The Face & Body Beauty Tools To Invest In For Smooth Skin
The Face & Body Beauty Tools To Invest In For Smooth Skin

The Face & Body Beauty Tools To Invest In For Smooth Skin

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What beauty tools should I use on my face and body? There are a lot of gizmos and gadgets that you can find when trawling the stores or beauty sites. Some are completely outrageous: a Japanese face stretching machine, anyone? Skin-melting socks? That would be no.  

However, there are some worth the investment and can make a big difference to skin tone or texture.  

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1. Gua sha and face rollers: do these facial tools really work? 

Stone gua sha tools and face rollers can be used when you practice self-body and face massage. There are facial and body care versions of these tools that help reduce puffiness, tension, knots, and aches. They boost lymphatic drainage and are cool to the skin — so perfect for spring and summer. 

clarins l'outil facial massager

Try: Clarins Precious L’Outil 3-in-1 Facial Massage Tool, £45, which promotes lymphatic drainage and enhances the efficacy of your skincare products.

2. Toning beauty tools for face and body 

Toning beauty tools, such as NuFace, are for the face and body. Their microcurrent technology helps to sculpt and lift skin. 

holding in hands toning beauty tool

3. LED masks and skin tools 

LED (light-emitting diodes) masks may look futuristic and innovative, but now you can use them at home safely and work in helping acne, ageing pigmentation problems, and redness.  

myblend LED face mask

TRY: myBlend LED Facial & Neck Mask, £1100, which offers the ultimate light therapy experience and gets to work on radiance, skin texture, firmness and acne.

4. Ultrasonic brushes: basic beauty tools 

Ultrasonic tools are the ultimate lazy gadgets for cleansing. In one minute, they can remove 99.9% of make-up, dirt, SPF, and grime to reveal a cleansed and toned epidermis.   

For the body? Why not try a body-firming buffer for deep cleansing acne-prone skin. It is safe for all skin types and can clean pores even on hard-to-reach zones, like back and shoulders. 

5. Is dermaplaining good for your face? 

Dermaplaining has become a popular salon and clinic treatment as it removes the top layer of your skin and refines the texture and rids of excess facial hair. This treatment is recommended for dull, wrinkled, sun-damaged skin or acne scarring. Dermaplaner home kits are available for at-home use, but we feel this might be too advanced for the unqualified, so best to book with a practitioner to discuss if it’s the right move for you.  

You can also try an ultrasonic dermal cleanser to unclog pores and infuse your skincare products. 

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6. Beauty tools for micro-needling: home and professional skincare tools for smooth and hydrated skin 

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment that you can do with home dermaroller tools. These tools help your skin produce collagen and they can also be used for treating wide pores, wrinkles and scars — not forgetting they help with better absorption of skincare products during your beauty routine. 

7. Ameliorate Exfoliating body mitt 

Ameliorate exfoliating mitts are a very affordable body tool that helps sweep away dead skin cells. Note: read the instructions. Some are designed to be used on dry skin pre-shower and others on wet skin.  

8. Humidifier: skincare tools for smooth and hydrated skin 

If you often find your skin dehydrated, probably it’s time to take a closer look at home humidifiers. They humidify the air around you and keep your skin moisturised. 

Apply a Body-Smoothing Moisture Milk with the neroli fragrance to help tighten things up. Its melt-in texture helps skin to become smooth and soft immediately.

body smoothing moisture milk

9. Body brush beauty tool 

A brush for dry body massage is a long-term investment for your skincare against puffiness and cellulite. A dry massage with a brush helps lift and tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. 

After that, apply Clarins Masvelt Advanced Body Shaping Cream, £42, with bumpy-skin busting ingredients to firm and contour. Its formula with the caffeine, betain from beetroot, poppy and hibiscus flower extract can help you to get smooth skin texture and provide slimming effect. That’s why more than 85% customers give this product the highest rating on

Masvelt Advanced Body Shaping Cream

  1. Jillian Dempsey Gold Beauty Bar

24-Carat Gold Plate vibrating sculpting bar is made for reducing puffiness and defining contours of your jaw bones, cheeks and forehead. Plated in 24-carat gold and emitting 6,000 vibrations per minute, this beauty tool helps you to relax facial muscles and get unblemished skin complexion.  

Using body beauty tools: 3 basic rules 

  1. Before buying any new beauty device, make sure you research if this is actually what you need.  
  2. Learn more about the particular beauty tool; read reviews and consult a skincare expert before purchase. 
  3. Plus, remember that some beauty tools are less harsh or ‘doing’ than the salon versions — and for a reason. They are designed to be user-friendly, so they will take patience to learn how to use them properly and practice (and a weekly schedule) to keep up the excellent work at home.   

How to keep beauty tools clean: how to sterilise beauty tools at home 

It’s essential to clean your beauty tools regularly, so they do not spread any pollution or bacteria on your skin. 

  • Follow the instructions, but some can be washed in warm water with antibacterial soap for all waterproof tools, then wipe to dry and use again.
  • For electronic devices — make sure they are switched off, then take off the cap and head of your beauty tool and clean the surface with an alcohol sanitiser on a cotton pad.
  • You can put stone rollers in the fridge after use — both cleansing and freezing will kill more bacteria and help your tool work as a de-puffer on your skin.

How to store beauty tools  

Organise your beauty space well, so you won’t forget to use all the skincare devices you have invested in.  

Keep your beauty electronic devices and brushes in a cool dry place, and don’t leave them unclean after use. Find a shelf or a case to protect from dust for tools that you do not use every day.

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