The Best Spring Nail Inspiration To Freshen Up Your Manicure
The Best Spring Nail Inspiration To Freshen Up Your Manicure

The Best Spring Nail Inspiration To Freshen Up Your Manicure

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Spring is the perfect time to update your look and refresh your style, and what better place to start than with your nails? Nails can make a mighty statement, are easy to change and won’t cost a small fortune like a new bag or shoes.  

Our collection of spring nails showcases the latest trends, colours and finishes for you to choose from, so you can elevate your style and feel like new.  

Flower power 

Floral design details are the perfect way to incorporate spring vibes into your nails. This classic look can be updated with bright colours and delicate flower accents for a fresh, modern twist. Spring flower nail designs are an ornate idea that will add a whimsical touch to your spring/summer ’23 look. Whether you choose simple daisy accents or intricate rose designs, this is a blooming lovely choice.  

spring nails flower design@betina_goldstein

Chrome nails 

Chrome nails are a chic and modern twist on traditional manicures, providing a glossy and eye-catching finish. The reflective surface of chrome nails adds a futuristic vibe to any look and can be achieved in various colours. From soft pinks to bold blues, the possibilities are endless. Whether you opt for an accent nail or a complete set, chrome nails are sure to turn heads and make a statement. Perfect for special occasions or just adding some shine to your everyday look, chrome nail design, especially in pink spring nails, is a must-try trend for anyone, who is looking to upgrade their manicure game with metallic or pearl powder. 

spring nails silver chrome@thecolornook

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Graphic Nail Design in Pink 

Magenta, hot pink, soft pink, every tone of pink will be big: #barbiecore is also plastic-fantastic right now — so it might just be time to search online and stockpile the latest pinks to paint now.

Spring nails OPI pink nail colour

If you’re in any doubt about hue choice, maybe the Opi Barbie Pink or from their new collection, is Opi Spring Break The Internet, £14.90 

spring nails hot pink@nechtove_studio_petka

Ombre Nails 

Spring ombre nails in this stunning shade are a must-try trend for anyone looking to update their nail design. This style features a gradient effect, transitioning from one colour to another, and it also is a great way to incorporate multiple spring shades into one design. The result is a fashionable and eye-catching look.

spring nails blue ombre@cudotwornia_kingagrzelak

To create slight and natural pearly gradient effect in lilac-pink colour, try new Smith & Cult 5th Ave Fortress, £15 nail polish.  

spring nails lilac pearly polish


Easter Speckled Egg Nails 

Cute spring nails got even sweeter with the Easter-themed-speckled egg nail trend. This design features speckled pastel colours reminiscent of Easter eggs, perfect for the upcoming holiday — just try not to nibble them.  

spring nails easter egg design@the_little_beautyroom

Gold Glitter French Tips 

Glitter and gold shouldn’t be just for the festive season. Add a hint of sparkle with a French glitter tip. This simple yet elegant design features a classic french tip with a sprinkle of glitter for added shine and radiant sunlight reflection. Glitter is super easy and long-lasting so that it will help with longevity during spring break.  

spring nails gold tips@lea_lea_bella

Lip gloss nails 

Want something to match your glazed doughnut skin?

spring nails neutral coat@mytownhouseuk

Then the likes of Hailey Bieber and Jessica Chastain have sported lipgloss nails — it packs some serious shine — so get ready with immaculate and prepped nails, a jelly-ish polish in your choice of nude hue and finish with a couple of coats of the ultra-shiny CND Vinylux Super Shiney High-GLoss Topcoat, £19.95 

spring nails CND Vinylux Super Shiney High-GLoss Topcoat

Connect the dots 

If you are a nail minimalist but still want a cute design this spring, try this popular look with a small dot on each nail. Gold, browns, bronze and blacks are perfect over the top of pale pastels or nude hues. Along with a random stripe, line or triangle.  

spring nails dotted design@themaniclub

Pearls, jewels & embellishments  

Jewellery has extended from the ears and fingers to the nails. Pearls, gold, chrome, silver can be maximist or minialimist — layered up or simple. Nail piercings can be a simple fit and work well on acrylics — you just need the right tools for the job.  

spring nails nail jewellery

Styles range from nail piercings like studs to more dangly hearts, initials and rhinestone sparkles, all pretty reasonably priced. Or for something a bit more deluxe find at MAM, Gold Nail Ring, from £72. Stunning. 

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5 Manicure rules 

  1. When you get a fresh new manicure — avoid hot water for 24hrs. 
  2. Wear protective gloves if you need to do something around the house.
  3. After hand-washing, always apply hand cream or cuticle oil. 

Try: Clarins Super Restorative Age-Control Hand Cream, £44, which makes your hands soft and smooth with no sticky residue. The formula with mango seed oil reduces signs of ageing and strengthens your nails. 

spring nails Clarins Super Restorative Age-Control Hand Cream 

  1. Give nails a break from polish and gels if you have the following symptoms: peeling, ridges, splits, discolouration and dehydrated cuticles. 


Try: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Balm, £26, enriched with organic shea butter, that gives an intense nourishment, and provides a protective coating against environmental damage for both hands and nails. 

spring nails Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Balm

  1. It’s not recommended to remove salon gel nails by yourself. Otherwise, you can do a long-lasting gel manicure at home with a home kit, like Manicurist’s Green Flash Starter Kit, £75, with an LED lamp, gel colours, top, base and a gel dissolver. You can also pick a nail art brush of the same brand to create your own cute spring nail inspo designs. Before using a LED lamp, protect your hands with SPF cream to slow skin ageing.



What nail colours are in for spring?  

What are spring nail colours in 2023? Pastel spring nails, hot pink colour, soft pink, mint green, and neutral earthy shades dominate the nail colour scene this season. Nude shades are a timeless option, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication. Feel free to mix and match or try something bold and daring. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to complement your spring wardrobe and mood. 

How to do spring nails?  

Spring nails can be as simple or intricate as you’d like. Start by choosing a base colour and a design or accent colour. Use striping tape or a small brush for clean lines and geometric shapes. Floral and nature-inspired designs are perfect for the season. To add an extra pop, try adding glitter, rhinestones, chrome or pearl accents. Experiment with different nail shapes, lengths, and textures for a unique look. Remember to protect your nails with a base coat and top coat for a long-lasting manicure. 

Can you wear dark nails in spring?  

Absolutely! While spring is often associated with light and bright colours, there are no rules! You can wear dark shades during the spring/summer season. Soft goth — a la Wednesday Adams can add rebellion and edginess to your look. Classic hues like charcoal, black, dark purple, and navy are timeless and can be dressed up or down. Pair them with lighter, spring-inspired outfits for a bold contrast. Feel free to experiment and create your unique style. The most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful with your choice of spring nail art ideas. 


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