22 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions to Make in 2023
22 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions to Make in 2023

22 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions to Make in 2023

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Every January, we kick off resolution season with a list of “new year, new me” promises. From doing more exercise to starting a new hobby or trying out the latest beauty trends, our hope is that the new year will inspire us to live a richer, healthier and more beautiful life. 

In the spirit of ditching bad habits and making positive resolutions, now’s the perfect time to reset your beauty goals, test some make-up trends and revamp your skincare routine. Just like a healthy diet and exercise, improving your beauty and skincare habits will help you put your best face forward in the new year.

Our 22 beauty resolutions to follow in the new year

To feel and look your best, inside and out, we’ve compiled a list of 22 beauty resolutions to make in 2023, plus some beauty trends to try out in the new year!

1. Invest in a multi-protection SPF

We know, you’ve heard it a million times – but we are going to say it again: sun care is one of the biggest investments you can make in your skincare regime. The difference now? There are new sophisticated formulas that not only optimally shield you from the rays, but also help to preserve the health of existing cells. The best SPF is the one that you wear every day, and we love the UV Plus  – it contains six plant extracts which prevent the signs of visible photo-ageing and it also works really well under make-up – so it’s an easy win-win when it comes to skin.

2. Protect against pollution

The sun isn’t the only environmental aggressor you will face this year. Your skin is equally susceptible to damage from pollution. Everyday pollutants like dust, smog, pollen, blue light, photo-pollution and vehicle exhaust fumes cause all sorts of skin irritations like allergic reactions, rashes, decreased elasticity, collagen breakdown and accelerated ageing. 

To shield your skin from the effects of pollution nanoparticles (the harmful ambient particulates that penetrate the skin’s surface through the pores), use skincare and beauty products with built-in anti-pollution shields. 

3. Make savvy skincare choices

Getting active in 2023 is not limited to moving your body (although you should definitely include exercise in your new year resolutions!). Give your skin an active beauty boost by choosing skincare products with active ingredients. 

Active ingredients are those that actively target specific skin concerns – you’ll recognise the common ones like vitamin E for dryness. Then, there are the ones you may not know, like organic harungana extract, found in Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream, £80, which helps to encourage the synthesis of collagen to promote firmer skin and fight ageing. Or leaf of life, found in Clarins SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask, £33, which reboots your skin to promote hydration and boost radiance.

Hydrating face mask

In other words, active ingredients in skincare ensure that the product you’re using delivers on what it has promised. 

4. Take a skincare analysis

It sounds high-tech – but with our easy how-to guide, nailing-down your specific skin type is easy.

The basics of any skincare routine follow the same golden rules: cleanse, tone and moisturise. But the details (like if you should use an oil-based vs water-based moisturiser) depend on your skin type. Different types of skin have different needs, so whether you have oily or dry skin, make it a priority in 2023 to get to know your skin type and give it the care it craves. 

5. Cleanse your face correctly

Your skin cleansing routine is one of the most important steps for maintaining beautiful skin. But are you cleansing your skin correctly – and are you cleansing it consistently? The key to an effective cleansing routine is to remove dirt and bacteria without over-cleansing, which can dry out your skin. 

6. Don’t wait, exfoliate

If regular exfoliation isn’t part of your weekly beauty routine (yet), make sure it’s on the menu in 2023. Your skin is constantly shedding cells that, without proper exfoliation, can become trapped on the skin’s surface. These dead cells can lead to clogged pores, an uneven complexion and skin that’s dull, dry and flaky. Not exactly the fresh face you’re hoping to put forward in the new year. 

Exfoliating your skin helps to stop the build-up of dead cells by gently removing them to reveal smoother, healthier, brighter skin that glows from within. Try the One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, £25, a multi-tasking scrub that polishes away make-up and impurities to reveal glowing, luminous skin. 

7. Don’t skimp on eye cream

The eye contour area is the most expressive part of your face. Unfortunately, it’s also the most fragile. Here, wrinkles, fine lines, dark shadows, and puffiness are quick to appear. To protect the skin around your eyes, you need gentle and effective products specifically designed for delicate skin. That’s why in 2023, make a new rule to become more vigilant when applying eye cream

8. Introduce a super serum

We know, it’s the most skipped step in your skincare routine. But, it’s also a missed opportunity to really up your skincare game. Serums deliver more concentrated versions of the active ingredients.  

