The Buzz on Beauty Advent Calendars for 2023
The Buzz on Beauty Advent Calendars for 2023

The Buzz on Beauty Advent Calendars for 2023

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Ah, gone are the days when a simple chocolate advent calendar would cut the mustard come Christmas time. Nowadays we’re all hoping that a loved one (or Santa) will leave a beauty advent calendar at our door. There’s a breath-taking range available on the beauty shelves and some serious savings to be had.  

No wonder product obsessives are chomping at the bit when the festive season rolls round. And we can’t blame them! Read on to find out more about beauty advent calendars and what makes them so sought-after… 

beauty advent calendars

What is a beauty advent calendar?

The history of the advent calendar is much debated. Many trace it back to the early 1900s, when a German newspaper decided to give its readers a little treat; an advent calendar adorned with 24 colour pictures.  

Fast-forward a few decades, and advent calendars stuffed with chocolate exploded into the mainstream and were undeniably the highlight of any school child’s December. Now the humble advent calendar can mean so many things. There are tea, whiskey, toys, gin, cheese and pork scratching versions even.   

But it’s the rise of the beauty advent calendar that has really captured shoppers’ imaginations. Whether it’s a high-flying skincare advent calendar or a bombastic party makeup advent calendar you crave, trust us, there’s a beauty advent calendar to cater.    

Beauty advent calendars aren’t a new phenomenon, with the first popping up on the British high street in 2013. But offerings in 2023 are more elaborate and indulgent than ever. They can be enjoyed in several ways; perhaps as a heavenly treat for a loved one.   

Like perfume, the best beauty advent calendars occupy that alluring gift-giving realm of things you don’t need and would struggle to justify buying for yourself. We’re hard pushed to think of a single person who wouldn’t be absolutely over the moon to receive one. But that’s no reason you shouldn’t think of investing in one for yourself. For beauty enthusiasts, they’re a great way to discover new beauty products as there are often limited edition and cult classic products hiding behind each door.   

Plus, generally the savings made when buying a beauty advent calendar are big enough to leave people dashing for the checkout. Whether you decide to chastely save each treat for its designated day or rip into the entire thing straight from the postman’s clutches – rest assured, there’s no judgement from us.

When it comes to the psychology behind self-gifting and it being deemed as an act of ‘self-love’, Beauty Daily by Clarins spoke to Tasha Bailey, a London-based integrative psychotherapist and self-love advocate:

Gift-giving is also a love language, and therefore can be used as an expression of self-love. Giving ourselves a gift is an automatic guarantee that it is a gift that we are going to love, since no one knows us more than ourselves. Spending money on ourselves reminds of the autonomy that we have. Especially in the current climate, there can be a feeling of powerlessness as our salaries are being eaten up by the cost of living. We might also be affirming our identity by buying clothes or beauty products that “feel like us”, a way of expressing our individuality.”


Advent calendar stats

The Rise of the Advent Calendar: Beauty Calendars Officially Most Searched For in U.K. 

  • Advent calendar Google searches have increased 103% since 2015 
  • Beauty advent calendars are the most searched for advent category in the UK, peaking to a total of 50,360 monthly searches as we lead up to Christmas. Specific searches for makeup advent calendars led in this category with a total of 8,500 searches
  • Alcohol advent calendar searches come in second place peaking at a total of 30,980 monthly searches ahead of Christmas. Leading in this category, beer is number one with a total of 9,480 searches followed by wine at 7,540
  • According to Mintel, research from Christmas 2021 revealed that the nation took to self-gifting as a quarter (24%) of Brits splashed out on a gift for themselves, rising to 42% of 16-24s*. 

12-day beauty Christmas calendars

The 12 days of Christmas are also known as Twelvetide. They begin on December 25 and end on January 6. The 12-day calendars are typically meant to be opened during this period. However, it really is up to you – sometimes it’s a case where the goodies are so appealing, you just can’t wait that long and then open everything at once. Your life, your way.

Our favourite 12-day beauty calendars include:

1. The Editor’s choice | Clarins 12 Day Advent Calendars


This year Clarins have a treat in store with the carefully curated Women’s 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar, £65, that contains bestsellers like a full-sized Beauty Flash Balm (50ml) and the Lip Comfort Oil in Pitaya. Plus, travel-sized versions of classics like the Total Eye Lift and Moisture Rich Body Lotion. The products included are worth over £160, so you are saving a whopping 59%. 

The best beauty advent calendars

1. Luxury Beauty goodies | Liberty London Calendar

Love experimenting with all things beauty? Look no further than the Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar 2023. Packed with cult classic beauty favourites such as Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, Le Labo fragrance along with other hair, make-up and skincare must-haves, it’s the ultimate paradise for any beauty lover.

3. Home & Fragrance Heaven | The White Company Advent Calendar

The White Company’s Advent Calendar offering for 2023 is brimming with wellness treats and seasonal scents – including shower gels, candles, hand creams, body lotions, hand washes and more. Priced at just £175 but containing over £273 worth of products, it’s a must-have for spa-lovers or anyone that’s just bought a new home.

1. The ultimate fragrance experience | Harrods Fragrance Advent Calendar

harrods fragrance advent calendar

The Harrods Fragrance Advent Calendar, £175, is the ultimate pick for fragrance lovers. For starters, it’s beautifully packaged. Inside, you will find twelve iconic fragrance favourites, including Byredo Gypsy Water and Parfums de Marly Delina. 


When are beauty calendars available?

It varies, so if there’s one you’re eyeing up, it may be a good idea to sign up to the brand’s newsletter and follow them on social media for updates.

Are beauty advent calendars made sustainably?

Some beauty advent calendars contain lots of plastic and packaging which isn’t good for the environment. So, look out for calendars from companies with an environmentally conscious outlook that prioritise recycling.

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