7 Red Lipstick Looks: New Ways To Wear This Hot Hue
7 Red Lipstick Looks: New Ways To Wear This Hot Hue

7 Red Lipstick Looks: New Ways To Wear This Hot Hue

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There are fleeting make-up trends and then there are timeless classics — and a red lipstick look sits comfortably in the latter category. There’s something about it that transforms a face dramatically, which is a fact that’s been known for centuries (the earliest evidence of people tinting their lips red is circa 3,500 B.C.E in Mesopotamia).

Red lipstick: 7 ways to wear it

The best part of a crimson lip is the myriad ways to wear it. We’ve compiled seven modern takes on the red lipstick look that are easy to recreate. So, instead of painting on your scarlet lip as you usually would, you could:

1. Blur the edges

Red lipstick with blurry edges
Instagram: @walker_ash

Traditionally, a statement red lip includes clean, defined edges, typically achieved with precise lip liner application. But to soften up the look, ditch the lip pencil. Instead, create a feathery effect.

After applying your lipstick, use a small, clean eyeshadow brush to blend along the edges of your lip. Use short, back and forth motions to do this. You want a fuzzy line without smudging the outline away completely. Keep the rest of the make-up natural, and finish the look with a defined brow and loads of mascara.

Pro tip: This effect is best achieved with matte or semi-matte lipsticks. The Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick in 754V Deep Red would be perfect.

2. Pair it with skincare

Red lipstick paired with skincare
Instagram: @emilie.makeupyourmind

Let your red lip be the centre of attention, with nothing else to distract from it — only perfectly moisturised skin. Spend your time cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin till it’s plump and dewy. Then, apply a serum like the Double Serum that imparts ample glow while nourishing your skin with its 21 plant extracts.

Use hints of concealer on any areas you prefer to cover and blend it seamlessly into the skin. Then, paint on a rich crimson lip using a lip brush. Finally, blot and apply a second coat for extra intensity.

3. Try a two-toned version

Two-toned red lip
Instagram: @brush.ur.brows

Create an illusion of fuller lips using a darker shade of red along the periphery of your lips and a lighter shade in the centre. This technique can also help define the edges of the lip and make them appear plumper, if you have fine lines along the lip contour.

You could do this with two different lipstick shades or by choosing a darker lip liner for the edges. To keep the look modern, blend away the harsh line with a small brush.

Alternatively, you could create a stunning, 20s-inspired rosebud lip by applying the lighter shade along the edges and the darker one in the centre.

4. Make it glossy

A glossy red lip
Instagram: @beautyisboring

A layer of gloss is key for an authentic, retro-Hollywood scarlet lip. To achieve this, apply your red lipstick and lip liner as you normally would, and then swipe on a coat of clear or red lip gloss.

If that level of intensity isn’t for you, a tinted lip gloss like the Intense Natural Lip Perfector in 18 Intense Garnet worn on its own is also a stunning way to wear a glossy red lip.

5. Create a stain

Red lip applied as a stain
Instagram: @laura.onea

A lip stain is the easiest way to wear a bold lip. You could create a watery lip tint like the Water Lip Stain in 06 Sparkling Red Water. Or, choose a matte lipstick in a crimson shade and press a thin layer of the colour on the lip using the tip of your finger. Then, blot with a tissue.

To spice up the look for the evening, pair it with an unexpected shade of eyeshadow or eyeliner.

6. Match lips and cheeks

Red lip paired with blush
Instagram: @glowry.up

Balance the colour on the lip with a flush on the cheeks. To do this quickly, turn your lipstick into a cream blush. Sweep some of it on the cheeks, too, using either a dense brush or your fingers. Ensure skin is prepped and adequately moisturised, or it can result in patchiness. Next, use your foundation brush to blend and diffuse the edges.

7. Choose an offbeat shade

Model wearing brick red lipstick
Instagram: @hungvanngo

Instead of a classic crimson, choose an unusual shade of red instead. For example, you could go with a brick tone (a 90s esq brown shade trending now), a berry, or even a flaming orange-red. This is also a good idea if you think a classic red lip doesn’t suit you.

Tip: There are certain shades of red that will suit your skin tone better than others. For instance, warm, orange-based colours look great on olive skin tones, and blue-reds suit people with cool undertones in their skin. To find the right red for you, read our article on How to Pick the Perfect Red For Your Skin Tone.

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