Meet The Dolphin Skin Trend Beauty Editors Love
Meet The Dolphin Skin Trend Beauty Editors Love

Meet The Dolphin Skin Trend Beauty Editors Love

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Proving that beauty inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources, the latest highlighter trend mimics the skin of a glistening sea mammal’s skin in the most beautiful hyper-real way – meet the dolphin skin trend that beauty editors and influencers love.  

Model applying facial cleanser

What is dolphin skin?

Remember glass skin? The trend from South Korea that had us furiously adding the glow and grease for a reflective mirror-like shine? The difference with dolphin skin make-up is the introduction of multidimensional products that are seamlessly (and carefully) layered for truly faceted illumination. 

The effect? A universally flattering ethereal radiance with a wet and silky veneer that screams ‘good skin and healthy living.‘ 

How to achieve the perfect dolphin skin make-up?

  1. Get the basics right: make-up does take centre stage in achieving dolphin skin, but skin also needs to be in great shape – so no rough or dry patches and thoroughly hydrated.  Use a decent skin slougher: Try this best-selling non-granular scrub, Gentle Peeling Cream to give skin a uniform texture and get rid of dry, flaky skin. Another good trick is to try a brightening toner – soaked onto a cotton pad and slick around your T-Zone and face to slough off any dead skin that will disrupt the brilliant finish you’re aiming for. 
  2. Hold onto your water: You could also include anti-dehydration products here. For example, try a serum that will hold onto moisture, like the Hydra Essential Bi-Phase Serum, £60; this will help give you the look of healthy skin – even when you haven’t recently surfaced from a facial or slurped litres of H2O. For extra glistening power, warm a few drops of oil between your fingers and pat onto cheekbones and on the outer edge of the forehead. 
  3. Prime time: Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager says, “When reaching into your make-up bag (post-SPF, naturally), begin with a radiance-boosting primer to set the stage. Then follow with a glowy foundation – Skin Illusion, £34 offers light coverage to gently refine the complexion and add luminosity with a light optimising complex. To boost the glow further add a little extra primer over the top of foundation to double-up the glow.”
  4. The way to glow: most days, we use a shimmer sparingly – but for this trend, McHale says, “Amp it up! Go a bit mad. I love the Shimmer Drops, £19 as it has that unicorn, iridescent mother-of-pearl finish with a healthy pinkiness. Apply on the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and over the temple too. It will give you the touch of glow you’ve been looking for. This shimmer drops is enriched with organic goji berry and shimmering mother-of-pearl to help keep the skin radiant. Thanks to its light, fine and non-sticky texture it blends into the skin for an even, luminous result. Then apply the Cheeky Blush 05, £29 to give some highlight and contour to the cheekbone – it has glow running through it and will give a 3-D effect.”

    Shimmer drops

The ultimate goal is to look glowing, not greasy. It might not be the best choice for super oily skins, as it will look great when first applied – but will slide off pretty quickly.

If you have an oily complexion, you need to pack the products to touch upon the go. If you are sporting a greasy glare rather than a gorgeous shimmery glow – then take a fluffy eye shadow brush and dab the tiniest amount of translucent powder over the worst-offending places. 

Avoid mattifying products at all costs and put powder puffs into exile. They will only disrupt your hard work and flatten your glow.

- Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager

To keep the glow going, freshen up with a radiance-boosting facial spritz throughout the day and keep the lips glossy with a touch of lip oil. Then, you are ready to glean and be seen and strike a pose with purpose, or should that be… porpoise?

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