The Best Way To Use A Body Exfoliator To Treat Dry Winter Skin
The Best Way To Use A Body Exfoliator To Treat Dry Winter Skin

The Best Way To Use A Body Exfoliator To Treat Dry Winter Skin

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If you’re not already using a body exfoliator, take this as your sign to start. Especially during the deep, dark depths of winter – and our bodies are covered up by cosy knits by day and buried under blankets by night – there’s no doubt that the skin underneath it all is probably not in its best condition. The best way to get your skin back on tip-top form pronto? Good exfoliating body scrub and thick, nourishing body butter. Here, Beauty Daily rounds up the best products and the most effective methods for keeping your limbs silky smooth and flake-free. 

Best Exfoliating Body Scrubs 

 Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Body Scrub, £42 


Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant, £24 

ameliorate smoothing body exfoliant

Clarins Tonic Sugar Polisher, £35 


Mantle The Hot Ex Warming Pre-Shower Body Exfoliator, £32 


MIO Body Brush, £15


Face Halo Exfoliate and Polish Body Mitt, £18 

body halo

Plantopia Smooth & Sweep Body Scrub, £16 


Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub, £32 

clarins scrub

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub, £39bum bum scrub 

How to Exfoliate Your Body  

According to Spirithoula Koukoufikis, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Skinfluencer, you can go to town when it comes to de-flaking your body. “The skin on the feet is thicker than the face so that it can tolerate a more aggressive resurfacing approach,” she says. “You can use stronger exfoliating body scrubs and products with higher percentages of active ingredients without the risk of irritation that may apply to the skin of the face. When done correctly, exfoliation can help both in healthy circulation and remove dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling fresh, smooth, hydrated and soft,” Koukoufikis adds. “Dry brushing is a triple-threat method of exfoliation, as not only does it eliminate dead skin cells by exfoliation, it also reduces the appearance of cellulite and detoxes your body through assisting with lymphatic drainage.” 

Apply a Scrub 

Use a generous dollop of your chosen scrub and smooth it over arms, legs and anywhere else that needs a bit of TLC. 

Start exfoliating in small, circular motions 

For this, you can use your hands, a mitt or a body brush to work the product into your skin. 

Rinse and moisturise 

Make sure that you rinse off all grainy residue from your body scrub. After you’ve done so, use a nourishing body cream like Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion, £36, for an extra kick of hydration. 

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body?  

You should only exfoliate your skin up to two to three times a week. Although body skin is thicker and can tolerate more than facial skin, it still should be treated delicately. Using an abrasive scrub daily will take its toll on the skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it compromised, irritated or even sore. 

Do You Exfoliate Before or After Body Wash?  

“For those with normal or dry skin, exfoliating after a body wash is the best option,” Koukoufikis recommends. “However, if you have oily skin, scrubbing before a wash is best to get rid of residue from the scrub.” Leaving excess residue from an exfoliating body scrub on oily skin can leave it clogged up and prone to become even oilier. 

Does Body Wash Exfoliate?  

Generally, body washes cannot double up as body exfoliators unless they contain specific ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These acids can break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together on the skin’s surface, helping them shed away to reveal a smoother, flake-free canvas.  

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