5 Eco-Cleaning Products To Try For A Greener Household  
5 Eco-Cleaning Products To Try For A Greener Household  

5 Eco-Cleaning Products To Try For A Greener Household  

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Spring cleaning is just around the corner. If you’re planning on Marie Kondo-ing every nook and cranny of your home and want to make your cleaning routine ‘greener’, swap conventional cleaners for eco-friendly cleaning products.  

Not only do eco-friendly cleaning products have less impact on the environment, but they are also less damaging to your health and protect wildlife and precious ecosystems.   

Read on to learn what to look for in eco-friendly cleaning products, reasons to go green, and five eco-cleaning products to buy. 

Why Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?     

More and more people have embraced a more sustainable lifestyle. Who wouldn’t? With the climate change crisis, the pandemic and worsening global plastic pollution at the forefront of our minds, anyone would want to make a change, big or small.    

85% of consumers have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing in recent years, with 41% claiming it was very important to purchase eco-friendly products and 77% of people wanting to live more sustainably.  

One of the easiest ways to go green all year long is by introducing the everyday use of eco-friendly cleaning products, along with eating less meat and consuming more planet-conscious everyday products, like eco-beauty and cleaner lifestyle products. 

When choosing eco-friendly cleaning products, you’re choosing not to harm the environment: Eco-friendly cleaning products don’t pollute the air, water, and life of humans and animals. But, simultaneously, you’re protecting yourself from the harmful chemicals mixed with the conventional cleaners sold in the market.  

Besides its zero environmental impact, eco-friendly cleaning products don’t pose health risks to you and your family. Toxic cleaning sprays, for instance, contribute to air pollution, not to mention you also get to breathe in toxins. 

According to Medical News Today, green cleaning products don’t contain hazardous chemicals, so they are likely to pose fewer health risks.  

They are also much safer and more suitable for people with weakened immune systems or health conditions.   

According to the EPA, conventional cleaning products “may contain chemicals associated with eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or other health issues.” 

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Are Eco Cleaning Products Better?   

Absolutely. According to the experts, the most common active chemicals in all-purpose household cleaners, like ammonia, chlorine, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and trisodium phosphate (TSP), can be harmful to humans if you come into direct contact with them through cleaning solutions.   

Low exposure to ammonia, for instance, can result in a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. High exposure? It can cause blindness, lung damage, and, worse, death.   

Natural Cleaning Products Health Benefits    

Eco-friendly cleaning products are gentle on the skin

Your skin will thank you for using eco-friendly cleaning products. Going for natural cleaning products will cause no skin irritation or harm. This is quite the opposite of the chemical-based cleaners that release irritating fumes and allergens.    

Eco-friendly cleaning products reduce pollution

Eco-friendly cleaning products are manufactured with sustainability in mind, meaning most ingredients and packaging have little to zero environmental impact.    

Did you know household cleaning products contribute to the growing global plastic waste problem?   

Many household cleaners pose a problem when they have washed down the drain and end up in our waterways.  

Certain ingredients in cleaners can be hazardous to marine animals. For example, aerosols contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are emitted as gases and can cause high pollutant levels. In addition, single-use plastic packaging ends up in landfills or fills our oceans.  

Remember the handy wet and baby wipes; some 90% of the 11 billion wet wipes used in the UK annually contain plastics that turn into microplastics when broken down. As we all know, these microplastics are no good for humans, wildlife and the environment. Even the flushable options create their footprint.     

5 Eco-Cleaning Products To Try For A Greener Household   

Opting for eco-cleaning products to disinfect, freshen and clean our homes may help reduce our carbon footprints, but not all of us are ready to replace bleach with a simple bottle of white vinegar and lemon. So, we’ve listed five of the best eco-cleaning products you can try today.    

Beauty Daily recommends switching to reusable and refillable products and products with less packaging.   

1. Spruce Multi-purpose Starter Kit, £8.00

Spruce Multi-purpose Starter Kit, £8.00 

This naturally-fragranced multi-purpose cleaner doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals but will leave your home sparkling clean. You can use it daily as a multipurpose kitchen cleaner or on surfaces around the house. Use on tiles, countertops, stone, wood and most sealed surfaces. The starter kit includes 1x eternity aluminium bottle and 1x plastic-free multipurpose cleaner refill (powder) with organic geranium essential oil scent. 

