Seasonal Manicure Anyone? Here’s Your Christmas Nail Mood For 2023
Seasonal Manicure Anyone? Here’s Your Christmas Nail Mood For 2023

Seasonal Manicure Anyone? Here’s Your Christmas Nail Mood For 2023

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Christmas nails don’t have to be an extravagant glitter fest. Of course, if a bedazzled nail instantly puts you in the festive mood, then go for it! But they can also be chic and minimal. Or dark and moody. They could be salon-perfect, or a DIY project. As long as they capture your version of festive spirit, they’re appropriate. 

To inspire you, we’ve compiled our favourite festive manicure ideas below. Pick your favourite to show your manicurist or do it yourself. There’s something for everyone. 

Christmas nail designs and acrylic nail ideas we love

1. Festive stars

festive star manicure
Instagram @clw_nailartist

We love this manicure idea that features intricate gold stars on a deep pine-toned base. You could also switch the matte green for a vivid, glossy red, if you prefer something brighter.  

2. Mixed metals

mixed metals manicure
Instagram @betina_goldstein

Gold, silver, copper and bronze – metallic tones are a great choice during the festive season. To make things interesting, use two contrasting metal hues together. Take inspiration from this manicure with a silver base and molten gold tips.

3. Abstract shapes

abstract christmas manicure
Instagram @biosculpturegelgb

This minimalistic manicure is super festive, without having to try too hard. The abstract blobs on a nude base are all in contrasting Christmas colours – red, green and gold. Including a bit of glitter adds an element of texture that keeps the simple design interesting. 

4. Starry night

dark blue starry manicure
Instagram @laurajacksonbeauty

Love a glitter party? There’s no such thing as too much sparkle – and especially not during the festive season. Pick a festive shade of your choice and go all out. We love this dazzling midnight blue manicure.

5. Christmas wreath nails

christmas wreath manicure
Instagram @the_minimalist_manicurist

Paint a festive symbol on accent nails for the ultimate Christmas-themed manicure. Everything from wreaths, bells, baubles and candy cane would make for cute little details to incorporate into your nail design.

6. Tinsel green

tinsel green manicure
Instagram @mytownhouseuk

When you can’t choose between a minimalist manicure and a maximalist one, settle for a bit of both. Take your cues from this shiny tinsel green, half-and-half manicure that lets you have the best of both worlds.

7. Shattered metal

shattered metal nails
Instagram @betina_goldstein

Mix metals with jewel tones. Here, the nail artist complements silver with emerald details, but feel free to play with other colour pairings. Think ruby and gold, gunmetal and blue, or copper and amethyst.

8. Holographic pastels

holographic pastel manicure
Instagram @thehangedit

The easiest way to upgrade a pastel manicure for the festive season? Add some glitter. And this holographic, asymmetrical manicure offers loads of inspiration.

Simple Christmas nails for the minimalist

If you prefer more subtle nail art but still want a hint of Christmas cheer on your nails, these manicure ideas will be for you.

1. Glitter tips

Glitter french tips
Instagram @harrietwestmoreland

Glitter nails don’t have to be OTT. Take inspiration from this simple, sparkly French manicure, featuring slivers of dazzling silver on the tips. You would only really notice them when they catch the light.

2. Fine gold details

gold foil nails
Instagram @the_minimalist_manicurist

If you appreciate the finer details, you will love this gold leaf nail art. From afar, it will seem like a clean, polished nude nail. Look a little closer and you will notice the delicate gold patterns decorating a few of the nails.

3. Delicate French tips

reindeer manicure
Instagram @drybylondon

Another festive take on the classic French manicure, this one features squiggly gold lines that almost remind us of reindeer horns. It would suit both long and medium length nails.

4. All red

red manicure
Instagram @paintedbyjools

You can never go wrong with a simple scarlet manicure. While it’s a timeless option all year round, red nails are extra special during the festive season.

5. Half snowflakes

Half snowflake manicure
Instagram @heygreatnails

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or not, the snowflake is a beautiful, dainty motif to include in your nail art. We love these gold, half-moon snowflakes on a nude base.

6. Emerald heart tips

emerald heart tips
Instagram @imarninails

If you’re a minimalist who also loves a bit of shimmer, try these emerald love heart tips on a clear base. Of course, you could swap the green for any other shade you like.

How to do your own Christmas nail art

Learning to do your own nails is an art. But it gives you full control over your manicure and can turn out to be a rather therapeutic exercise. All you need is…  

Once you’ve got your toolkit ready, play around with colours and designs. Below are three easy festive manicures you can recreate from the comfort of your home. 

1. Star stickers

Christmas star manicure
Instagram @nailsbymh

Rely on ready-to-use nail stickers for easy (but very professional-looking) manicures you can easily DIY. For a starry set like this one, all you need are some star-shaped nail stickers like these ones we found on Etsy. Just paint your nails with a colour you like, and before it dries completely, place the decals on the nails. Finish with a clear topcoat.

2. Sparkly jewels

sparkly jewel manicure
Instagram @nailsbymh

This sparkly, bejewelled manicure requires just two key tools: some rhinestones in shades of your choice (you will find them at most craft stores) and some nail glue. For the latter, we like the Nailene Ultra-Quick Nail Glue, £5. Just paint a nude or clear base, and then stick the rhinestones across the surface of the nails using nail glue and tweezers. 

3. Christmas colours

Manicure in Christmas colours
Instagram @chezdaye

And finally, if you want something that’s fun but also super easy to create, try a Skittles manicure: Christmas edition. A Skittles mani is when each nail is painted a different shade, but together, they create a colour palette that conveys a mood. Mix up solid colours with something glittery or pearlescent.

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