So, whether you’re looking for an extra hydration boost, younger-looking skin or something to help the appearances of pores – there’s a serum that’s right for you.  

9. Stop the picking

You know why? It leads to scarring and spreading even more infection. Instead, invest in a skincare range and products to keep blemishes at bay. Or book in with a pro – the Anti-Blemish Rescue treatment, performed by fully-trained therapist will help to remove impurities, clear out blocked pores and reduce the shine in a blissful 70 minutes

10. Don’t sleep in your make-up

This should be non-negotiable. Make sure you properly remove your make-up before you go to bed, as sleeping in make-up can lead to clogged pores, congested skin and eye irritation. A must-have in your vanity, Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover, £23, eliminates waterproof mascara and stubborn smoky eyes in the blink of an eye while keeping the lashes in perfect condition. 

Top tip: For the ultimate skin-friendly snooze, opt for silk pillowcases to help prevent compression wrinkles and maintain your skin’s moisture levels.

11. Never forget the night cream

Is night cream really necessary? In short, yes! Night skincare products offer all the hydrating and protective benefits of your day creams, but with the added boost of promoting your skin’s natural cell renewal process. 

Your skin regenerates while you sleep, and using the correct night cream helps stimulate cell renewal, forming an extremely powerful duo when paired with your day creams. If you want to wake up with a radiant, revitalised complexion (who doesn’t?), don’t forget your night cream.

Top tip: If your skin is feeling undernourished, give it a boost with Clarins Nutri-Lumière Night Cream, £99, which revitalises your skin, while you sleep.

12. Elevate your eye make-up game

Eye make-up is one of the biggest beauty trends to come out of the pandemic. While we’re still wearing masks when we’re out and about, our eyes are the focus of our make-up routine. So, in the new year, try new colours and formulas, like Clarins Satin Shadow, £20 in Green Mile or Clarins Sparkle Shadow, £20, in Peach Girl. 

13. Wear more colour

Why not make 2023 the year of bold colours? If recent global events have taught us anything, it’s that life is fleeting. We should not take ourselves too seriously, instead we should have more fun and wear more colour! Studies have shown that adding a pop of bright lipstick can help to elevate mood and also make us feel more confident. 

Woman wearing pink lip gloss

So, whether it’s a glow-boosting blush in cheeky pink or a gold diamond eyeshadow, if more colour makes you happier come the new year, then we say go for it. 

14. Embrace your inner confidence

Thankfully, as beauty standards evolve it’s not all air-brushed perfection leaping out of magazines and social feeds. There’s now a realness to embrace and that is a self-esteem boost in itself. Remember, most people are not born with inner confidence; it’s a choice and takes practice. Our advice?

  • Do: quash that sneaky inner voice as it enters your head with negativity. 
  • Do: employ some self-care. When was the last time you treated yourself? A massage or a spa-strength cream or oil. Be kind to yourself and your body – slather it with love and it will love you in return. 

15. Get your beauty sleep

Sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth – especially when you’re getting the necessary 7–9 hours of good quality beauty sleep your body needs to repair and renew cells. In fact, the regenerative power of sleep can instantly improve your appearance. 

When you sleep, your skin makes new collagen which prevents sagging and wrinkles. Your body boosts blood flow to the skin while you snooze, which means you wake to a healthy glow and brighter, less puffy eyes. 

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Try unwinding with a bedtime ritual:

Step 1. Unplug from your phone and television (that blue light can affect your ability to switch off)

Step 2. Run a hot bath – between 26-37 degrees is the optimal temperature – this can help to relax the muscles, and deal with any inflammation. Then, lather with a calming blend of ingredients like chamomile, lavender and Orange Flower, £24 – for the ultimate in relaxation.  

Step 3. Give yourself a face massage or gua sha treatment with some soothing facial oils. Try the Clarins Santal Treatment Oil, £40 with essential oils of sandalwood, cardamom and lavender to help you relax. 

