Farm-to-Face: Behind the Scenes at Clarins’ Flower Fields
Farm-to-Face: Behind the Scenes at Clarins’ Flower Fields

Farm-to-Face: Behind the Scenes at Clarins’ Flower Fields

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Let us introduce you to our Farm-to-Face series, where you get a behind-the-scenes look at the ingredients, the farms, and the personalities that go into every pot, jar and bottle of a Clarins product.

What is farm-to-face beauty?

Farm-to-face beauty literally refers to the entire supply chain of a product – how its ingredients are sourced, harvested, processed and delivered. It’s the latest in a long line of natural beauty and skincare trends that prioritises organic, ethical, sustainable – and transparent – practises, including decisions made around packaging waste and the relevance and potency of the botanical extracts in our skincare. 

So, let’s shine a spotlight on why Clarins products work and the beautiful botanical story behind them.

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Harvesting the modern way

Today, we’re talking French lavender. Clarins, being one of the first botanical beauty brands, is leading the way again with their new high-altitude HQ – Domaine Clarins. It’s a 200,000-acre farm in the French Alps, 4,500 ft above sea level, where they’re growing the heavenly-scented lavender that goes into many of Clarins’ products. 

The unique microclimate, shielded by mountains, provides optimal growing conditions for the high-altitude lavender, where talented gardeners tend the crops from seedling to harvest.

Jean Pierre Nicolas, Ethnobotanist and President of the organisation Jardin du Mode, who has cultivated this alpine haven, describes the harvesting process: “Here is something of a natural meadow. We harvest the plants in the morning when they are bursting with active ingredients. Afterwards, we don’t leave it in the sun, because once the plant is inactive, it can no longer defend itself; we dry them as quickly as possible so that the enzymes don’t degrade,” adding, “We can trace our plants from start to finish.”  

An ode to lavender

Lavender has come a long way since its potpourri heyday in the 80s. Now, the plants are farmed in a more biodiverse way, with organic soil and techno-advanced methods, meaning the raw ingredients are more potent than ever before.

Why is this significant? Well, growing lavender at high altitudes increases the ester content of the plant. So when it is turned into the essential oils used in the Clarins products, the relaxing properties associated with lavender are also amplified, helping foster a sense of calm, solace, and mental clarity. 

When inhaled, lavender is transported through the olfactory nerve, connecting directly to the limbic system – the part of our brain that regulates emotions. Studies have also found that lavender oil may stabilise your mood and support the nervous system.    

The comfort of a lavender ritual

The ancient Greeks and Romans perfumed their bath waters with lavender and burned the flowers to please their gods – however, your wellbeing journey is there to satisfy yourself! 

An evening wind-down ritual can help to release the tensions from your day, soothe your nervous system and set you up for quality sleep. Include lavender in your wind-down in the form of the cult-buy, Santal Treatment Oil, £40. It combines lavender with sandalwood and cardamom to soothe and comfort irritated and stressed skin, while the uplifting aroma works on your frazzled senses. And to really indulge, try a soothing scalp massage to help boost hair growth and ease an overworked mind. 

Essential oil for the face

Top tip: Sit on your bed or yoga mat, rub a few drops of the oil into your hands and take three deep breaths to centre yourself and then employ the ‘Clarins touch’ that stimulates natural circulation and maintains the firmness of the face. You’ll soon be glowing from face to aura. 

Love all things natural? We invite you on a journey of discovery to Domaine Clarins.

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