Have Yourself An Affordable Christmas
Have Yourself An Affordable Christmas

Have Yourself An Affordable Christmas

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With all of us in Britain experiencing the effects of the cost-of-living crisis, there’s no denying that we’re all looking at affordable Christmas ideas. After all, we must be more conscious of how we spend every little penny – from festive dishes to decorations – everything should come under scrutiny. 

Apparently, more than eight in ten Brits are focusing on shrinking their Christmas spending compared to previous years

An analysis by finder.com shows this is not a new trend – last year, 22 per cent of consumers decided to cut costs on their gift purchases.

We have listed five purse-friendly, affordable Christmas ideas for a frugal – yet fabulous – festive celebration. 


1. Opt for cheap Christmas decor

It might be worth breaking the tradition if you have been switching Christmas themes yearly. Perhaps try sprucing up the past years’ decorations? Or using free things to hand – such as from nature or things you have at home already.

It will not only help your overall Christmas budget, but it can be a fun way to be creative with your family and friends. 

There are plenty of Christmas ornament ideas you can choose from: 

Christmas treats ornaments  


Edible gingerbread cookie ornaments and candy canes can double as Christmas treats.   

Nature-inspired ornaments 


Go outside, find tiny twigs, and then use twine and colourful wire to tie them together. Create centrepieces from holly or rustic branches.  

Sentimental ornaments  

Polaroid Ornament

Personalised photo ornaments give a sentimental touch too. Unearth your favourite photos and paste them on a polaroid-style cutout, add some recycled ribbons and hang them on a tree. Or try this four-pack of photo baubles for £3.50

Not into an artificial Christmas tree? If you’ve always opted for a fresh Christmas pine tree, try to go for the miniature, potted version at a fraction of the price.  

Think of it as a more sustainable and planet-conscious Christmas tree choice. Then, after the holiday season, when all your neighbours put their brown trees up for pick up by rubbish collectors, you’d feel proud of yourself because you can put yours in your front garden or plant it outside your communal garden. No tree wasted.    

2. Shop cheap but thoughtful Christmas gifts  

Secret Santa

Finder.com have also deduced that Brits intend to cut costs of Christmas spending this year too, either by setting a gift budget or taking advantage of seasonal offers and deals. Twenty-six per cent of people said they would put a price limit on gifts with friends and family, and 17 per cent of respondents said they would take advantage of the Black Friday sales to purchase their gifts at a discounted price.  

If you’re short on your gifting budget but have committed to attending all the festive gatherings, suggesting Secret Santa would be your way to divide your budget and give everyone presents.  

This way, the group can decide the price cap and you can buy a luxe gift for whomever you pick. Taking advantage of seasonal offers, like gift sets from Clarins Christmas boutique, is a great option.

“If someone purchases the Clarins Christmas gift set, all those products are of exceptional value,” Jason Roberts, Clarins Training Manager says. “A Clarins gift set has a built-in gift with purchase already inside.”  

To give you an idea, when you purchase the Beauty Flash Balm Collection, priced at £38, it contains a full-size 50ml Beauty Flash Balm worth £36. You also get a travel size 10ml SOS Primer White Mini and a 5ml Lip Perfector Mini Rose Shimmer; all this is enclosed in a limited edition Clarins beauty bag. This is worth over £54, but you will pay a whopping £16 less. 

Pick small, meaningful gifts  

What makes for a covetable yet small Christmas gift? Stocking fillers! Fun and cheap to boot, Clarins Christmas baubles, £25, are low in cost but high in value. Find them here with an array of Clarins Christmas gifts under £50.

Clarins Make-Up Minis Stocking Filler, £25

If you’re purchasing in-store, there’s a free-of-charge Christmas gift-wrapping service you can take advantage of at all Clarins counters, saving pounds there too.  

For more gifts Explore the Clarins Christmas Boutique for effortless Christmas presents. 

Beauty Daily Insider Tip: Everyone needs a bit of pampering this year. Besides giving your loved ones affordable Christmas gifts that will surely melt their hearts, book them one of the nine complimentary Express Skin Services. Check out the latest availability at the Clarins counter near you or book here.  

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4. Create Holiday Meal-Plan 

Christmas Dinner

If you are hosting the holiday festivities in your household and find it hard to keep up with the piling Christmas dishes and dessert expenses, it might be worth seeking help. Afterall, Christmas is all about sharing –the division of labour included.  

Perhaps, you can politely ask family or friends to bring their homemade main dishes or sides for everyone to taste! Home cooking and baking food from scratch is an excellent way to cut food costs and those pesky delivery fees.  

Have an informal meet or create a group chat and suggest guests bring a Christmas dish to share and plan accordingly so appetisers, main courses, desserts, and drinks are covered. 

If you’re finding Christmas a bit overwhelming, this is your best next read:  The Christmas Self-Care Tips Mental Health Experts Use

5. Check out charity gift stores and thrift shops    

You will find gold in charity gift stores and thrift shops. For instance, Save The Children UK has a selection of charity gifts, from chocolates to candles.  

Cosy Cabin Candle, £10, will instantly get your recipient in the Christmas mood. It has notes of zesty clementines, black tea and warm tobacco leaf fragrance, a perfect winter warmer. Spiced latte, gingerbread cookie, and Christmas chick flick–holiday evenings are sorted.  

100% of profits from every product goes towards helping change the lives of children worldwide.  

Thrift shops make a good haven for affordable Christmas and a way of giving back.  

Drop by your nearest charity thrift shops like Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Cancer Research, and more. These shops have a selection of second-hand goods. If you don’t have time or the capacity to do a walk-in, plenty of charities also have a great online offerings. For example, Oxfam online is meticulously categorised and has an enticing vintage section, and you can also filter for newer items.  

We particularly would look at the book section. Reads sold in the likes of Oxfam look untouched and cost half or less than the retail price. Don’t forget your personal Christmas letter noting why you choose that particular book, a bookmark and a ribbon for the finishing touch.  

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