Instant Halloween Face: Black Lipstick & Dark Colours Will Elevate Your Look
Instant Halloween Face: Black Lipstick & Dark Colours Will Elevate Your Look

Instant Halloween Face: Black Lipstick & Dark Colours Will Elevate Your Look

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Are you looking for some quick and easy Halloween make-up inspiration? If you’ve left your make-up planning for the last minute, you’re not the only one. And while a complex look that requires hours of work may not be the most feasible idea for you now, we know a simple product that can instantly spookify your face: black lipstick. No special skills or prosthetics are needed.

Dark, sooty colours are a great choice for Halloween make-up. You can pair the look with various costumes – everything from Cat Woman to Morticia Addams requires some version of a smokey eye and a dark lip. The great news is that for most of these looks, you don’t even need to invest in any special products.  

Below, we share how to use essentials from your everyday make-up bag to create interesting (yet simple) Halloween make-up looks.  

How to wear black lipstick

There are many fantastic black lipsticks on the market – including the Melt Cosmetics Undertone Noods Lipstick in Ebony, £15.75, and the about-face Paint It Matte Lip Color in Night Sight, £19. 

But if you prefer not to invest in one (especially if you’re experimenting with black lipstick for the first time), we know a far more accessible product you can turn to – your humble kohl pencil.  

How to create the perfect black lip

  1. To prep, the lips, use a lip scrub to remove dry skin. 
  2. Next, use a lightweight lip balm to hydrate the lip. Let the balm sink in for a minute or so. 
  3. Blot away the excess balm and reach for an eyeliner pencil like the Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black Tulip, £21.  
  4. Use it to trace the shape of your lip. 
  5. Then, fill the colour in.  
  6. Lightly blot with a tissue to remove excess moisture and mattify the lip. 
  7. For a long-wearing, matte effect, press some black eyeshadow over it using your fingers.  

4 ways to wear black lipstick

1. With bright eyeshadow

Black lip with pink eyeshadow
Instagram @catalinahotin

Contrast the dark lip with something bright on the eyes. A light wash of pastel eyeshadow can offset and balance the grungy black lip beautifully.  

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2. With black eyeliner

black lipstick and black eyeliner
Instagram @nattiventi

Pair your black lip with a sharp stroke of matching eyeliner. For extra precision, we use a liquid formula like the Graphik Ink Eyeliner, £22, that offers saturated colour and transfer-proof formula. 

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3. With a faded centre

Black lip with a faded centre
Instagram @paintyourlips

Don’t want to commit to a full black lip? Sketch the outlines of your lips and then fade the colour as it reaches the centre. Use an eyeshadow smudger brush to do this. For an even finish, apply beige lipstick before going over it with black. 

4. With gloss on top

Model wearing black lipstick with gloss
Instagram @jasminws

Everything looks better with a layer of gloss on top. This isn’t the most effortless look to maintain, but it will look great in photos and keep your products handy for reapplying and cotton buds to help keep it neat.  

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Dark Halloween make-up looks you can’t go wrong with

Sooty eyes and purple lips

smokey eye and purple lip
Instagram @pablo_rodriguez_makeup

If black lipstick isn’t for you, try another bold hue. We love a vibrant purple like the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velvet Trap Lipstick in Throwing Up Cereal, £16.75. Pair it with a smudgy, smokey eye, and you’re good to go. 

A jewel-toned galaxy lip

Black galaxy lip
Instagram @sildemarcosmakeup

Want to add more dimension to your black lip? After you apply the black hue all over, press jewel-toned eyeshadow pigments across the lip. Emeralds, golds and deep blue tones would be perfect for this.  

Bold eye + bold lip

Bold eye with a bold lip
Instagram @sildemarcosmakeup

Whether you’re planning to be dressed as a vampire or a witch, try a make-up look that pairs a dark eye with a dark lip. Include shades of deep reds and plums. To balance the look, lightly skim bronzer or contour across the cheekbones and keep the skin luminous.  

A dark glossy eye

A black glossy eye make-up
Instagram @eliseaugee

A glossy eye offers high impact with minimal effort involved. Begin by using waterproof black eyeliner to sketch and colour the shape of your statement eye. Then, smooth over a layer of eye gloss. If you don’t have one, try some clear lip gloss – it’s what most make-up artists use on editorial shoots. For extra witchy-oomph – add your black lip too.   

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Loads of lashes

Make-up look with loads of eyelashes
Instagram @caitlinwooters

Another quick way to elevate your look? Use falsies to create an ethereal eye. You can find so many unique lashes, like these Indigo False Eyelashes by Glisten Cosmetics, £10. Or these fiery Big Ego Cruelty Free Lashes by Tarte, £15. 

Alternatively, you could also use regular individual lashes to create strange effects. For instance, place long individual lashes along the top and bottom lash lines, leaving small gaps in between. 

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