How To Layer Your Body Skincare Products
How To Layer Your Body Skincare Products

How To Layer Your Body Skincare Products

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Body skincare is overlooked as part of our self-care regimen. We spend most of our days perfecting our face care routine without considering serious signs of skin ageing such as wrinkling, sagging, dullness, and discolouration below the neck. 

Two certified skin experts weigh in and explain the importance of a body care routine, how to build one and which products to use for every skin type to get that hydrated and healthy body glow. 

Why is body care routine important? 

A scientific study reveals that skin on our body gets exposed to the same ageing process and environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution as the skin area on our face. This in addition to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, poor diet, and smoking. Experts say people exposed to chronic stress age rapidly too.  

Skincare experts suggest placing high importance on body care routine. Neglect can lead to ageing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and in the worst-case scenario skin cancer.

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Body Skin Care Routine Steps 

Fortunately, a body care routine doesn’t differ too much from a face regimen so it will feel familiar.

Step 1: Cleanse


Shannon Hartley, a Clarins skin expert, personally loves the Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate, £24 referring to it as ‘sunshine in a bottle.’

“The aromatic essential oils of mint, geranium and rosemary are invigorating and definitely wake me up in the morning. It is both energising and uplifting.” 

If brave enough, Hartley suggests blasting on the cold shower after using the shower gel. “The product itself will activate, so it feels warm on the muscles. So if you have muscle pain, it’s a brilliant product to go for.” 


In the evening, a shower gel or oil with calming properties of chamomile, basil and petitgrain is an excellent choice. These aromatic oils are proven to ease anxiety and stress while promoting relaxation. 

This weekend, indulge in a serious pampering session. Light up some candles, play a relaxing playlist and prepare your bath by adding a couple of drops of Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate, £24 with running hot water. Soak to relieve stress and fatigue and relax sore muscles. Then, change into your loungewear, and have the beauty rest you deserve. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

Hartley strongly recommends exfoliating once or twice a week to buff away dry and dead skin cells. In addition, regular exfoliation can increase up to 70% of skin product absorption.  

“If you don’t exfoliate, you just waste your skincare products because it will sit and stay on the surface since dead skin cells reduce absorption,” Hartley says. 

Gently massage, concentrating on rough areas such as the elbows, knees, arms, heels and tummy. Exfoliating the body not only boosts blood circulation but removes and reduces the impact of ingrown hair. In addition, pregnant women are encouraged to exfoliate to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  

Exfoliation is also an excellent way to prepare your skin for a fresh fake tan. Even those with sensitive skin can exfoliate using the right scrub. 

All Clarins products are safe for all skin types. However, if you suffer from serious skin conditions consult with your dermatologist first or talk to one of our beauty advisors.   

Step 3: Targeted Treatments

Body Serums

Wrinkled Skin: If you are suffering from dry, flaky skin, a body serum is something you can use after exfoliating to slough off dead skin cells and dry patches. 

Skip the body oil when using the body serum. Even though body serums feel richer or thicker than a body lotion, just like your facial serum, they penetrate deeper into the skin and help boost the skin’s natural renewal cycle which effectively smooths away wrinkles and creases and you will still need a moisturiser afterwards. 

Clarins skincare experts swear by the Renew Clarins Body Serum, £44. This concentrated, anti-wrinkle body serum helps restore firmness and radiance giving you younger-looking skin. 

This is all thanks to the dual moisturising and cellular renewal action of Water Lily extract. Use day and night. Layer the body serum before any additional creams or lotions you use as part of your body care regime.  

Contouring Cream

Reshape and contour: If you want to work on smoothing the texture of your cellulite, or slim down your arms and legs, adding an anti-cellulite slimming cream to your daily beauty routine will help refine, lift and reshape saggy and loose skin. 

Body Fit is formulated with a plant extract called quince leaf, which has a stimulating effect on the deeper layers of the skin. It targets the three types of adipocytes and helps limit fat storage, promotes burning and reduces the action of the fibre producing cells. A proper application method must be followed for best results.

Follow the self-massage body contouring application method to increase effectivity and product absorption. You can use this after applying Tonic Treatment Oil – Firming/Toning, £44 or before Extra-Firming Body Cream, £42

Step 4: Moisturise


Use straight after baths or before lotion. Adding oils into your body care routine is an excellent way to add nutrients to your skin. Listen to what your skin needs and address accordingly – there are also oils that target specific skin concerns like dry, fine lines, cellulite, stretch marks and water retention. 


Normal Skin: Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager recommends Body-Smoothing Moisture Milk, £44 infused with aloe vera. It’s perfect for daily moisturisation with no oily, greasy feel. This is also a good option for people with sensitive skin. 

Dry Skin: If you have a rough, dry and/or dehydrated body skin type, McHale advises to look for body lotion with shea butter: “Shea butter nourishes the skin and helps reinforce the skin barrier and hydrolipidic film.” 

Step 5: Specific Care (Hands, Nails and Feet)

Pretty hands and nails: Did you know that our hands age faster than the rest of the skin in our body? According to experts, our hands are exposed and damaged to everyday elements such as wind, sun, water and other daily tasks. So treat them with extra care by applying Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, £26 whenever you can. 

Foot Cream

Keep those feet happy: To eliminate rough skin and alleviate the feelings of fatigue, apply the luscious Foot Beauty Treatment Cream. Thanks to the cashew nut oil and shea butter that nourishes, softens and preserves youthful-looking feet.  

Step 6: Sunscreen 

During daytime, McHale recommends wearing sunscreen with the right SPF with reapplication every two hours. Applying SPF generously on exposed skin prevents skin pigmentation, wrinkles and skin cancer. 

Did you know the skin on your body is more susceptible to dehydration than the skin on your face? Friction from clothing can damage the epidermis resulting in bumps, irritations, and rough skin. In addition to wearing tight clothes like skinny jeans or leggings that compress blood vessels and disrupt the skin’s natural water supply making the skin barrier more fragile. Textile experts say fibres such as polyester, acrylics, and nylon can hurt people with skin conditions. These fibres are said to trap moisture which can irritate the skin. In winter, natural fibres like wool can also cause skin reactions. 

Clarins skincare experts suggest moisturising daily and wearing some natural fabrics that float around the body. Opt for skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton, linen, cashmere, and silk. For activewear, invest in natural, breathable fibres like bamboo. Bamboo fibre is moisture-wicking, making you sweat in comfort. 

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