Step 4: Treat yourself to a few moments of aromatherapy with the Eau Ressourçante, £40, that will provide you with total relaxation and a boost of moisture, too. 

Step 5: Slip on a silk eye mask when you settle into bed. Not only will this help to block out any unwanted light that may disturb your sleep but the silk fabric will protect your skin from any friction caused by moving around. 

Step 6: Invest in a weighted blanket to cocoon you. 

16. Go organic

If you haven’t yet, switch to natural products in 2023. Embracing natural and organic beauty products is one of the most important skincare trends in recent years.

Organically sourced ingredients can have higher nutrient levels than synthetically produced versions, providing you with the natural power of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They can also be gentler on the skin if you find that chemical-based products irritate your skin, but remember to always conduct a patch test when trying new products, even for organic ones. 

17. Swap to sustainable

Another massive beauty trend that we stand behind is the move towards more environmentally sustainable cosmetics. With everything we know about the effect of waste on the environment, there’s really no excuse anymore to turn a blind eye to our purchasing decisions – especially when it comes to picking eco-friendly and recyclable cosmetics

18. Make your routine vegan friendly and cruelty-free

Veganism is on the rise and the benefits that can be touted by doing so are numerous: from having more energy to minimising your carbon footprint, to name just two. So why not make 2023 the year you went vegan too?  

The same can go for your skincare, so choose ones that are free from animal bi-products and testing, like the My Clarins range

19. Hydrate to radiate (and feel more energised)

According to a recent Evian poll, more than half of us are drinking less than the required amount of water. Even though it varies from person to person, the NHS guidelines are a good 6-8 glasses per day. By keeping hydrated it’s not only vital for the functioning of our body and brains but it helps with treating dull skin, brittle nails, and even thinning hair.

Drinking more water can seem like a challenge though, so here are a few quick tips on how to get your 8 glasses a day:

  • Add fresh flavours – think lemon, strawberry, basil, and cucumber (anything goes)
  • Track your water intake with an app to help prompt you when to drink more
  • Drink from a bottle that matches your personality – cool and sleek, bright and bubbly, there are also versions that include crystals – supposed to super-charge your water with healing vibes. 

20. Eat your way to healthy, more beautiful skin

How our skin looks on the outside is, in part, due to what’s happening to our body on the inside. You are what you eat, so in 2023, choose food for healthy skin. It’s not just about ditching the trans-fats and simple sugars in favour of skin-boosting anti-inflammatory foods like avocado and salmon – add some superfoods to the mix to supercharge your nutrition.

Sea moss has traditionally been used externally as a mask to heal scars and discolouration, but added to smoothies, juices or tea (usually in capsule form), it works to prevent premature ageing by promoting cell growth and healthy skin cell function. Then there’s moringa (you can typically find it in powder form), which neutralises free radicals, revitalises skin and reduces the signs of ageing; and turmeric, a natural antioxidant which boosts collagen production to assist with skin regeneration. 

21. Find your own self-care pick-me-up

Self-care goes hand-in-hand with skincare and will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Whether you make it an indulgent spa day at home (we suggest a long candlelit soak in the tub with a restorative face mask), or schedule regular meditation or yoga sessions. 

Start the day the right way with a few simple steps:

  • Take a few drops of aromatherapy-based scented Face Oil and warm between the hands.
  • Cup your hands and take a deep breath, hold for a count of 4 and then release. Repeat 10 times. 
  • Add some affirmations: I am smart. I am kind. I am beautiful. Today is going to be a great day!

22. Spark some joy!

Laughter may not be the best medicine for serious health issues – but the stats are certainly stacking in its favour for improved quality of life. Scientists are starting to reveal that the benefits of happiness, having more fun, and, well, laughing is more than just a fleeting giggle. 

It’s also linked to better sleep, weight management, lower stress levels and improved immune system. So make time for a Netflix comedy, have fun with friends, dance madly, sing out loud, and get into the habit of smiling more – after all, laughter is infectious, and you never know where it might lead…  

What beauty resolutions are you committing to in 2023 and which skincare trends will you try?

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