All you do is fill the bottle with tap water with the multipurpose cleaner refill (powder). Do it slowly to avoid excess foaming. No need to shake. Each refill makes a full-sized 500ml bottle of cleaning solution. So you’ll get through using a whole bottle of cleaner every two months. You can buy your 3-pack refill here for £9.99.  

2. Delphis Eco Home Spring Cleaning Bundle, £22 

Delphis Eco Home Spring Cleaning Bundle, £22  

This eco-home spring cleaning bundle will get you in spring cleaning mode in no time.  

In the bundle, you get 1x Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray (700ml), 1x Limescale Remover (700ml), 1x Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Sanitiser (700ml), 1x Heavy Duty Degreaser (700ml) and 1x Drain Cleaner & Maintainer (Tube of 10). It’s a 100% natural plant-based cleaning product and is vegan-friendly. The packaging is fully recyclable too.  

3. Plastic-Free Soluble Cleaning Sachets (set of 5) With Glass Bottles And Labels, £29.99

Plastic-Free Soluble Cleaning Sachets (set of 5) With Glass Bottles And Labels, £29.99  

This eco-friendly cleaning product set has everything you need for a healthier and greener home. It’s 100% vegan-friendly and sustainable, and the fragrances smell divine. The aroma is created with essential oils; Ylang-ylang, coconut and lime, sandalwood, and apple and mint, leaving uplifting scents throughout your space.  

It also has bright labels to stick on your reusable bottles, so you know which. Plus, the plastic-free sachets dissolve in water to create 500ml of each of an array of cleaning products. The sachets are made with powerful plant-derived, sustainably sourced ingredients and dissolve in water. So don’t be fooled; these sachets are small but mighty, powered with concentrated cleaning ingredients to tackle all your household cleaning needs.  

The pack includes 4x Clear Glass Spray Bottles 500ml, 1 Clear Glass Screw Top Bottle, 1x Anti-bacterial Bathroom Surface Cleaner (Ylang Ylang), 1x Anti-bacterial Kitchen Surface Cleaner (Coconut & Lime), 1x Oven Cleaner (Low Odour), 1x Glass & Mirror Cleaner (Apple & Mint) and 1x Floor Cleaner (Sandalwood).  

(and before you ask, no. We don’t recommend washing-up liquid to remove fake tan from your skin – only your clothes!)

4. Bower Sparkling Clean Dishes Bundle, £24.04 

Bower Sparkling Clean Dishes Bundle, £24.04  

Level up your greener household goals by eco-washing up too! We love this Bower Sparkling Clean Dishes bundle, which ultimately eliminates single-use plastic waste from your kitchen. Wave goodbye to single-use plastic bottles, dishwasher tablet wrappers, and sponges! 

The bundle includes 1 x Ecozone Ultra All-In-One Dishwasher (25 Tablets), 1 x Bower Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid Refill 1L, 1 x Reusable Glass Pump Dispenser with White Silicone Sleeve – 500ml and 1 x Seep Compostable & Plastic Free Sponge with Loofah Scourer – 4 Pack.  

From your first order, Bower will donate 5p to the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Save Our Seagrass’ appeal to help protect endangered seagrass meadows in the UK.  

 5. Clean Living International Eco-Friendly Laundry Kit, £34.99

Clean Living International Eco-Friendly Laundry Kit, £34.99 

Want to adopt a friendlier and more sustainable laundry routine? Then check out Clean Living International’s Eco-Friendly Laundry Kit. 

Not only will you get a reduced amount of household plastic waste and refraining yourself from getting exposed to toxic chemicals, but you will also save money as there’s no need for you to use fabric softener!    

The bundle contains 12 x Eco-Friendly Oxy Action Tablets, 2 x packs of Eco-Friendly Laundry Strips, 1 x 300 ml Bottle for Biological Odour and Spot Remover, 3 x sachets of Biological Odour and Spot Remover and 1 x sachet of Biological Drain Maintainer.  

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Want a greener and cleaner UK? Why not extend your efforts from decluttering your wardrobes and cupboards to doing clean-ups in UK parks and community streets? Learn how you can participate in The Great British Spring Clean here.  

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