Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Skincare
Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Skincare

Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Skincare

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If your New Year’s Resolutions are to be a more conscious consumer, then investigating ‘veganuary‘ might be an excellent place to start. If you’re not quite ready to ditch le steak frites on a permanent basis, you could always try meat-free Mondays and introduce vegan beauty products into your life.  

We explain everything you need to know about vegan skincare, its misconceptions and how to start your own natural vegan skincare routine.  

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a global movement with over one million people taking the 31-day plant-based pledge to help the planet. Last year, more than half a million participated in the challenge sparing more than 2 million animals from suffering in just one month.* You can do your part by abstaining from eating animal-derived products and purchasing products that were tested on animals or that contain animal-derived ingredients. 

Why join Veganuary?

The effects of climate change, the rise of zero waste movements and the coronavirus outbreak have made all of us aware that how we live determines the fate of our planet. With this at the forefront of our minds, the demand for veganism has tremendously increased. And in the ‘vegan economy’, no industry is moving faster than vegan skincare. 

A recent report says 97% of UK shoppers demand more vegan verified beauty products. At the time of writing, the UK holds the most significant number of vegan-curious people.

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What does it mean for a skincare product to be vegan?

Vegan skincare can be a bit of a minefield. Clarins’ millennial skincare range, ‘MyClarins’ is labelled Vegan Friendly. So rest assured that you are buying skincare products that do not contain animal-derived raw materials – such as beeswax, carmine, allantoin, gelatin, honey, lanolin, squalene, or ambergris. They have not been tested on animals, as they are not sold in countries where animal testing is mandatory.

“It’s illegal to test cosmetics on animals in the EU. And because Clarins is a French company and completely manufactured within France, it would be illegal for us to test on animals,” says Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager.

“I applaud anyone trying to make an ethical choice about their skincare products and advise them not to become too concerned with labels, some of which are not part of any approved certification scheme (such as ‘green’ or ‘clean’ beauty). Instead, think personally about what it is you’re concerned about and do your research.”

“For example, if you are buying something labelled ‘cruelty-free’ it refers to animals but doesn’t guarantee that the ingredients have been ethically sourced or that every person in the supply chain has been paid and treated fairly,” she adds.   

Clarins has been committed to fair trade since conception. Today, Clarins is working in 18 fair businesses around the globe while protecting plant biodiversity. It is governed by three main principles: 

  • Fair payment for work and raw materials. 
  • Programmes that support local communities.
  • Respect for biodiversity because Clarins believes in Responsible Beauty through sustainability. 

Where possible, think of the oceans, and opt for brands with recycled packaging – (suncare products) – Coral Reef Friendly. Clarins is also committed to preserving the coral reefs. The suncare range is formulated with ingredients that respect the skin and the coral reef. This initiative is part of Clarins’ overall commitment to fighting against plastic waste on beaches and in the oceans. 

By 2025, Clarins’ objective is to use 100% recycled or recyclable product containers. 

Vegan Skincare Routine

“The ingredients you will find in the ‘My Clarins’ range are essentially like a skincare smoothie,” McHale says. “You’ve got goji berry, organic coconut water and figs. So you could easily throw all these things in your blender in the morning and give yourself a boost. But we have those ingredients in our skincare range and it’s totally vegan.” 

If your skin looks dull in the morning

Use My Clarins RE-BOOST Comforting Hydrating Cream. This lightweight hydrating moisturiser is your skin’s saviour from dull, dry skin by giving it the boost it deserves. It has a powerful blend of fig extract, organic goji berry extract and shea butter to intensely hydrate, re-energise and offer deep nourishment that lasts all day long. So say goodbye to tired complexion and hello to wide-awake, radiant skin. 

Pulled an all-nighter?

Try My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask. Before you hit the bed, apply this overnight mask to freshly cleansed skin, massaging evenly across your face and neck. It doesn’t leave you with a sticky residue and will sink straight to your skin and you’ll wake up with more hydrated skin. This mask is made with 95% ingredients of natural origin, such as acerola seed, fig and huang qi. 

Puffy eye problems?

Use My Clarins RE-FRESH Roll-On Eye De-Puffer. Banish those signs of fatigue around the eyes with this handy roll-on eye treatment. It is infused with organic coconut water to nourish; Alpine rose extract detoxifies and natural caffeine and horse chestnut to diminish dark circles and puffiness. 

Roll-on eye treatment

Dry hands?

Use this ultra-nourishing My Clarins My Hand Cream. This hand cream is made with a delicious cocktail of natural, eco-friendly ingredients, including organic coconut oil, coconut water, and cocoa butter, to deeply nourish your hands.  

Share your Veganuary stories with us – beautydaily@clarins.co.uk or tag us in Instagram pics of your vegan skincare journey as you make your way through @ClarinsUK.

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