

An extremely potent formula packed with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, E and B5, and shea and cocoa butter. Thanks to its concentration of ingredients, this creamy-textured serum hydrates, plumps, and provides antioxidant protection to prevent further ageing. 

Clarins Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Balm, £32

Extra Firming Lip and Contour Balm

A great natural all-rounder for anyone that wants to treat vertical lines and wrinkles around the mouth. This balm does not contain any harsh ingredients, so it’s perfect for those that prefer a gentler approach — and it contains raspberry seed oil and shea butter that repair, soften and soothe at the same time.


How can I reduce my lip lines naturally?

Not keen on the idea of taking drastic measures? You’ll be pleased to hear that there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of lip lines naturally.


Drinking plenty of water can help keep your skin and lips hydrated, reducing the appearance of fine lines. 


Apply a lip balm or natural oil, such as coconut or olive oil, to your lips to keep them moisturised and prevent dryness.


Use a gentle lip scrub to remove dead skin cells from your lips, which can help smooth out the appearance of lines.

Vitamin E

Apply vitamin E oil to your lips to help protect them from damage and promote collagen production.

Facial exercises

Specific facial exercises, such as puckering your lips and holding for a few seconds, may help strengthen the muscles around your lips and reduce the appearance of lines. There are 14 other great facial exercises to help tone and hone here

Quit smoking

Smoking can accelerate the ageing process and contribute to developing fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Quitting smoking may help reduce the appearance of lip lines.

It’s important to remember that these natural remedies may not eliminate lip lines. However, they can help reduce them, and improve your lips’ overall health and appearance.

Are wrinkles around the lips avoidable?

According to Dr Ahmed, the skin naturally thins as we get older, regardless of how we treat it. 

However, he advises that there are some things we can do to slow down the process. “Applying SPF and vitamin C daily is essential for preventing wrinkles above the mouth,” he says. “It means the lips are shielded against UV rays and environmental aggressors that can cause premature ageing.” 

Another leading cause of lines above the mouth is smoking, as the repetitive movement of it can cause indentations around the mouth. 

While using SPF, vitamin C, retinoids and peptides could be the best treatment for upper lip wrinkles; there is no denying that it is a natural part of the ageing process and should be embraced. 

Face yoga for lip wrinkles

Facial yoga is a natural and non-invasive way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Here is an example of a facial yoga exercise that can help with lip wrinkles:

Lip Stretches

  1.   Smile as wide as you can, keeping your lips closed.
  2.   Hold for 5 seconds, then relax.
  3.   Repeat 10 times.

Remember to be gentle with your skin and not overdo it. You can also combine these exercises with facial massage or use facial oils to help improve the elasticity and tone of your skin.


How do I get rid of wrinkles above my upper lip?

If injectables are not an option for you, Dr Ahmed recommends looking for treatments that contain vitamin C, retinol and peptides. These ingredients increase skin cell turnover (eliminating blemishes and imperfections), as well as plumping and moisturising. 

How do I get rid of vertical lines above my lips?

Treating vertical lip lines should be the same as any other wrinkle or fine line. It involves using potent anti-ageing ingredients, retinoids or possibly dermal fillers. 

What is the best treatment for wrinkles around the mouth?

The best way to get rid of upper lip wrinkles depends on the individual. However, a disciplined skincare routine is essential for maintaining the skin’s health and keeping any premature signs of ageing at bay. 

Do lips lose volume with age?

Yes, lips can lose volume with age. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin, essential components for maintaining the plumpness and elasticity of our lips. Additionally, the natural fat stores in our face can decrease, causing our lips to appear thinner.


Can lip fillers cause wrinkles?

There isn’t much evidence to suggest that lip fillers can directly cause wrinkles. However, there are some potential side effects associated with lip filler injections that could lead to the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.

For example, if too much filler is injected into the lips, it can cause the skin to stretch. This can create tension on the surrounding skin and contribute to the development of wrinkles. Additionally, if the filler is injected improperly, it can cause the formation of lumps or bumps, which can also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. So, when thinking about fillers, you really have to commit for the long term. 

Does your top lip shrink with age?

As you age, your skin loses some of its elasticity, which can cause the appearance of the lips to change. This may cause the upper lip to appear thinner or shorter, but the extent of these changes can vary from person to person.

What is the best non-invasive treatment for upper lip lines?

The best non-invasive treatment for upper lip lines is a treatment that does not require surgery. Some of the most popular non-invasive treatments for lines on the upper lip are laser treatments and injections or a potent skin serum that contains retinol. A dedicated lip mask can also help plump the skin. 

What is the best treatment for sagging skin around the mouth?

There are a few different treatments available for sagging skin around the mouth. Some people may choose a facelift or other surgery to correct the problem, while others may use a cream or other topical treatment to firm up the skin. Some people may also choose to use a laser to tighten the skin.

Is this the start of marionette lines?

As we age, our skin naturally starts to lose some of its elasticity. This can result in fine lines and wrinkles, often called marionette lines. While there is no definitive cure for these lines, there are a few things you can do to help minimise their appearance:

  1.   Make sure to use a good quality moisturiser every day.
  2.   Avoid sun exposure as much as possible.
  3.   Consider using a topical cream or serum that contains collagen-boosting ingredients.

Can waxing the upper lip cause wrinkles?

The effects of waxing on wrinkles will depend on the individual. However, some experts believe regular waxing can cause the skin to lose some elasticity, making it more prone to wrinkles.

If you quit smoking, will your lip lines disappear?

Everyone’s body reacts differently to quitting smoking. However, many people notice their lip lines disappear or become less noticeable after quitting smoking. This is likely because smoking causes wrinkles and lines to form on the lips, and quitting smoking can help reverse some of the damage. 

How can I reduce pigmentation around the lip area?

There are a few ways that you can reduce pigmentation around your lip area:

  1.   You can use a lip balm or moisturiser that has SPF in it to protect your lips from the sun.
  2.   You can use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and remove dead skin cells.
  3.   You can use a lip mask to hydrate your lips.

What is the best spa treatment for wrinkles?

The best spa treatment for wrinkles is a facial. A facial can help to hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It can also help to improve blood circulation to your skin, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The Clarins Youth Expert Facial is ideal for anyone that wants to put some bounce back into their skin. Click here to book.

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