Anti-Ageing Cream For Men That Works As Hard As You Do
Anti-Ageing Cream For Men That Works As Hard As You Do

Anti-Ageing Cream For Men That Works As Hard As You Do

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Whether you’re trying to find a solution to solve your scaly skin issues, you feel bothered by those deep glabellar lines, or you are committed to manning up your grooming game, the 2023 anti-ageing creams for men will help rev up your skin.  

Finding the best anti-ageing cream for men is a minefield. With many anti-ageing creams, serums, and oils on the market, it can take time to decide which to invest in. 

Happily, help is at hand. Beauty Daily spoke to two certified dermatologists to find what formulas work and the best anti-ageing cream for men you should check out.  

Anti Ageing Cream For Men

Firstly, what are the most common skin problems men deal with?

When it comes to skin ageing, both men and women are exposed to the same factors.    

“Ageing, intrinsic (natural body clock) and extrinsic factors, such as UV, pollution, alcohol, and poor diet, affect both men and women. Common concerns include lines and wrinkles, discolouration or age spots and dry, sensitive skin,” Aesthetic Doctor Dr Paris Acharya tells Beauty Daily 

Ingrown beard hair   

One particular skin concern for men is ingrown beard hair. “Regular shaving can cause irritation and affect men’s skin health,” Dr Acharya says. But when done properly (check our How To Care For Your Beard guide), it can be a tool for anti-ageing.  

Believe it or not, the notion that men age better does have some truth behind it. Shaving is a form of exfoliation that helps renew skin cells,” says celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr Karan Lal.    

Sun-damaged skin

However, that doesn’t eliminate the signs of sun damage. Research reveals that men are worse than women at sticking to a good SPF habit. In a Statista survey, 31% of men in the UK said they don’t wear sunscreen during the summer, even if they’re on a sunny holiday. In a 2021 survey, 37% of the male respondents reported that they never apply sunscreen outside of their homes; 31% said they use it sometimes, and only 11% would always use it.    

“The damage that men’s skin can undergo from not wearing SPF is identical to the damage that women’s skin faces – it’s just that women tend to notice the signs sooner,” explains Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager. “But just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”  

Clarins UV PLUS [5P] Anti-Pollution Translucent

Try: SPF 50 UV PLUS [5P] Anti-Pollution Translucent, £34. This SPF has a non-sticky formula, absorbs quickly, and it’s an all-rounder, broad-spectrum anti-pollution sunscreen that shields you from the harsh UVs all day long.  

Or, if you’re particularly SPF-averse, club your sunscreen and moisturiser steps together. The SPF level isn’t high enough to protect you on a sunny day spent outdoors, but it will help you on a regular day with minimal exposure.  

As McHale puts it, “the best SPF is the one you put on your face. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as you put it on.” 

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Under eye bags and dark circles

As we age, we tend to lose collagen and fat around the eye area, which can exacerbate the appearance of under eye circles. Other factors like a poor diet and lack of sleep can also increase puffiness in this area. So, it’s always a good idea to invest in products that help protect against and combat bags under the eyes.

Larger pores and deeper wrinkles

On top of this, men have been reported to have higher sebum production. In other words, oilier skin than women and bigger pores and more. Plus, the lack of a good skincare routine and spending prolonged periods in the sun without sun protection can produce deeper wrinkles over time. 

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“Most men develop more noticeable pores and deeper dynamic wrinkles with age. To fight large pores, regular use of alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acid can be helpful. As for dynamic wrinkles, things like neuromodulators are the most beneficial,” says Dr Lal. 

Typical men’s skin concerns, as listed by SIS International Research, are spots and discolouration, shaving rash, acne, and uneven skin tone.  

Sadly, few men use the right products to counteract these issues. About 25% of men with dry skin said they don’t use moisturiser, and only one in five use anti-ageing men’s skincare.  

It’s always possible for you to start incorporating anti-ageing cream for men 

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When should anti-ageing cream for men be introduced into one’s routine?

A consistent preventative skincare routine can be started from your 20s; you don’t have to wait for the onset of collagen loss and lines and wrinkles to start taking care of your skin,” says Dr Acharya.  

She adds: “The key anti-ageing ingredients are preventing premature ageing and strengthening your skin against external damage, such as UV light and pollution, which over time can lead to lines, wrinkles, age spots and dull, dehydrated skin.”    

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Anti-Ageing Cream For Men

What are the best anti-ageing ingredients men need to combat their concerns?

Key ingredients that help reduce the signs of ageing include hydrating hyaluronic acid, pollution-fighting antioxidants such as vitamin C, chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid which will improve radiance and texture, retinol which can increase cellular turnover bringing newer healthy skin cells to the surface and SPF to prevent premature ageing,” Dr Paris says.  

Dr Lal adds peptides and argireline as great anti-ageing ingredients to look for.  

At Beauty Daily, we also love the Botox -mimicking plant – paracress; it helps reduce muscle tension and relax facial muscles.    

Dermatologist-Approved Anti-Ageing Creams For Men

ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm, £ 41.50

ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm, £ 41.50   

If smoothing-out lines and wrinkles on your face and neck is your main goal while also addressing sagging skin around your chin, then this lightweight, line-fighting balm is the anti-ageing cream for you. 

It delivers the correct hydration to your skin and contains an anti-pollution complex skincare technology that helps block skin-damaging pollutants and works hard to leave your skin grease-free all day. In addition, it includes the muscle-relaxing paracress to smooth out those stress lines.  

ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector, £45

ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector, £45

If you want to maintain that chiselled chin of yours, then you might be interested in incorporating the ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector, £45. This dual-action gel-cream anti-ageing cream for men hydrates skin for hours and visibly firms, sculpts and defines the jawline.  

Men over 40 start to lose their jawline; this moisturiser will help maintain that for years to come,” says McHale.  

She adds: “Hydra-Sculpt is a men’s moisturiser; it goes on after serum. It has great ingredients such as centella asiatica, which helps firm facial contours, and baccharis, which refines the jawline.   

ALLSKIN | MED Radiance Gel, £65

ALLSKIN | MED Radiance Gel, £65   

“This ultra-light, barely-there hydrating gel contains vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid, making it an all-around effective antiageing day cream for men,” says Dr Acharya. She adds: “It combats common men’s skin issues such as the first signs of ageing, dull complexions, and hydration.”   

You can pair it with ALLSKIN | MED Restore Cream, £75.  

ALLSKIN | MED Restore Cream, £75

“It’s a brilliant night addition to any man’s bathroom cabinet, with powerful ingredients to target cellular renewal, and pollution, strengthen the barrier function and soothe dry, dehydrated skin,” recommends Dr Acharya.    

Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Moisturiser by Peter Thomas Roth, £83.99

Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Moisturiser by Peter Thomas Roth, £83.99 

Dr Lal recommends the Peptide 21 Wrinkle Resist Moisturiser by Peter Thomas Roth. “It’s amazing for men. It’s formulated with peptides and neuropeptides, which help the skin strengthen and tighten skin and appear lifted and firm. It also has Trehalose which helps protect against future moisture loss.”    

Final Word: Of course, all these fantastic anti-ageing creams for men will be more effective with an integrated approach.  

Dr Acharya says: “Firstly, it may be time to adopt a simple skincare routine using a gentle exfoliating cleanser, antioxidant cream, retinol, and SPF. It is also a good idea to look at stress, diet, alcohol, and caffeine intake as this may be exacerbating sensitivity and dryness.”  

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